Google Photos Now a Progressive Web App

Google Photos
Image Credit: 9to5Google

Users can now add Google Photos to their Android device homescreen and desktops.

Google Photos
Image Credit: 9to5Google

Google just announced Google Photos as its latest service available as a Progressive Web App (WPA).

With this latest development, users can now add Google Photos to their Android device home screen or desktop. It now belongs to a short list of Google PWAs which includes Google Maps, Google Contacts, and Google Plus.

So what exactly is a Progressive Web App?

It is basically a website that’s been coded in way that is also appear as a standalone app. It is technically a replacement for Chrome Web Apps which were always meant to be temporary. According to Google, the Chrome Webs Apps were launched to bridge the gap for working offline, sending notifications, and connecting to hardware. PWAs now can do the job, making Chrome Web Apps obsolete.

The PWA version of Google photos is still in its infantry. All it can do for now is add a shortcut to your desktop or add a launcher icon to your Android home screen. This is especially useful for low-end phones who can’t handle the full version of Google Photos app.

Offline mode is still not available but desktop notifications can now be enabled to receive real-time alerts. It also comes with Google Assistant support. If you think there isn’t really much going on for now, don’t worry. The tech giant promises to bring in more features in the near future.

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