AT&T has just launched a physical button that allows users to order stuff online with a single click. Called the LTE-M Button, it works in the same principle as the Amazon Dash.

Although powered by Amazon Web Services, the device does not need a WIFI connection to work. This is because it is connected to AT&T’s LTE-M network and targeted to areas with low connectivity.

While the Amazon Dash is targeted to homes and individuals, AT&T designed the LTE-M button for businesses. Companies can program the buttons to best suit their needs. For example, it can be used to place orders supplies from a job site or it can be programmed to order medication for Seniors. Hotel conference rooms, airports and sports venues can also use it for instant customer feedback. The possibilities are basically endless!

The button supports actions through different clicks including single, double and long presses. It has an LED indicator and runs on two lithium AA batteries. The LTE-M Button has a lifetime of three years or 1,500 clicks, whichever comes first.

Companies can also customize the buttons with their own logos and design printed on it.

Currently, AT&T’s latest offering is available in the US at an initial price of $29.99. After 5000 units are sold, the price will be at $34.99.