Tips On How To Be A Great Virtual Assistant Rockstar


Tips For Being A Great Virtual Assistant Rockstar

Here are some tips on how you can be a great virtual assistant rockstar. To be a virtual assistant means you are there to make your client’s life easy. Being an effective virtual assistant means making your client feel you can work well without constant supervision.

These clients are often out of the office. They are usually out on business meetings, on a speaking engagement, etcetera. They need someone to look after the administrative side of the business. Make them feel that they need you.

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Essential Skills Needed To Be A Great Virtual Assistant Rockstar

To be a rockstar virtual assistant you need to possess some essential skills to be effective and deliver outstanding results to your client.

  1. An effective virtual assistant must have mastery of the English language. Being fluent in written and oral English is a big plus. This will make communication with your clients better if you need to ask questions or discuss anything about work with them. Having a good command of the English language will be helpful if you send emails to your client’s clients, which you will be doing most of the time.
  2. Knowledge and proficiency in MS Office programs is very helpful. Power Point Presentation, Excel, and Microsoft Word are the most commonly used MS Office programs. An excellent background and knowledge about these programs will be a great advantage. These programs are the backbone of of most of the administrative tasks that will be assigned to you. If you are not that knowledgeable about these programs, online tutorials are available if you aspire to be a rockstar VA.

Other Important Tips To Remember

  1. Self confidence is another essential trait one must have to be a virtual assistant. This is needed when answering or making calls, most especially. Being able to speak confidently will make the impression that you know your client’s business well. There are times when you are asked questions that you might not know the answer. Ask if you can put the call on hold and get assistance from your client. If you client is unavailable, ask for their most convenient time so you can call back after you find accurate answers for their questions.
  2. A good virtual assistant must know how to do research. Learning how to use search websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, in case your client asks you to do some research, is an edge. Finding information quickly is an important skill that makes you more valuable with your client.
  3. Social Media Management. Establishing brand recognition and online presence is very essential in the market. Most people have social media accounts. If your client’s advertisements and promos hit the right audience, this will have a positive impact on your client. Understanding and knowing how to use social media properly is a key skill.

Work hard to have these skills and be on your way to being a virtual assistant rockstar.