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Ahlin is a tech columnist who has written about a wide range of technology from high-end smartphones to driver-less cars and electronic diapers. She is a certified nerd and considers chocolate to be the smartest invention of mankind.
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Facebook rolls out revamped gifts feature

Gift giving feature on Facebook The fast paced lifestyle these days can be atrocious, especially when it affects our relationship with other individuals that are important to us. Though technology keeps communication lines open, technology also creates this world where invisible walls are hard to breach. Forgetting someone’s special day, like birthdays and anniversaries, are hard to accept, especially if […] Read more →

Bill Gates upbeat on Windows 8

Bill Gates excited on Windows 8 Microsoft top honcho and one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Bill Gates, said that their still unreleased Windows 8 is “a very exciting new product” and “a very big deal” for the company. According to the Associated Press, Gates is very pleased with what the developers at Microsoft have done for their next operating system. […] Read more →

Google Field Trip combines 7 apps in 1

Download the Field Trip to see what's the latest in your area With a number of apps out there that are being offered by different developers, smartphone users can certainly have a hard time finding the perfect app for them. The definition of a perfect app may differ from one user to another. But one thing is for sure, an app that is a hybrid of a […] Read more →
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