#40 Spider-Man Sells 3.3 Million Copies In 3 Days

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Twitch suddenly blocked in China

The livestream platform Twitch is no longer available in China. After a surge in popularity last month among esports fans, this week the Twitch app was abruptly removed from the iOS App Store in China, leaving fans in the lurch.

PS4’s ‘Spider-Man’ Just Broke God of War’s Sales Record With 3.3 Million Copies Sold In 3 Days

It’s been a hell of a year for Sony, coming in the wake of a hell of a console generation. The PS4 has been the clear sales leader this generation from the start, partially because it avoided Microsoft-like stumbles at launch, partially because it’s produced a huge number of must-have exclusive titles for the system.

Overwatch Finally Reveals What Torbjorn’s Much-needed Overhaul Will Look Like

Overwatch’s feisty dwarf engineer Torbjorn has long been considered a“troll pick.” In my experience, it’s common for teammates’ blood pressure to skyrocket whenever players pick him. We already knew Torbjorn was getting a much-needed overhaul, and today, Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan finally announced what Torbjorn 2.0 will look like.


Bethesda Softworks has seemingly revealed where exactly Fallout 76’s country roads will be taking players home to. It was already known that the game is set in a version of West Virginia, but fans can now put a name to Bethesda’s wasteland version of the Mountain State.

Stranded Deep | Official Trailer

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#38 PlayStation Classic Details

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Sony has announced the PlayStation Classic, which will come with 20 pre-loaded games and be released December 3 at an MSRP of $99.99 USD ($129.99 CAN, $149.99 AUD). Sony’s very own mini retro console will come with Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, and other ‘legendary titles,’ which will be announced before the year’s end, all in their original format.


Rockstar recently revealed Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer component, will launch in November 2018 (initially as a public beta). Considering the many questions we’ve had about the nature of Red Dead 2’s up-til-now mysterious online mode, we asked Imran Sarwar, Director of Design at Rockstar North, and Josh Needleman, Senior Producer at Rockstar San Diego, to go into a little more detail about Rockstar’s evolution in the realm of multiplayer.

PUBG on PS4 might finally be set for release

A PS4 release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been rated by the Korean Game Rating Board (as spotted by Eurogamer), indicating that its period of console exclusivity on the Xbox One may soon be coming to an end. Mobile versions of the game on iOS and Android released earlier in 2018.

Ninja Predicted Fortnite Cube Path Two Weeks Ago And Nobody Realised

16 days ago, on Monday September 3, Ninja said “The cube’s going Tilted [Towers]… Bro, I’m telling you right now, I’d pay money for this thing to land… to roll over the center building that has been taking all season to build and just crush it again.” Guess what happened earlier today? The cube rolled down the street in Tilted Towers, before turning around and crashing through the brand new building before leaving via the hill to the north-west. Check it out for yourself below.

UPDATE: As today’s live show was being taped, we were informed that it did indeed roll into loot lake and melt, turning the entire lake into a bounce pad!

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Just Cause 4 Has A New Tornado-filled Trailer, Square Enix Reveals

Square Enix has announced something big this month for its fans. When it took onstage at this month’s E3 event, it actually dropped an explosive news for all gamers. This as the company announced the return of Just Cause 4.

Just Cause 4 Has A New Tornado-filled Trailer


Square Enix said that Just Cause 4, the company’s explosive open-world action game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. This means to say that a gamer like you could play and feel the character of Rico Rodriguez.


Check the game’s trailer below:


Unknown to many, Rodriguez is the action-hero in the 80’s which is an inspiring figure in the Just Cause games. The fictional hero character is up against The Black Hand which has been described as a powerful private army.


Square Enix’s Just Cause 4 is set in the fictional South American country called Solis. Avalanche Studios is the company that developed Just Cause 4, the same company that created the previous Just Cause game series.


Aside from the gigantic explosions and huge infrastructure, one thing that should excite the player is the game’s option for traversal. This means that playing the game allows you to use the much-heralded wingsuit.


Of course, this is on top of the game’s parachute, helicopters, fighter jets, tanks, boats, and cars —all available from the previous Just Cause game instalments. What you will also be seeing in the Just Cause 4 is the updated weather effects, among others.


Just Cause 4 is slated to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One come December 4th, 2018. Are you excited about the upcoming game? Comments are highly welcome!



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Bandai Namco Announces Code Vein’s Release Date

Avid fans of the popular game Code Vein have something to cheer about. This comes after game developer Bandai Namco has released a new gameplay trailer of the game.


The gaming studio has also announced the release date of Code Vein this fall.  Bandai Namco said the game is slated to release on September 27 for PS4, Xbox One.  On Steam, Code Vein will be rolled out on the following day, September 28, respectively.



It is Hiroshi Yoshimura who directed Bandai Namco’s vampire-action RPG. Yoshimura has previously led several projects and the recent of which is the projects on God Eaters game.



In case you don’t know, the game is set a post-apocalyptic world wherein a hidden society of vampires live in a place called Vein. These vampires are known as the Revenants in the game. If you are player, you need to jump to get the role of a Revenant and fight through dungeons and bosses with an AI companion to gather blood.



And when playing the game, players can increase their character’s strength by collecting the Blood Veils of your enemies.  This would also create new character abilities to defeat the monster’s overpowered attacks.



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Fallout 76: Bethesda’s New Game Features Vault 76

Bethesda Softworks has finally announced that Bethesda Game Studios is working on a new game. The game is called Fallout 76, and the company has released a teaser video for fans to watch while giving them some minor details of the game.


Bethesda’s Fallout 76


A quick check of the video shows the Fallout 76’s Vault 76 imagery. You can also see an in-game character what appears to be wearing a vault jumpsuit. The character is also equipped with a Pip-Boy, and you can also see an old TV footage informing the occupants that they’ll have to rebuild society.


Another detail that you can see in the video is the decorative Reclamation Day. There’s also a gaming console showing the date is 2102, which would make this the earliest game set in the Fallout canon.



According to the game enthusiast, Fallout 76’s Vault 76 came as a surprise because it has not been revealed in the past games. And fans should be showing some excitement as early as now after Bethesda confirmed the game would be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



Game studio Bethesda has earlier teased fans via its Twitter account on May 29, when it published an image that reads “Please stand by.” The company has posted a photo related to Fallout franchises.



Later, fans learned about the new game after Bethesda launched a Twitch livestream. During the live stream, Bethesda has used the same featured image on a TV in the background. The company would release more details on June 10.


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Rumor: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro Leaked Online

A rumor has surfaced this week hinting that a new Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle is possible. The rumor was based on the promotional image that has leaked online. The Spider-Man is this year’s most anticipated game. The popular game will be developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Rumor hints of Spider-Man PS4 Pro


Spider-Man PS4 Pro’s leaked promotional was first spotted on Reddit. A quick check of the promotional image revealed a classy red PS4 Pro that has a character’s iconic logo. However, the leaked promotional image did not give a specific detail about the hard-disk drive for PS4. Avid players claim that Sony would likely to offer a terabyte of data.


In case you don’t know, this is not the first time that Sony offered a tera byte of data. Previous leaked high-profile bundle suggests so, as such as in the case of God of War bundle before Sony’s announcement. Another speculation was floating online hints that the Spider-Man PS4 Pro would be a limited edition.



All these details have yet to be confirmed by Sony. Thus, players should take this with a grain of salt for the time being. And to note, the release of Spider Man is near while Insomniac Games has been really slow in disclosing details about the most anticipated action game of the year.



Details of the Spider Man is expected to be revealed at at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference in June.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Feature Retro-Style Mini Games

Avid fans of the popular Kingdom Hearts III would be experiencing something new in the coming months. This comes after developer Square Enix has revealed that Kingdom Hearts III would feature a mini-games.


Retro-style games coming in Kingdom Hearts 3


Square Enix, in a statement, said that Kingdom Hearts III’s mini-games are inspired by the LCD games in circa 1980s. Aside from the mini-games, fans should also expect the animated shorts of the classic Mickey Mouse.


The game’s new development was unveiled in a new trailer released by the game studio. A quick random view of the trailer shoes the character of Sora using a device to play four several games. These games are the Barnyard Battle, the Karnival Kid, Giantland, and Musical Farmer, respectively.

In case you don’t know, the game’s mini-games feature is likened to the classic Nintendo Game and Watch titles. This is because of the mini-games’ old school aesthetics.


However, fans of the game should wait for the announcement as to how they would access these mini-games. To date, there are four games that Square Enix announced so far. These four mini-games, according to the game studio, could be played in the mobile RPG spin off called the Kingdom Hearts Union X.


Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III is slated to be released later this year on Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Sony’s ‘God of War’ Is Exclusive on PS4, Will Be Out in 2018

Sony’s historic franchise, God of War was unveiled to the public back in 2016 during Sony’s E3 event. Now the God of War would bring the Kratos characters to a brand new setting. This would include other characters that players are excited to play in PS4.


God of War is exclusive on PS4


It can be recalled that Sony actually performed a gameplay demo at E3 in 2016. From these, we have seen Kratos was accompanied by a child named Atreus. Both of them are journeying in a woodland location before they encountered a huge beast. Luckily, both of the defeated the huge beast, but Atreus accidentally placed an arrow on Kratos’ shoulder.



For sure, fans of the God of War are excited about the release of the game this year. What we know so far is that Sony Interactive Entertainment as the publisher of the game hinted of the April 20 release date. This was also confirmed by the game’s developer, Sony Santa Monica, the game studio that developed God of War 1 to 3.



If such information is true, God of War is expected to come in as exclusive for Sony’s PlayStation 4 only. Regarding the game’s price, we don’t have any available information yet. What is clear, however, is that the game will be sold for full price.


Watch the game’s trailer below:



Meanwhile, you might as well check the God of War review by USgamer and Eurogamer, respectively.



“This is how you do a reboot. After Kratos lost his way, Sony Santa Monica has set the God of War on a new path. A more measured, nuanced character, a great supporting cast, an excellent combat system, and some of the best graphics in a PlayStation 4 game to-date, add up to a winner,” according to USgamer. The gaming website gave a review score of 5/5



Eurogamer said: “God of War dresses things up, in other words, but it is ultimately the same deal it always was. As is the way with myths, I guess. As is the way with gods.”

Sony, Insomniac Games: Spider-Man PS4 Collector’s Edition And DLC Announced

Sony has finally confirmed that its Spider-Man game is coming to PS4. Spider-Man’s developer, the Insomniac Games has also announced that other perks would be released. This includes the game’s special editions, pre-order bonuses including the game’s post-release downloadable contents.


While fans are expecting the much-anticipated release of Spider-Man, a Digital Deluxe Edition will also be released. Sony said that the game’s Digital Deluxe edition features a base game and some new chapters. It is expected to be a post-launch DLC under Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps.


Spider-Man PS4 Collector’s Edition And DLC


The game’s DLC has three chapters that contain the game’s new mission, characters, antagonists, and Spider-Man’s suits. If you are a fan, Insomniac Games said it would announce more details of the game’s upcoming DLC later. Regarding the DLC’s price, the Digital Deluxe Edition is pegged at $80 in the United States while prices for other regions have yet to be announced.


Now, if you want to shell out extra cash, the game’s Collector’s edition would be sold for $150. However, the Collector’s Edition would be sold in limited quantity. But it offers the same DLC content. What makes this interesting is that it comes with a steelbook case, a Spider-Man statue and a mini artbook.


“Pay extra special attention to the statue though, and you’ll notice something is obviously missing. We haven’t revealed the entire statue for the Collector’s edition, just Spider-Man perched on top of something. What could that be? It’s too spoilery to show you now, but stay tuned!,” Insomniac Games said as published in PlayStation Blog.



Players in both US and Canada who pre-ordered the game’s Digital Deluxe edition would receive a limited edition of collectable pin by mail. The pin shows Spider-Man in the same pose as on the box art.



Meanwhile, players could also get other pre-order bonuses which include the Spider-Suit Pack, a Spider Drone gadget, five extra skill points, and a PS4 avatar and theme, among others.

PS5 Release Date: Sony’s New Console To Edge Out Nintendo and Xbox?

Rumor has it that Sony is planning to release a new gaming console called PS5. Recent reports claim that Sony’s PS5 will have new features. These features would edge up its rivals such as the Xbox and Nintendo consoles. With this, Sony is set to announce the release date in the coming months.


The company is expected to launch new games this year for its PS4 and PS4 Pro in 2018. While the Sony’s gaming consoles are selling well, other console brands are also competing well in the console market.


It can be recalled that back in 2013, Sony launched both the PS4 and Xbox One. This means that a new gaming console is likely possible. Sources claim that PS5 is expected to be released in 2020 while other reports hinted that Sony would announced the new console’s release date sooner.


Will Sony release PS5?



In fact, a recent report noted that the Sony has already released the PlayStation 5 developer’s kit to third-party developers. If this report is true then fans should expect an announcement from Sony the soonest.


Also, the reported release of the PlayStation devkits could be viewed as a positive confirmation of the planned PS5. Another indication of the planned PS5 is that both Nintendo and software giant Microsoft are looking forward to perform best in the console market. Thus, Sony is on the verge of expanding the success it has for PS4.


Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service might be getting an upgraded service. The company wants to provide AAA games to their avid fans.


This information surfaced in the late 2017 during the Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting. In the said meeting, Sony discussed the company’s future directions and other plans including the upgrade of the PS Plus service.