Latest Online Scams That You Need To Know

Online Scams You Need To Know And Avoid

There are scams online which you need to know about and should avoid.  People have become more intelligent and knowledgeable about technology.  The problem is they use their knowledge to do harm to others.

Just recently, there were reports of routers being infected by a Russian-origin malware.  The latest are online scams.  Here are some of them and hopefully you will be aware of them and avoid them.

PayPal Phishing Scam

Phishers are scammers fishing for personal information about a person.  Information such as bank account numbers, which they can use to make money.  The modus operandi of these phishers is they send you false emails regarding some apps and services you are using and present you with situations where you need to send them money.

PayPal is their latest “victim”.  If you receive an email from PayPal, scrutinize it.  If you see several misspelled words, contact PayPal first before following whatever the email instructs you to do.

Vega Stealer Malware

This new malicious malware appears to be a harmless doc file labelled “brief”.  Once downloaded, the “Vega Stealer” software finds any credit card details, passwords, or otherwise sensitive documents on the device it has infected.This malware targets only a specific group, specifically business owners.

Netflix Phishing Scam

Phishers encourage people to do somethings via email until they reach the point where they are able to get your personal info.    The company advises its subscribers not to enter or log in your personal details.  Ignore the email or better yet, type directly on your web browser.

The Apple Support Scam Call

If you get a call from somebody pretending to be from the Apple Support Team, they are most likely trying to trick you and navigate you to a misleading website landing page.  They would then convince you to buy something expensive, which you do not need.  To avoid this, enable two-factor authentication for your Apple account to make sure you are not hacked.  Or better yet, just hang up the phone when you hear that the caller is fron the Apple Support Team.

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Facebook Surprisingly Losing Steam Among Teens – Here’s Why

And just when you thought that it couldn’t be more popular (or controversial), Facebook according to the Pew Research (Internet and Technology) is losing its foothold in this demographic to Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram. The teens are speaking out and expressing their ambivalence over social media. Some say it makes them feel connected, others say that the “closeness” is superficial and that it encourages isolation, while others fear bullying and the pressure to go with whatever is popular at the moment.

In a prior Pew Research study in 2015, 71% of teens (12-17 years old) were still on Facebook. Today, that has dropped significantly to  51%. But why are American kids abandoning the ship and migrating to Youtube (used by 85% of teens),  Instagram (72%), and Snapchat (69%). Coincidentally, these three more popular platforms are primarily “camera-based” platforms. Facebook is more popular among kids from lower income families: 70% came from those with incomes of $30,000 and lower. Those who patronized Facebook like the fact that it is easier to connect with friends and families from different age groups, find people with the same interests and ferret relevant news. But for those who don’t use Facebook or had reduced their exposure, some claimed that a lot of it had to do with parents “shutting down Facebook”. A disturbing finding is that over a quarter of users find bullying and spreading false rumors rampant on Facebook. One fifth complained that it actually destroyed relationships because of decreased interaction and led to some sort of digital”addiction”.

When asked which social media platform they used the most, only 10% chose Facebook while 35% chose Snapchat followed closely followed by 32% who preferred Youtube. Girls were more loyal to Snapchat while boys gravitated to Youtube more. The slide is so serious that E-Marketer predicts that ” Facebook would lose a further 2.1 million American users under the age of 25 this year”. With 95% of U.S. teens owning smartphones currently, that’s a huge number that can be lost through the cracks – advertising wise since 45% claim to be on the Internet constantly. The Pew Research also revealed 83% of girls play video games while 97% play video games; another reason why the quality and safety of games should be monitored.

“When the 17-year-old turned 13, getting a Facebook account was a rite of passage. Not long after she got the account she realised she didn’t have much use for it.” – Paul Verna (E-marketer analyst)

Personally, although ensuring privacy is now a battle cry at Facebook, the fact that they are playing “matchmaker’ soon is in some weird way, anti-teen and possibly could open a whole new can of worms. Perhaps if Facebook kept it more simple and not push its dendrites into all directions like battling Google on the “apps for business” end, Youtube for video and for pairings then it could focus on what had made it extremely popular in the first place. Some habits die hard and the older demographics are apparently still happy with the appeal of Facebook; but the downside is that tweens may skip Facebook together and flock to Snapchat and Instagram making the user population an aging one.



AT&T Launches Amazon Dash-style Button Called LTE-M

AT&T has partnered with Amazon Web Services to introduce the LTE-M Button.

AT&T has just launched a physical button that allows users to order stuff online with a single click. Called the LTE-M Button, it works in the same principle as the Amazon Dash.

Although powered by Amazon Web Services, the device does not need a WIFI connection to work. This is because it is connected to AT&T’s LTE-M network and targeted to areas with low connectivity.

While the Amazon Dash is targeted to homes and individuals, AT&T designed the LTE-M button for businesses. Companies can program the buttons to best suit their needs. For example, it can be used to place orders supplies from a job site or it can be programmed to order medication for Seniors. Hotel conference rooms, airports and sports venues can also use it for instant customer feedback. The possibilities are basically endless!

The button supports actions through different clicks including single, double and long presses. It has an LED indicator and runs on two lithium AA batteries. The LTE-M Button has a lifetime of three years or 1,500 clicks, whichever comes first.

Companies can also customize the buttons with their own logos and design printed on it.

Currently, AT&T’s latest offering is available in the US at an initial price of $29.99. After 5000 units are sold, the price will be at $34.99.

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How To Use Online Wallets Like GCash, PayMaya, And Coins.Ph

Online Wallets Like GCash,PayMaya, And Coins.Ph And How To Use Them

Here are tips in how to use online wallets like GCash, Pay Maya, and Coins.Ph.  But before we start with how to use these online wallets, let us first get to know them.  What are these online wallets used for.

What Is GCash And How To Apply And Use It

GCash is a fast and secure way to send and receive money.  You can even pay bills and but prepaid credits with your GCash anytime, anywhere.  Simpler than a credit card and safer than cash, this allows easy and secure money transfer.  As to how you can conveniently apply for a GCash Mastercard, you can do it online.  Click GCashMastercard / GCash-Globe for more details.

Here are the steps on hoe you can start using your GCash:

  1. Dial *143# for FREE using your Globe mobile or download the GCash mobile app.

2.  Look for “GCASH”

3.  Click “Register”

4.  Enter the following information to complete your registration:  4-Digit GCASH Pin; Year of birth; Address; First Name; Last Name; Age (optional)

5.  Once done, wait for the confirmation message that will be sent to your Globe phone.  Note:  Registration to GCASH is FREE.

Once done with the initial activation of your GCASH, you can now use it for paying bills, send GCASH to another Globe/TM number, and buy load.  For these transactions, simply dial *143# using your Globe mobile, click “GCASH” and select what transaction you want.  For other transactions like making cash-in/out, cash-in to your own GCASH wallet, and fund transfer, you can visit for a list of partners and

What is PayMaya, How To Register, And Use It

PayMaya is an app that gives you a virtual prepaid card for shopping online, booking flights, and more.  Depending on your mobile network, you either get a virtual Visa or Mastercard.  You can also pay bills, send money, and more.  There is a PayMaya physical card which you can use to pay in establishments that accept debit or credit cards.

To register to PayMaya, you need to get a physical card first.  Just go to and apply for a physical card.  Your order will be delivered straight to your door step for a fee.

To start using PayMaya, here are the steps:

  1. Activate the physical card via SMS.
  2. Download the PayMaya app and register with your name, email and mobile number you used to activate the physical card.
  3. Receive the verification code via SMS
  4. Go to “My Cards” in the app’s main menu
  5. Tap on  the blue PayMaya card
  6. Nominate a 6-digit PIN*  (You may use this for ATM withdrawals)

After doing the steps above, you are now ready to use your PayMaya.  To make payments online, make sure you have loaded up your PayMaya account at their Load-Up partners.  Select the payment method “Debit Card” (Visa).  Enter the card details.  Confirm the payment.

All You Need To Know About Coins.Ph

Coins.Ph is a financial services platform founded in 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson in Metro Manila, Philippines.  Coins is Southeast Asia’s leading mobile blockchain-enabled platform that enables everyone to easily access financial services directly from their phone.

To get started with Coins.Ph, you need to create your account: Go to the Coins.Ph website and click Create an Account; Enter your mobile number or email address, and ptreferred password and click Continue; You will see a verification screen.  Check either your SMS or email messages for a message from with your verification code onto the page, then click the Verify button; And you are in!  Now you can start cashing in, buying load, paying bills, and more.







“Business Opportunities”: Are They Real or Are They Fake?

Business Opportunities

Our world today uses advanced technologies most of the time. Because of this, people prefer to have online jobs or what we call home-based jobs. Others would rather invest in a business opportunity. But how can we spot which “opportunity” is fake or not?

Pluggle,, Secret2Success — these are just a few of what people call Business Opportunity. Hearing the word “business” or being a “businessman/businesswoman” can be good for the ears, right? Some of them are indeed real yet how can a too-good-to-be-true opportunity be real.


6 Ways to Earn in Pluggle

What is Pluggle? It is an advertising site which promotes traffic. People advertising this say that there are 6 ways to earn from it.

I actually was interested with this one before. What caught my attention was the sign up bonus and personal login bonus.

Since I wanted to try it out, I asked a few members of this business. I knew that in order to earn income from this scheme, you have to invest first.

There is a sign up bonus and 12 days login bonus. When put altogether, it is 1/4 more than the amount that you invested. That was okay for me. But here’s the catch: You won’t be able to withdraw your earnings unless you reach a certain amount. That amount is far from the earnings that you will get from your sign up and login bonuses.

The next way to earn more is to invite people and have them invest in this business as well. In our time, people are already hesitant to invest money because of scams. And because if this, you will have a hard time inviting them to invest like you. This means your earnings become stagnant.

Unless you reach the minimum amount required for a payout, you won’t get a single cent from this no matter how long you do this.

*Update: The company changed its name to “Giggle” due to inappropriate legal documents

Surprise, surprise! I also tried this out 😀 is a PPC site or Pay Per Click. This means that you get paid for every ad that you click and watch until the end. It also has Network Marketing wherein you have to invite referrals as well.

This “Opportunity” also asks you to invest if you want to earn more. Of course, you can do this for free (this is what i did) but you will just earn $0.0001 per click. Also, there is a limit of only 10 clicks per day for “Free” users. Just think about how long you’re going to keep on clicking the ads before you can withdraw $10. That’s the minimum required amount to payout.

With so many online schemes spreading across the internet, we must know which ones are worth investing for or not.

Research: Majority of televisions have internet by 2016

Internet TV?

Well, it sound like a pleasant idea and according to a report by NPD InStat, the Internet will be soon connected to our beloved boob tube which will enhance the audiences viewing experience.

The firm forecasts that by 2016, about 100 million television sets in the US and Western Europe will have Internet access with new hybrid TVs set to conquer the digital world.

The TV set for the future will have a combination of technologies so as for viewers to keep on engaged on the screen. Nielsen also predicts that about 60 percent of individuals already have a smartphone, a laptop or tablet and other devices in their hands, their attention is being divided into watching TV and web surfing and texting.

According to NPD InStat, the first wave of Hybrid Broadcast Broadband television sets will hit Europe by 2013 and will soon spread to North America.

In fact, this year’s French Open, French television will use the hybrid technology. Fans will be able to press a button on the remote show interactive menus to display other scores of on-going tennis matches, bios of players and others.

About 12 million households in the US have television connected to the internet. But about 25 million have the ability to do so.

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