PageCloud: The Best Drag and Drop DIY Website Builder?

Those of us who can’t code (even basic HTML) and have no EQ to learn even basic Photoshop can now create a website with the help of PageCloud. Wix, a similar platform seemed manna from heaven for those like me who have but elementary skills. In fact, if I may say so myself, I guess I nailed it! But after some time, I sort of wanted more and decided to take PageCloud for a spin.

Signing up for the 14-day trial is a breeze. You can do so using your Facebook, Google or email account and get logged in immediately without giving credit card or Paypal information. After signing up, you immediately enter the EDITOR where you literally can customize everything. The great thing about it is that it does the site on both the desktop and mobile view!


The THEMES look fresh and minimalist. Nothing that screams overdone. There’s one that can be adapted for needs -be it a personal website, design, coffee shop and more. After choosing your theme, go ahead and give your site a name. You can always add the domain later.

And for those who have doubts that they could do this, no worries! Once you submit your chosen name, a tutorial video promptly comes up as if conjured by some unseen webmaster! Click on the short video and get your artistic (marketing?) juices flowing.

Text and Photos are easily added. With Text, it’s WYSIWYG so you just basically edit onscreen. With photos, you can easily cut-and-paste or drag and drop from your hard drive, photo-editing application like Photoshop or from the cloud. The images are automatically optimized and easily rearranged. To increase functionality, you can integrate it with around other apps. This way, you can track your site’s performance better, sell, connect a newsletter – pretty much like how you would do it in WordPress without buying all the modules and having an advanced user, designer or developer put it together. With the flexibility and easy customization that PageCloud offers you are at the helm with no fears of dropping the ball. Help is there whenever you need it; from the chat box on the lower right to the knowledge base that’s easily accessible.

Click on the text box to edit contents. You can also change the style, arrange the order and link to external and internal pages. Create a link at will if there isn’t any yet. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. There’s plenty for those who know their way around websites – click on advanced to tweak the script editor, CSS selector, and data attributes.

Images can also be edited, replaced, and deleted. Once you’ve inserted an image just click on the box and you can edit pretty much like you did with the text. You can play around with styles, rearrange, and link. Additionally, you can edit the image SEO, mode and zoom.


Sections can be edited and pages added. Like other regular websites made from scratch, you can add video, forms, and buttons. it’s also so easy to undo, redo, and save. For those who are more adventurous and want to start from scratch, you can do that too.

So do I like this browser-based website creation platform from Canada? Yes, I do! But the caveat is, don’t wing this. Creating a website is not like just putting in everything from the top of your head. Know what you want to put in and use the most succinct text and pictures. It’s all you – just made easier by PageCloud.

Pricing is as simple as the sign-up page. Depending on whether you want to get charged for the whole year ($20/month) or monthly ($24/month) you enjoy:

  • Hosting & Security
  • Unlimited Pages & Storage
  • Expert Su‍‍‍pport
  • Mobile Websites
  • Free Themes
  • Custom Domains
  • 3 Team Members
  • 70+ Integrations

The annual subscription perks are hard to ignore. For the first year, it includes the Free Domain Name and Google G Suite (includes branded email)‍‍‍. And yes, there’s help when you need it so you can have the website that’s been sitting in your mind for the longest time out there where you can inform, sell, and market.

New website maps muggings, street violence in UK

UK criminals may have their days numbered.

A non-profit organization in UK has created a website where people can post mugging information in one place. is a website launched yesterday attempts to collect information about mugging cases into a single Google map. Through this venue, people can warn others about crimes that involve mugging cases.

The first who posted on the site witnessed a mugging incident but was too busy to do something about it. He wants to help in his own little way so he decided to upload the information on the website.

According to the creators, the site attempt to campaign against “the ‘walk on by’ culture that fuels street violence, feeds fear, and fractures communities.”

They also added that suspects of street robberies are only accosted 15 percent of the time.

Statistics shows that the country sees about a million attacks each year. Witness Confident says that the fear of being involved in these cases is seven times greater than the actual risk.

Though the site wants to help individuals, critics have expressed their concern over this method. They say that criminals can also view the map and can plan to assault an unsuspecting victim in different areas.

Whatever it is, let us hope that this would eliminate or even reduce the crime rate in UK.

Image source: CNET | Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk

16 Live streaming sites shut down by feds in NY

Super Bowl weekend is coming. The greatest show on earth pitting the New England Patriots against the New York Giants is only a few days away.

As we count the days that lead to the fateful event, federal authorities are tightening their grip on illegal sites streaming this spectacle. The latter announced last Thursday that they are cracking down websites that stream the event illegally after NE Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady told reporters that he watched last year’s match in an illegal website.

The Feds were able to bring down 16 sites and filed the necessary criminal charges against one man who hails from Michigan who owned nine of them.

According to US Attorney Preet Bharara, the NFL and broadcasters lose millions of dollars, thus forcing them to increase the prices of tickets and other customers due to piracy.

Tom Brady said, “Last year I was rehabbing my foot in Costa Rica, watching the game on an illegal Super Bowl website. And now I’m actually playing in the game. So, it’s pretty cool.”

Yonjo Quiroa was charged last Wednesday with copyright infringement. He is popular in the web due to his involvement in distributing football, basketball, hockey games and wrestling matches.

This comes as a big blow to individuals who have no means of watching the game live on television and only rely on these live streaming sites to watch the game.

New Year script compromises 10,000 websites

Anti-virus provider Symantec unveiled a report indicating that at least 10,000 domain names were compromised by a redirect script that targets the New Year celebrations.

According to the company, the websites was found to have a redirect script written in PHP that has a ‘New Year’ written on its file name.

Paul Wood, senior intelligence analyst for Symantec said, “We also expect to see plenty of spam and malware taking advantage of some of the major upcoming sporting events this year. We are already seeing reference to the Summer Olympics in London as part of 419 or advance fee fraud messages.”

The report said that spammers are distributing spam emails to lure individuals to those sites that were affected. A social networking site was mentioned that was used by these unscrupulous individuals in their scheme.

Wood added that, “By relating their mails to widely-celebrated holidays and current events with global interest, spammers and malware authors can (at first glance, at least) make their messages more interesting, and increase the chance of recipients visiting spam websites or becoming infected.”

The report also stated that at least 1 in every 327 emails in Australia has been found as malicious and 1 in every 542 are phishing related.

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