#177 New Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Apologies for the late release, but here is the latest news we got on Cyberpunk 2077!

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#97 Fortnite Update Drops In Reboot Vans

Well will you look at that, with the respawn system so popular in Apex Legends it looks like Fortnite is taking a stab at it as well because why not? Does this feel like a stolen feature or a helpful addition to the battle royale genre?

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Today’s Trivia Question

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#81 Why Is Apex Legends So Great?

Today we’re talking about the latest battle royale game, Apex Legends, along with the HP Omen Obelisk, a new Skype feature and a Chrome extension serving up popup ads!

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#26 Space Station Got Hole?

This episode was recorded LIVE on Mixer! If you want to be part of the live show and to hang out and play video games with us in the post show, you’re missing out.

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Skype rolls back its redesign by ditching stories, squiggles and over-the-top color

Just over a year after Skype introduced a colorful, Snapchat-inspired makeover which included its own version of “stories,” the company says it’s now going to refocus on simplicity – and it’s ditching stories along the way. The redesign had been met with a lot of backlash. Skype had clearly wanted to appeal to a more youthful demographic with its update, but in doing so, it cluttered the user experience with features no one had asked for or needed.

Japan to conduct first test as part of space elevator project

A team of researchers from Japan’s Shizuoka University and other institutions will conduct the first test in space this month as part of a project to build a space elevator, Japan’s The Mainichi reported last week. The space elevator essentially ferries people and cargo shipments in an elevator car travelling on a cable connecting Earth to a space station.

Astronauts find hole in the International Space Station, plug it with thumb

You think you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today? Spare a thought for the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS). On Thursday morning, they woke up to the news that the station was slowly leaking air. Flight controllers had been monitoring the small drop in pressure overnight, deciding to let the crew sleep as the hole presented no danger.

Will 2018 be the year small phones die?

Sony is perhaps the last bastion of smaller smartphones. Or at least, it used to be. For years now, Sony has been making “Compact” versions of its top-tier handsets that are more or less flagships in their own right. Each generation of Sony’s latest XZ series of phones hasn’t deviated from this tradition until IFA 2018, where Sony announced the new Xperia XZ3, but no XZ3 Compact. Has the appetite for smaller phones finally vanished? Or are manufacturers content to let the hungry starve either way?

Doom II’s final secret unlocked after 24 years

It took nearly 24 years for someone to discover how to unlock Doom II’s last remaining secret without using cheats. The feat, recently shared on YouTube by user Zero Master, has since been confirmed by John Romero, one of the game’s original programmers.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Glitch Discovers Unseen Area Where Water Turns To Lava

By executing a glitch during the game’s The Master Trials DLC, YouTube user Mety333 has found a way to explore new, unseen areas within the game. Of course, these areas were never intended to be seen by players or even function correctly as any part of natural gameplay, and this results in some very strange, creepy, but fascinating finds.

Playing as Magneto in Grand Theft Auto V is as awesome as it sounds

This new mod enables virtually every superpower Magneto possesses. You can fly, create a bullet shield and pull off various melee attacks but the real fun, of course, involves manipulating the environment around you. Taking command of cars and creating a metal storm is easy. Pull lampposts and wind turbines from the ground and hurl them at innocent bystanders. Heck, you can even snatch a plane out of the sky and thrust it at a helicopter or derail a train.

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Most Used Applications When it Comes to Communication

Most Popular Applications Used In Communication

Applications are now used in communication. With modernization and technology, communication has never been easier. But with numerous apps to choose from, there are those applications which are popular and most used when communicating.


This app can be downloaded for free from your respective operating store. Messenger is a product of Facebook. It has over one hundred billion users to date. It is also called Facebook Messenger. This app can be used without logging in to Facebook. It is supported by all operating systems. It has the same functions. But its looks depend on the operating system in use.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the second most popular messaging app globally. Over one billion users have downloaded it. It has grown in leaps and bound after its acquisition by Facebook. Its improved features is one of the reasons why it has gained more users. WhatsApp does not have any advertisements. That is why people prefer this. In addition, it is free and can be downloaded easily.


The origin of this app can be traced to China. It has an added feature, that is you can find new friends nearby by shaking your smartphone. You can also use its GPS function. This app is free, thus making its subscribers grow more and more.


Line has over 200 million users. This is a free app which allows its users to make calls and send messages. This app is popular in Asian countries. Its features include line group, video and voice calls, line timelines, and line stickers. Users can also play games. But you need to register first to have access to its games.


This is also a free social chatting app. Its 174 million users globally in 2003 has increased through out the years. Just like other messaging apps, you can make voice calls, send messages, and share photos with friends.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

You can have fun with features like picture sharing, voice calls, and voice notes. It brings friends and family close r. In the past, only BlackBerry users can have access to this app. But today, it can be downloaded for free on your Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. BBM has security features for its users.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is the newest of all the apps. Its developers did their best to upgrade it to ensure satisfaction of its users. One of its interesting features is the bots. It also has seamless integration between various devices, tablets and PCs included. The conversation is stored in the cloud and synced across all registered devices. The problem with this app is its failing crypto inscription. But despite the challenges Telegram has encountered, it has gained popularity.


Kakaotalk is somewhat similar to WhatsApp Messenger. It automatically synchronizes the contact list on your phone. It boasts of fast video calls. This app is popular in South Korea. This app is free and can be installed easily.


IMO is an app that allows its users to make free video and voice calls alongside instant messaging. But this is not a popular app for young people.


This is the favorite video calling app globally. It offers efficient instant messaging. It has a professional appeal and can transfer files easily. Emojis are available for you to use. It can be downloaded for free on your PCs and devices.


Teenagers surround this because of its amazing Snapchat facts. It enables live video conversations. Instant messaging is the catch and it can be downloaded for free.


It is just like any messaging app. But it does not use phone numbers. The users have usernames and a group chat can hold up to 50 people.

These apps have been parts of our daily routine. They keep friends, family, acquaintances, and others in touch with each other. This may be for pleasure, business, or any other purposes. As users of this app, let us give credit to its developers and show our appreciation for their efforts. We must use this apps properly as it was developed to help us make communication faster and easier.

Skype Targets Content Creators With New Call Recording Feature

Microsoft is hoping to make Skype more appealing to content creators by introducing their latest feature.

(Credit: Microsoft)

As more and more people are turning into content creators and the popularity of this niche increases, so does the need for good software. Skype, being one of the most used software by podcasters and the like, is stepping its game too.

Microsoft is planning to introduce a new “Skype for Content Creators”  mode for its desktop app and the feature is now in “preview”. This is the term for Microsoft’s software that are currently being tested before rolling out to the public.

In a blog post, the company explains how this new feature could benefit content creators.

Digital broadcasters, streamers, and vloggers can now record videos, podcasts and live streaming calls “without having to invest in expensive studio equipment”. If you own a Windows 10 PC or a Mac, you’re good to go.

The mode can be used to place and record calls directly in NDI-enabled software like Wirecast, Xsplit, or Vmix.

The recorded video can also be imported to other software for calls that are not being streamed live. This includes being able to edit further in softwares like Adobe’s Premier Pro or Audition.

Skype for Content Creators is rolling out summer of this year. Those who are attending the NAB conference in Las Vegas next week will also get a preview.

Skygofree: Spying on FB, WhatsApp, Skype and Credit Cards On Your Android

Malware is definitely getting more sinister and Skygofree, said to be in existence since 2014, was reported by Kaspersky as vicious enough to steal messages and take over your phone camera and steal data. The ultimate eavesdropper, Skygofree does not actually read WhatsApp and Facebook encrypted messages but goes around this limitation by capitalizing on Android’s Accessibility Services, something that was created for people with disabilities or limited interaction with the smartphone or tablet.

Kaspersky Lab researchers have uncovered an advanced mobile implant, active since 2014 and designed for targeted cyber-surveillance, possibly as an ‘offensive  security’ product. 

Late last year, it was considered one of the most sophisticated malware affecting Android operating systems because it can link-up infected devices to Wi-Fi networks under the control of the attackers. Unlike in the past when malware was released by cyber attackers, word has it that an Italian company selling surveillance systems developed this malware with root access. Hence, it is capable of reading practically anything on your device’s memory including geolocation, text messages, calendared events, business data, and personal information. It can also take photos, record video and conversations automatically without as much as alerting the owner that anything was remiss. It has better control of infected devices and can record the once impregnable Skype conversations.

Skygofree is a sophisticated, multi-stage spyware that gives attackers full remote control of an infected device.  – Kaspersky

You realize the gravity of the security risk when you realize just how much information you’ve entrusted to your smartphone. You read emails, write notes, store passwords, credit card information and even hold virtual work meetings using your Android.

According to Kaspersky, the malware is spread through landing pages that mimic mobile network operators. Users are then tricked into installing and using the app. If you notice your smartphone is fast draining charge and heating up, it may be infected by Skygofree and other Trojans). Aside from the 48 commands it can execute, it can circumvent battery-saving mechanisms (such as in Huawei) and unobtrusively implant itself as a protected app. A particularly dangerous quality because it remains quietly operating in the background when the screen is off.

How does Skygofree do it? Once installed from fake sites, you will see a notification that may be permutations of this “Dear Customer, we’re updating your configuration and it will be ready as soon as possible”. It sounds official and above-board and doesn’t raise suspicions. However, if you detect something off and want to address this by deleting or uninstalling the app, you are in for a big surprise! The trojan hides the icon in background services where it isn’t easily removed from the system. According to Kaspersky, this self-protection feature affects almost all services. Windows itself could be the next target and this has already started with infiltrating Skype.

Prevent infection by Skygofree by:

  • installing antivirus/anti-malware protection such as  Kaspersky Security for Mobile.
  • being cautious when opening mail from unknown sites
  • not opening attachments
  • downloading only from known sites and
  • turning on Application Control if you are the system administrator.

Video Calling: Which Application is Better than Others

Video calling, e-mail, chat are some of the ways to keep in touch with loved ones all over the world. Living in a modern world is easier than before because of the advanced technologies that were invented.

E-mail and chat are easier because there are so many applications which can grant us this feature. But what about video calls?

Apps with Video Calling Feature

1. Skype

This is my most favorite application when it comes to video calls and chat. This is very useful especially if you are an ESL Online Teacher. Most ESL companies use Skype when conducting classes with students across the globe because it has the “Share Screen”. This is a feature wherein the person that you are calling can see your screen or vice versa.

This is great for ESL Teachers who can just open their book files in their computer or laptop. Then, they will just share their screen to their student and start discussing the book.

2. WeChat

This is commonly popular with the Chinese Community. Most Chinese use this app in order to chat one another. This is an okay app but recently there is a problem with signing up or during your registration. After a series of security tests, they will send you a verification code to your linked phone number. But based on my experience, the verification code doesn’t arrive no matter how many times I tried to.

3. KakaoTalk

This is my second most favorite app after Skype. KakaoTalk is easy to use and is popular in Korea. You can send chat, stickers, photos and videos. You can also choose between an audio call or a video call. KakaoTalk uses lesser MBs than Skype so if you’re on a tight budget but would want to video call, this is the best choice.

Video calling makes an OFW’s homesickness become less depressing because they will be able to see their loved ones from home. It solely depends on you on which application suits your needs. Are you up for better quality or for cheaper expenses?

Skype warns users not to click on any link that may lead to worm attack

Skype users are warned not to click on an instant message were “lol is this your new profile pic?” is being stated.

According to reports, this Skype message followed by a link spreads a worm that allows those responsible to take control of the computer of the once who clicked it. Once they have access to your computer, its contents, including files and other related material, can be held in ransom.

The attack starts when you click on the link as this will start to download a ZIP file to your computer. Once it is in your system, the .exe file installs a variant of the Darkbot worm that creates a backdoor.

This said backdoor enables the attacker to take control of your computer and install the ransomware. The latter locks the infected computer and demands a payment in exchange for your files and whatnot.

According to a statement by Skype, “We are aware of this malicious activity and are working quickly to mitigate its impact. We strongly recommend upgrading to the newest Skype version and applying updated security features on your computer. Additionally, following links – even when from your contacts – that look strange or are unexpected is not advisable.”

Skype iOS upgrade and consumes less battery

Conserving battery for your smartphone is a must for every individual. But then, the influx of apps, though only a handful seems to be very useful to us, has added problems to our smartphone’s battery consumption.

In their desire to help their users save precious battery life, Skype has released their latest version of their app which promises to give iPhone, iPod and iPad users little problem regarding to the app draining their mobile’s batteries.

According to Skype, the version 4.1 of the Skype app, which is now available for download in the App Store, consumes less battery than previous versions. It features a much improved performance reducing the power it consumes when it runs in the background.

Skype wrote on their The Big Blog, “In addition, this latest release improves the app start and the contact list loads even faster, so you can do all the things you love to do with Skype more quickly.”

Skype is considered by many as one of their most used apps. Even before it launched for smartphones, Skype has been a popular tool for communication.

To update your Skype app, you only need to go to the App Store. Downloading is free so you better upgrade to Skype 4.1.

Image Source: techgatherer.com

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