Google and Asus to team up for new Android 5.0 Jellybean tablet?

Rumors have continued to circulate that tablet maker Asus and Google are teaming up to release a new tablet that will carry a new Android OS.

According to published reports, this new tablet, dubbed as The Google Tablet, will be publicized at the yearly Google I/O conference. Units of this new device will be sampled to the attendees of this conference.

The report also indicates that this developer unit will have the new Android 5.0 Jelly Bean platform.

But analysts are saying that the launch of the Google Tablet that comes equipped with this new platform could just lead to further delays and problems for the device. Though the company might be handing out developer units installed with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean OS during the conferences.

Though a lot of individuals are predicting problems for this new Android 5.0 tablet, the Google and Asus joint project could be as real as it gets.

The corroboration of these two companies could lead to the Nexus Tablet. Google picked Asus to develop this new tablet, instead of teaming up with Acer and HTC.

This new Nexus Tablet could have a 7 inch screen and Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 chipset.

Google or Asus have yet to comment or release a statement about his rumor.

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Apple reaches new milestone because of iPad

Apple Inc. has reached a new milestone as they were able to eclipse Hewlett-Packard Co. as the world’s No. 1 maker of personal computers in the fourth quarter.

The data includes iPad sales during that same period.

Canalys released the data and said that the PC market worldwide has grew by 16 percent to 120 million in the final three months of 2011.

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As the world’s leading PC company, Apple Inc. has reached another milestone. The company is known for their innovations and sleek and sexy designs.

The market actually dropped by 0.1 percent if we take out the iPad out of the equation. The research firm is the first organization that included the latter in their tally of computer sales.

They said that Apple sold 20.6 million units of iPad in the fourth quarter of 2011. This is up by 17.01 percent.

HP on the other hand sold 15.3 million units, growing by 12.7 percent.

Tim Coulling of Canalys said, “Currently, HP is pursuing a Windows strategy for it pad portfolio, producing enterprise-focused products, such as the recently launched Slate 2, until the launch of Windows 8.

However, questions remain over Microsoft’s entry into the consumer pad space. While early demonstrations of the Windows 8 operating system seem promising, Microsoft must focus its efforts on creating an intuitive user experience that is far less resource intensive.”

Barnes & Noble to release new Nook eBook reader in spring

The New York Times published an article last Sunday regarding Barnes & Nobles taking on Amazon. It stated that they are “putting the final touches on their (Barnes & Noble’s) fifth e-reading device, a product that executives aid would be released sometime this spring”.

Unfortunately, the popular newspaper wasn’t able to get any comment from a representative from the company.

This could possibly be a new tablet. It can also be an affordable e-ink e-reader that can retail to about $50. Or it could even be an e-reader that has a Qualcomm power-efficient Mirasol color display that is now being used by e-readers in Korea and China.

Can this new e-reader be a part of the Nook’s launch outside US? Barnes & Noble is rumored to making this gamble and the Times article said that it is “expected to be a Waterstones bookstores in Britain.” Though they haven’t revealed any date as of yet but at least there is some glimmer of hope that its release could have this new feature.

It’s good to note that Barnes & Noble will continue to redesign their stores. This according to CEO William Lynch. They will investing in smaller stores and eliminate DVD and music sections while not completely removing them from their line-up as they will only move it to other stores.

AT&T rolls out new data plans for smartphones and tablets

Top telecommunications provider AT&T is going to roll out new wireless data plans as their subscribers are needing more to surf, text and email from their smartphones and tablets.

AT&T announced last Wednesday that they are releasing new plans to accommodate the needs of their subscribers. They added that these are going to be heftier than their current plans.

The new price list is going to took effect January 22. Current subscribers need not change their plans but are given the option to upgrade to the new one.

Smartphone users who pays a monthly rate of $15 for a 200 MB plan has an option to upgrade to a 300 MB plan for $20. A 2 gigabyte plan will cost you $25 and a 3 GB plan will cost you $30.

Tablets users on the other hand will have a new 3 GB plan for $30 and a 5 GB plan will cost them $50.

AT&T said that data usage among their subscribers have been rising on a rate of 40% per year. This is the reason behind their decision to create a new data plan to offer their clientele. Users who go over their data plans pay a huge fee.

According to David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, “Customers are using more data than ever before. Our new plans are driven by this increasing demand in a highly competitive environment and continue to deliver a great value to customers.”

Razer shows off dual-stick tablet and gamepad hybrid

Razer is weaving its magic again!

The popular PC hardware maker think tanks and developers have created another surprisingly creative gaming hardware. The “Project Fiona” which was undraped at this years Consumer Electronics Shows in Vegas comes as a hybrid of a Tab and an analog gamepad. This allows PC gaming fanatics to play any “gamepad-enabled” title.

Though “project Fiona” is just a concept as of the moment, they said that they are planning to release the final product in the fourth quarter of this year.

It has an Intel Core i7 processor. It looks similar to the iPad with two Wiimotes. It also features a multi-touch screen, accelerometers for motion control and analog sticks for controller handles.

At last year Penny Arcade Expo, the Razer featured an odd looking, hybrid gaming device touted as the Razer Blade. Priced at $2800, this laptop built for gamers with a touchscreen beside the keyboard, the latter was supposed to be available on the shelves last year. Unfortunately for gamers, the Razer is only going to be available this year. It is also featured at the CES.

Apple to release a more Expensive iPad?

Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes reaffirmed their assessment that the rumored release of the third installation of the iPad could bring the prices of tablets even higher.

The website was firm in their belief that Apple will be releasing newer versions of their iPad aimed at “high-end segment” and “the midrange” while still offering their iPad 2.

They said that, “with the existing iPad 2, the Apple tablet series may cover all price-segments-from entry-level to high-end. Apple’s pricing strategy for its iPad series is crucial to the tablet market. It remains to be seen at what price level Apple will set its entry-level iPad. For Wi-Fi-only models, U.S. $299, U.S. $349 or U.S. $399 may all be possible.”

There used to be a $299 iPad before. It was Apple’s first generation tablet and only sold at fire sale prices through other carriers after they released their latest version which is the iPad 2.

After the subsequent rise of Apple’s tablets, rivals have come upfront and challenged them. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which debuted last year, sold at $199. Though not as great as the latest iPad, it sold at half of the latter’s price. And reports have been circulating that the Fire sold over a million tablets a week last December.

Apple didn’t budge and it seems like they are not much affected by the rise of the Android tablets. Apple still sells the iPad at the same rate as they did before. Their 16GB model with Wi-Fi is pegged at $499.

Though Apple makes price cuts in their products, it is but a rare instance when they do. This includes the time when they gave a $200 discount on their original iPhone two months after its release. Then there was the $500 price off the first-gen MacBook Air.

HP releases teaser for Envy ‘Spectre’ Ultrabook

The Consumer Electronics Week 2012 (CES 2012) kicks off in Las Vegas in a few days. And companies are now starting to prepare their gadgets for the annual technology exhibit.

HP, for example, has  released a video teaser for their second Ultrabook. Called the “Spectre”, this will be their second try at Folios. The first was their 13.3-inch HP Folio unveiled November 2011.

Though there is a video for the “Spectre”, little details are revealed as to its identity. However, a  leak in the FCC filing a week ago shows that the new device boasts of a 14-inch display and carries Intel’s ‘Ivy Bridge’ processors.

The CES is expected to shed the spotlight on Ultrabooks and hopefully would increase PC sales this year. According to CES representatives, there are about 50 Ultrabooks to be launched in this year’s offing. Intel is going to deliver a keynote speech to reveal the company’s latest chip generations.

Ultrabooks are designed to be portable and instant-on capabilities. Just like tablets, these said devices combine portability with performance and features of notebooks.

What is clear is that pricing will play a major role in the Ultrabook’s success or failures. Low prices along with the release of Windows 8 will definitely boost sales of these new devices.

Click this link for the video teaser.

iPad 3 to be launched in February 2012

Well, at least that’s what one analyst says.

Richard Gardner, a Citi analyst, sent a research note stating that “several sources” indicates that Apple will be launching iPad 3 as much as a month earlier than the release of iPad 2 last year.

“[T]here do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining,” Gardner wrote in the note first found by the Business Insider.

According to Gardner, the iPad 3 will have twice the resolution of the iPad 2. Now considering the already-very-brilliant display of the latter, that is indeed something to look forward to.

Apple is still on the top spot when we talk of tablets, but it cannot also be denied that more affordable tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are slowly gaining popularity. If Apple will indeed be releasing their most innovative tablet technology, then the company will probably gain back whatever market share they have lost to other tablets. Of course, older versions of the iPad will have their price reduced, so more consumers can afford it.

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Dell kills Streak 7 tablet

With Apple’s iPad taking the lead and Amazon’s Kindle Fire rapidly gaining popularity, its no wonder that others might feel outdated overshadowed.

Take Dell’s case for example. Nearly one year ago, the Texas-based company introduced the Streak 7 Android tablet.  Now for those of you who haven’t heard of this gadget (and I’m guessing a lot), it is their 7-inch tab that is pretty much a bigger and newer version of their Streak 5 tablet phone. It is a versatile tablet that features a mobile radio and is affordably priced at $200 with a T-mobile contract.

So what happened? Perhaps lack of product exposure and promotion led to a slow uptake from consumers. Just yesterday, Dell had halted online sales of the Streak 7 despite its availability in select markets. This is the company’s last Android tablet offering since production of the Streak 5 was already silently discontinued in August.

With the Computer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 fast approaching, a lot are wondering if Dell will have new product offerings under the Android platform or will it completely abandon its attempt in breaking onto the Android market.

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