Twitch Tips For Beginners

Tips For Beginners On Twitch Streaming

Here are some tips on Twitch streaming for beginners.  Live streaming on Twitch is popular these days.  To make quality live streams, here are some tips and tricks.  Hopefully these will help your live streams will gain more audience.

You Need A Good Quality Microphone

The commentary is the reason why people watch live streams, not so much as the game play.  You do not want to sound like you are in a wind tunnel next to a construction site.  You do not need to use an expensive or an amazing mic.  Just make sure that the mic you are using does not have a lot of static and that your voice comes out clear.  It is also advisable that you use earphones, earbuds or headsets so there won’t be any feedback from the speakers of your TV or sound system.

Have A Good Internet Connection

You don not really need a very fast internet connection.  It just have to be a decent connection.  Just make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to broadcast your video at 720p or more.

You Need To Use A Webcam

The purpose of live streaming is for you to be able to interact with your audience.  These viewers would like to know what you look like.  Streamers with webcams are much better than ones that don’t have.  Your webcam does not have to be expensive also.  Just decent.

Use An Overlay

Using an overlay for your live Stream makes it look more professional.  Make sure that your stream looks good and will stand out of the crowd.  Put a border around where your webcam is.  Make sure you have a pop-up notification when someone follows or donates.  This will encourage other viewers to do the same.

Stream Less Popular Games

You need to stream something that a lot of people watch but not a lot of people stream.  Check on the list of games on Twitch.  Look over the games after the first 20 or so.  go over it and find a game you might like.  Click on it to see how many people are streaming it.  If at 30 people does that, find something else.  The whole point is for you to appear on the first page of a game.

Get A Chat Box Moderator Or Bot

View bots are not advisable.  You will be banned.  But a chat bot is good.  Get one to check the chats to make sure that no one posts links or anything else that could be dangerous.

Communicate With Your Viewers

Talk to your viewers.  Say something nice to them every once in a while.  Keep refreshing the viewers list.  If someone new joins the stream acknowledge the new viewer.

Converse With A Friend

Engage your friend in a conversation while streaming.  You can do this via Skype.  Since no one will be talking when your stream is just starting, talking to somebody will help.  Viewers leave right away if they do not hear anybody talking in a stream.

Make A Schedule

Set  a fixed schedule for your stream.  A lot of people will more likely watch your stream if it has a schedule than when you stream just any time.

Do Not Give Up

Not every stream will be fun.  It may be good or bad.  Nevertheless, do not give up.  Keep on streaming until you succeed.

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Tips On How To Be A Great Virtual Assistant Rockstar

Tips For Being A Great Virtual Assistant Rockstar

Here are some tips on how you can be a great virtual assistant rockstar.  To be a virtual assistant means you are there to make your client’s life easy.  Being an effective virtual assistant means making your client feel you can work well without constant supervision.

These clients are often out of the office.  They are usually out on business meetings, on a speaking engagement, etcetera.  They need someone to look after the administrative side of the business.  Make them feel that they need you.

Essential Skills Needed To Be A Great Virtual Assistant Rockstar

To be a rockstar virtual assistant you need to possess some essential skills to be effective and deliver outstanding results to your client.

  1. An effective virtual assistant must have mastery of the English language.  Being fluent in written and oral English is a big plus.  This will make communication with your clients better if you need to ask questions or discuss anything about work with them.  Having a good command of the English language will be helpful if you send emails to your client’s clients, which you will be doing most of the time.
  2.  Knowledge and proficiency in MS Office programs is very helpful.  Power Point Presentation, Excel, and Microsoft Word are the most commonly used MS Office programs.  An excellent background and knowledge about these programs will be a great advantage.  These programs are the backbone of of most of the administrative tasks that will be assigned to you.  If you are not that knowledgeable about these programs, online tutorials are available if you aspire to be a rockstar VA.

Other Important Tips To Remember

  1. Self confidence is another essential trait one must have to be a virtual assistant.  This is needed when answering or making calls, most especially.  Being able to speak confidently will make the impression that you know your client’s business well.  There are times when you are asked questions that you might not know the answer.  Ask if you can put the call on hold and get assistance from your client.  If you client is unavailable, ask for their most convenient time so you can call back after you find accurate answers for their questions.
  2. A good virtual assistant must know how to do research.  Learning how to use search websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, in case your client asks you to do some research, is an edge.  Finding information quickly is an important skill that makes you more valuable with your client.
  3. Social Media Management.  Establishing brand recognition and online presence is very essential in the market.  Most people have social media accounts.  If your client’s advertisements and promos hit the right audience, this will have a positive impact on your client.  Understanding and knowing how to use social media properly is a key skill.

Work hard to have these skills and be on your way to being a virtual assistant rockstar.

Tips, Tricks, And Timesavers For Mac Users

Tips, Tricks, And Timesavers You Did Not Know Your Mac Can Do

Here are some tips, tricks , and timesavers which i bet you did not know your Mac can do.  Its not what you can do for your Mac but what it can do for you.  Your Mac can do a lot of things.  You don’t have to install or download anything for your Mac to function as expected.  It just works.

Do Unit Conversions In Spotlight

Spotlight is already capable of doing basic calculations.  That is common knowledge.  But something extra can be done in High Sierra: unit conversions.  You can do specific conversions if you need to.  But it will not only give you the information you asked for but other alternatives will be presented to you as well.

You Can Talk To And Listen To Your Mac

The Mac’s ability to listen and talk to you was already impressive with its Dictation tool.  But now, Siri’s long-awaited arrival has blown it out of the water.  But this version of Siri is much more powerful.  It can pull out files stored on the system and toggle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

It Can Run Windows

Sometimes it is handy to run Windows whether to play the latest games or run a niche piece of software that has no Mac equivalent.

Your Mac Can Take Screenshots Of Any Size

To take a picture of your entire screen, press Shift, Command, and 3 simultaneously.  The screen shot will then be stored on your desktop.  If you want only a portion of your screen, the shortcut is Shift-Command-4 with the same output directory.

Automatically Hide And Show The Menu Bar

Open System Preferences, got to General, then click “Automatically hide and show the menu bar”.

 It Can Type Exotic Characters

Aside from the usual letters and symbols on your keyboard, you will find a wide array of other characters at your disposal.  Go to the edit menu of most apps and you’ll see Special Characters at the bottom.  This panel gives you access to a huge range of symbols which you can drag into your documents.

Sign PDFs Right In Mail

No need for you to go through printing and signing documents PDFs and scanning it and sending it back.  You can sign PDFs directly in Mail.  Drag a PDF into an email you are sending.  Hover over it then at the right top, you will see a little button appear.   Click it and you will see a range of markup options, including one for signing documents.

Use Split Screen

It is much easier to work with two windows since OS X 10.11 El Capitan.  Thanks to Split Screen view.  By holding down a left-click on an app’s green maximize button in the top left-hand side,you can then drag it to be positioned on the right or left-hand side of the display.Then pick a second open window or app to snap to the opposite side.

These are just some of the tips and tricks on what your Mac can do which you might not know about.  You can use these tips, tricks, and timesavers to maximize your Mac’s function.



Best Tips To Buying A New Phone This Year

Helpful Tips When Buying a New Phone

Here are some tops which may be helpful when you buy a new phone this year.  So before rushing to the stores to get one, better read this article first.  All You need is to have an open-mind when you read.  And hopefully, you will have a clearer view about what phone you want and why.

Things To Consider When Buying A New Phone

First thing to consider is what kind of phone you might want.  When you have come to a decision, focus on the devices which fall under the category of your preference.  This will narrow down your choices, if not much.

If you want a smartphone, it may either be an Android phone or an iPhone.  Apple and Google’s respective operating systems account for 90% of all phones in the smartphone space.  These guys like to keep you in their ecosystem.

Next, you need to know what kind of features you want your phone to have.  A Lot of things need to be checked on when we talk of features.  There is the look, the camera, the convenience, the specs, and a lot of other things.  If you are not that well-versed with technicalities, it will not hurt if you ask questions and consult those who have knowledge about these things.

Once you have all the information you need, you can now start comparing the phones you have chosen.  Narrow down your choices by picking those which have the qualities and features you want your phone to have.

When You Have Chosen You New Phone

When you have chosen your new phone, a more obvious decision should be made.  This is regarding the price.  If it is not within what you can afford, look back on your choices before you singled out your choice.

Technology offers us a wide variety of gadgets and devices to choose from.  So your choice will not be limited to just a few.  If you find out your choice does not meet your other conditions and preferences, them go look some more.

When Is A Phone The Right One For You

Nobody can make a decision for you.  So your choice depends on your preferences.  What you need in a phone will be one big factor to consider when you buy a new phone. But you should also face the reality that if you want the best phone, most of the time, expect the it to be expensive.  But if you are meticulous and patient enough, you might probably find one which will suit all your needs and cost reasonably.

More Ways to Make Your iPhone and Mac Work Together

More ways to better use your iPhone and Mac together.

Apple has always designed their products to work seamlessly together. We all know about airdrop, iMessage and iCloud notes, and if you own the iPhone and the Mac, you know how this makes our productivity so much better.

Below are more ways to use Apple‘s products together.

Universal Clipboard

This feature basically allows you to copy an item (a text, image) from one device and paste it on your other device. For example, all you have to do is copy a text (like a URL or an email address) as you normally would and paste it to your notes on your phone.

Do take note that the copied data is only available for pasting for a short period of time so try to do it as soon as possible. You must also have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Handoff turned on. Handoff is accessible in the System Preferences (on your Mac) and in Settings (on your iOS devices).

iMovie Projects 

You can actually edit your videos on your phone and then continue doing that on your Mac without having to transfer over your files.

To do this, go to your iMovie and select any project you’ve created. Click the Share icon and select Airdrop. You will be asked to choose if you want to share the Video File or the iMovie Project. Choosing the video file will export the video while choosing the iMovie Project will of course let you transfer all files including the timeline.

Transferring iMovie files through AirDrop

Hand-Off Between Apps

The handoff is a very neat feature that came with the latest software.

This  allows you to pick up where you left off on majority of the apps from Apple and some third-party apps like Chrome. When you’re using Chrome on your mac, and want to switch to your phone, just double tap your home button (or for iPhone X, tap and hold the bottom of the screen, move your finger up, and hold again) and you will see the handoff icon at the bottom.

If you’re on your phone and want to switch to your mac, just take a look at your dock and you will see an icon with a phone at the far left of your dock.

Again, for all of these to work, please make sure that you have Wifi, Bluetooth and Handoff enabled. You must also be signed-in to one iCloud account using the same Apple ID in all your devices.

Common Mistakes that Players Make in Fortnite

Common Errors That Players Make When Playing Fortnite

Errors are being committed by players when playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. These mistakes are often made by beginners. Let us enumerate the most common ones.

Fortnite is today’s hottest and most popular game. Unfortunately, it comes with a cost. You have to fight and battle it out with other players when you are in the multiple player mode. Since millions are playing this game, you really do have to use proper strategies and plan your moves properly to survive.

Among these millions of players, only one will stand out. So everybody is out to get each other. To survive, you must avoid the mistakes that most rookies make. Play smart and put in the time and energy.

You Are Playing Like A Coward

When you are being pursued and surrounded by enemies, the first thing that comes into mind is to hide. Having people around wanting to shoot you is stressful. Look for bushes or abandoned strictures. Move only when the heat settles down. It is easier to sneak to the top that way. Playing too defensively is one of the mistakes beginners commit.

You Are Forgetting What Makes Fortnite Special

Fortnite is heavily inspired by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The only difference between them is Fortnite has something that PUB does not have: crafting. It’s a crucial part of the game which you need to master, especially at the end part of the game.

You Are Mixing Up Your Buttons

You need to gather the right gear and weapon. You also need to use the right gear and equip your weapons at the right time. The best thing for you to do is to arrange your weapons by range.

You Literally Have Got Your Head In The Clouds

All Fortnite players start from the sky. You need to select where you will descend. Make sure you reach the ground quickly.

You Are A Good Hunter But A Lousy Gatherer

Stock up on crafting materials as early as possible. It’s hard to gather supplies when the map gets smaller and you have a lot of enemies around you.

You Are Standing A Little Too Proud

Although you cannot crawl in Fortnite, you can crouch. It will make you a smaller target and blend with the bushes. It will also make tour weapons more accurate.

You Don’t Know What You’re Working With

There are three different types of crafting in Fortnite: wood, brick, and steel. Using the right materials can have a great impact on your survival.

You Have More Studying To Do

Ultimately, the goal is to commit reliable routes to memory so that you can get off to a new start every time. If you know your map well, then you can loot your way to victory.

Google reminds users to create smart passwords

This month is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month which means online safety is gonna be much more emphasized (redundant much?haha).

In line with this, Google has come up with a few reminders of obvious-but-often-overlooked practices in keeping your online accounts secure by choosing smart passwords.

Michael Santerre, Google’s consumer operations associate, posted a list of common problems and their solutions in the official Gmail blog. Take a look and see if you have been doing any of these.

Problem 1: Re-using passwords across websites

Solution: Use unique passwords for every account such as selecting a phrase and using the first letter of every world in the phrase. You can also try swapping out letters for symbols.

Problem 2: Using common passwords or words found in the dictionary

Solution: Use a password with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. You can also choose two random words and put them together along with symbols.

Problem 3: Using passwords based on personal data

Solution: Your personal data can be easily found in the web social networking sites. Avoid using names of pets or children, birthdays, phone numbers and addresses.

Problem 4: Writing down your password and storing it in an unsecured place.

Solution: Don’t make it easier for others to hack your accounts. That list of complex and hard-to-guess passwords you came up would be useless if someone else found that slip of paper lying beside you computer.

Problem 5: Recalling your password.

Solution: Make sure your password recovery options are up-to-date and secure.

Again, please take the time in making sure your online accounts are safe. Just this week, thousands of Hotmail accounts were exposed through what authorities believe as phishing. Other reports say some Gmail and Yahoo accounts were also exposed. Don’t wait until yours become public too. 🙂