Plastic Logic’s reader offers Wi-fi, Powerpoint and Excel support

Another player in the Ebook market dominated by Amazon’s Kindle and Sony reader will be coming in from Plastic Logic.

Yesterday, the company announced that they are preparing to release an ebook reader that’s aimed at business professionals.

Prototypes of the QUE were demonstrated last month at the DEMOFall 08 conference. The device is set to make another er- public appearance at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 7 next year.

So what makes this electronic reader different from its competitors?

The QUE’s 10-inch diagonal screen does not only show black and white electronic display, it also boasts a capability to support PowerPoint and Excel documents, which cannot be found on others.

Like the Kindle DX, the QUE includes connection to a 3G wireless network for downloading books. But unlike its competitor, the QUE also comes in with an integrated Wi-Fi.

Plastic Logic plans to offer content through an online QUE store powered by Barnes & Noble. No word yet as to when the device will be available in the market and how much it will cost.

“More than an eReader, QUE means business,” Richard Archuleta, chief executive of Plastic Logic, said in a statement.

Hmmn, I wonder what Kindle has to say to this.  🙂


Sony PS3 finally get the top slot

Credit: Sony

Yep, after three years of trying to win out over its competitors, the Sony Playstation 3 was finally crowed the monthly top-selling video game console according to NPD.

The video game analyst reported that Sony took the first place in the most number of units sold with 491, 800 PS2 units in September. Nintendo’s Wii took the second place with 462, 800 units and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 came in last with 352, 600 units sold.

Although Sony’s numbers aren’t that much far from Nintendo’s, the news is still a reason to celebrate as this somehow proves that people are still willing to buy the PS3 – they were just waiting for its price to be a little lower. So when Sony unveiled the $299 PS3 Slim (despite it still being a hundred bucks higher than the Wii), gamers flocked to purchase units.

Will PS3 stay on top? I’m guessing it will, as long as Sony keeps giving awesome software to go with the unit, and of course, keep its price under the $300 level. What do you think?


Sony PS3 250GB available in November

Gamers rejoice!

Its definitely time for PS3 owners to celebrate coz running out of space in their units won’t be a problem anymore.

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today that starting November 3, a new 250GB model of the PlayStation 3 Slim will now be available.

The unit will be sold for $349.99, that’s $50 higher than the 120GB model of the PS3 Slim.

Now, users won’t have to delete or transfer to another storage device their much-loved movies, music, photos and of course, game installs/saves once they run out space.

The announcement from Sony follows the release of the same 250GB model in UK and Australia so there’s hardly any surprise there. But hey? It’s still a reason to celebrate! 😉


Sony unveils touchscreen PC/TV

With the introduction of their world’s lightest notebook, the VAIO X Series, Sony also unveiled their first ever touch-enabled, all-in-one desktop.

The VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV is touted to be the ultimate entertainment hub as it integrates a PC, a high-definition TV, and a digital video recorder in one unit.

Interested in the specs?

This baby has a 24-inch high def touchscreen and comes with a rewritable Blu-ray disc drive. This device also features an HDMI input so users can connect it to a cable box, satellite receiver, or PlayStation 3 video-game console, and a built-in digital video recorder with up to a terabyte of storage (that’s around100 hours’ worth of HD TV! J).

The PC comes in either Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional, has an Interl Core 2 quad-core processor, an Nvidia GeForce series graphics processor and yup, a built-in Wi-Fi.

Scheduled for release this month and like the VAIO X Series laptop, the  VAIO L Touch starts at a hefty price of $1,300. But with its awesome features and just plain coolness, I bet a lot of people won’t mind spending that much on this baby. 🙂


Sony releases world’s lightest laptop

Credt: Sony

Sony is making waves today with the release of what they touted as the world’s lightest laptops, the VAIO X Series.

The VAIO X Series measures 7.29 inches by 10.95 inches by 0.55 inches and weighs in at only 1.6 pounds. The LED-backlit screen measures 11.1 inches.

Users can choose between black and gold for the chassis which is made of light-weight carbon fiber. The palmrest and the area surrounding the keyboard are covered with an aluminum frame. The device runs on Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

Other features of the VAIO X Series include 2-GHz Intel processor, 2 GB of DDR2 memory, 128GB of hard drive memory and an integrated Intel graphics chipset. It also has a built-in webcam with face-tracking technology, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a real-time GPS functionality. The X Series also comes with a built-in 3G mobile broadband but users have to get a separate Verizon Wireless subscription if they want to make use of it.

Curious as to how much this baby is gonna cost you? Techies who want to have this will have to shell out $1,300 and will be available at Sony Style stores and some retailers in November. Those who can’t wait can pre-order their units at the Sony Style website.  🙂


Sony PSPgo launched

Source: TechPlore

Nintendo’s DS and Apple’s iPod Touch may be facing a stiff competition on Sony’s just-launched PSPgo.

The latest version of its PlayStaion Portable video-game system, the PSPgo sports a different look than its predecessor. Its now pocket-sized, has a sliding screen with a 3.8 inch display, a built-in Bluetooth, and is 43% lighter. The most exciting feature though is that the new PSPgo offers full-length, portable games which will be available in an all-digital format.

Users won’t be bored with the extensive selection of content either. New stuff from the PlayStation Network include the much-anticipated Gran Turismo and MotorStorm. Exclusive games and videos on the PlayStation Store include PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, and LocoRoco 2: Midnight Carnival. Sony is also offering “bite-sized minis” such as Tetris and Fieldrunners for those who are looking to have something to play while waiting for the bus or something. 😉

According to an article from, in all, Sony is offering more than 150 titles previously released, 60 original PlayStation classics, more than 2,300 movies and 13,000 TV shows.

“When we launched the PSP-1000 in 2005, it was clear that there was a huge demand for not only a great portable gaming system, but a complete portable entertainment device,” said John Koller, director of Sony’s Hardware Marketing group. “Since then, the PSP has sold more than 15 million units in North America and 53 million units worldwide.”


Asus to launch cheapest ebook reader

Credit: Times Online

And this isn’t just like any other reader too.

Asus, the company who first launched netbooks, is doing it again and is now planning on releasing a low-cost gadget alternative for electronic book readers they’ve dubbed the Eee Reader.

According to Jerry Shen, Asus president, two versions are set to be available in the market by the end of the year: a budget and a premium version.

The premium version is the most interesting though. Unlike current ebook readers (and yes, I mean Kindle and Amazon 😉 ) Asus claims that this one will have two screens connected by a hinged spine that can open like a traditional book. One screen can be used for viewing ebooks (pages can be “turned” through the touchscreen) while the other page can be used for browsing web pages. One of the screens can also be used as a virtual keyboard, according to a Times report.

Other features on the Eee Reader has that are not found on typical ebook readers include full color screens and may also include speakers, a webcam and a mic for Skype.

“Our ethos is innovation — as our brand is less well known, we have to run faster than the competition to develop new types of products,” said Asus. “Any such product — including an ereader — has to have the right combination of functionality and price. No one is going to buy one for £1,000.”

The budget version of the Eee Reader would not be as high-tech as its premium sibling though and would “take on the competition on price rather than features”, according to Times.

No word yet as to how much the readers will be priced, but expect it to be lower than the competitions. 🙂


CellStories to rival Kindle and Sony Reader?

Launched on Tuesday, is a Web site that posts literature everyday for free which can be accessed by any cellphone with an internet connection.

CellStories posts will include short stories, personal essays as well as narrative journalism and creative nonfiction.

Dan Sinker, a teacher of journalism at Columbia College Chicago and creator of made sure that the Web site is accessible and simple enough to be able to work in any handheld mobile device.

“Anyone that thinks something like the Sony Reader or the Kindle is a device that’s going to be around in even three years is delusional,” Sinker told Reuters. “We’re past the point where people say ‘I want one device to do one thing.’”

“CellStories isn’t the thing that replaces (the Kindle) but … the question of how do we read on computing devices was answered when phones like the iPhone came out,” he added.

The website is beneficial to authors as well.

Although contributing authors will not be paid “as the site is not yet designed to make money”, Sinker said readers new readers can view their work and then seek out and buy their published work. He also said that he has agreements with some small independent publishers that are willing to feature the site’s contributing authors.


Google Chrome now on Sony Vaio

Credit: PCWorld

Yup, if you’re gonna buy a Sony VAIO today, it’ll probably come with Google Chrome pre-installed in your unit.

The FT reports that Google has announced Monday about their new alliance with Sony’s PC division to help promote their one-year-old browser.

“Awareness is shockingly low. It’s absolutely a problem that people don’t know what a browser is, or how to evaluate one,” Brian Rakowski, Google’s product manager for Chrome said.

Although backed by a very powerful company and a good browser too, if I say so myself, Chrome isn’t doing that well in terms of exposure.  Rakowski claims that the browser has already gained 30 million active users. However this number is just mere 2% of the overall internet-using population, compared to Internet Explorer’s 68% share.

And speaking of IE, for those fans of the browser, don’t worry because  Sony’s VAIO  still comes pre-installed with Internet Explorer too.

But although Chrome belongs to the bottom half of browser popularity, it has already prompted its rivals to keep up with Chrome’s faster speed and clean interface.

“It’s not so important everyone uses Google Chrome, it’s more important browser technology evolves as fast as it can,” Rakowski said.


Daily Reader from Sony partners with OverDrive

It seems that Sony’s taking this rivalry on Amazon’s Kindle really seriously.

Yesterday, they unveiled the Daily Reader, the company’s first ever wireless ebook reader that will hit the stores in December of this year.

Now, they’ve announced that they are partnering with OverDrive, a global distributor of electronic books and audiobooks. This partnership will allow Daily Reader users with a valid library card to download library books directly to the eBook reader. Users can browse a library’s Website and checkout a book.

The best part is that the book expires at the end of the rental period so that users will not have to think about late fees.

Amazon’s Kindle also allows users to check out ebooks from libraries, some of its users are confused by how the content can be downloaded.

Another service that Sony is offering future users of their 3G-capable ebook readers is access to the Google Books Project, giving them a choice of over a million books available in the public domain.