Skype warns users not to click on any link that may lead to worm attack

Worm leads to Skype attack

Worm leads to Skype attack Skype users are warned not to click on an instant message were “lol is this your new profile pic?” is being stated.

According to reports, this Skype message followed by a link spreads a worm that allows those responsible to take control of the computer of the once who clicked it. Once they have access to your computer, its contents, including files and other related material, can be held in ransom.

The attack starts when you click on the link as this will start to download a ZIP file to your computer. Once it is in your system, the .exe file installs a variant of the Darkbot worm that creates a backdoor.

This said backdoor enables the attacker to take control of your computer and install the ransomware. The latter locks the infected computer and demands a payment in exchange for your files and whatnot.

According to a statement by Skype, “We are aware of this malicious activity and are working quickly to mitigate its impact. We strongly recommend upgrading to the newest Skype version and applying updated security features on your computer. Additionally, following links – even when from your contacts – that look strange or are unexpected is not advisable.”