Nokia pulls out all the stops in the launch of the Lumia 920

Multiple colors of the Lumia 920 lined upYesterday we saw the launch of the new Windows 8 capable handsets from Nokia. For most people, it feels like just a slight upgrade from the Lumia series, but when there is nothing wrong with the way it looks, it doesn’t need to change completely.

As you may have guessed the higher end of the two devices is the Lumia 920. It will feature all the best that Nokia and Microsoft had in its pipeline. Some may wow you, but some may just feel like another one of those “meh” announcements. Certainly the event could have used a bit more flair, but who are we to judge? Nokia is already on a low budget here, and Microsoft is feeling secure from other manufacturer’s announcements already.

The power to run

Qualcomm must be very rich these days. Their processors are everywhere. Nokia found it fit to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor as the phone’s heart. We know how good these processors are, and it will have plenty of raw power to dish out for the Lumia 920. The 1 GB of RAM is a decent addition, but if it were up to us, they should have gone with 2 GB to give some sort of wow factor.

The power to show

The Lumia 920 gives you a pretty good 4.5 inch window to view your mobile world. Armed with WXGA resolution (1280×768), the view is pretty sharp. The display is protected by reinforced curved glass. It blends pretty well with the build of the device.

The power to capture

We all heard the announcement before that Nokia is strictly going to keep the PureView technology in Symbian for a while. They seemed adamant that they don’t want to include it in Windows 8 yet. Seems like they finally decided that their pockets won’t be lined well enough if they held something back, so they went ahead and added PureView on Nokia’s latest brainchild.

The Lumia 920 has a 41 megapixel resolution capacity thanks to the PureView technology. Thanks to the developments in PureView technology, the camera is able to take in more light than the average mobile camera, providing a better night shot, and a clearer day image. It also incorporates “floating lens” technology, allowing very stable shots to be taken on its camera.

Screen capture was also highlighted to be easier thanks to the lens button.

The power to see

The highlight of the teaser for Microsoft and Nokia’s event involved augmented reality. Nokia Maps, in conjunction with the amazing PureView camera onboard the device powers the Nokia City Lens app. This allows the user to view the world in augmented reality. With the Nokia City Lens app, you can see virtual signboards and information for certain stores in Nokia’s database.

The power of choice

You may not have multiple devices to choose from, but Nokia has you covered with plenty of colors to match the colorful tiles of the Windows 8 operating system. It comes in yellow, red, grey, white and black.

The power of no wires

An interesting addition to the lineup of features is the incorporation of wireless charging into the device. I don’t really see all the fuss with wireless charging, but a lot of people want this on their devices, even going so far as to purchase bulk enhancing accessories just to get that feature.

Nokia did present a rather powerful device right here. The specs and a lot of brand specific features make their device more appealing than others. It now depends on Microsoft and their Windows 8 on how well it will perform in the real world. The expectations are already raised on Windows 8 anyway and Microsoft is aware of it.

With all these features, will you finally switch back to Nokia?

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Nokia releases limited edition Hot Pink Lumia

Smartphone manufacturers have gone to extreme depths just to look for that missing ingredient that would make their device the “IT” thing.

Nokia has tried it with their Nokia PureView smartphone that boasts of a whopping 41MP camera.

Now, the Finnish company is yet again set to shake up their smartphone industry with their current Nokia Lumia Pink device.

The Nokia Lumia Pink device was designed by Duality Cosmetics and will only be available on three occasions.

The Nokia Lumia Pink device is a Lumia 900 smartphone which features a hot pink color. The company claims that this latest Lumia phone has a specialized paint scheme due to the fact that the paint doesn’t only lay on top of the case. Instead, the color comes within the polycarbonate case as well.

Sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 were strong the first few weeks it was released. But the hype ebbed after the strong performance after Nokia announced that the device won’t be receiving the Windows 8 upgrade.

But Nokia is still hopeful that this latest Lumia would sell like pancakes offering exclusivity to its users.

According to Nokia’s marketing director in NNorth America Valerie Buckingham, this new device marks “the next generation of mobility” because smartphones go wherever the user goes and represents the owners style.

Care to own a Nokia Lumia 900 hot pink?

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Nokia ends the Lumia 900 with a cut

Perhaps one of the shortest life cycles in the history of smartphones belong to the highly talked about, then highly ignored Lumia 900. Nokia placed its hopes on their supposed flagship phone for the year, which is an update to the previous Lumia 800. With their stocks falling faster and faster, as new and better smartphones hit the market, they had to act, and act wisely. They did act, but not so wisely.

When Nokia announced that they were finally ready to do away with the Symbian operating system, in favor of a full-powered operating system, many people jumped at the idea of a Nokia Android device. Nokia has made a name for itself in creating lasting phones with amazing design perspectives, and that got people excited. The excitement ends as they learn that they favored a returning player in the Smartphone market: Windows Mobile.

Windows mobile has certainly been around for a while now, and it has been underwhelming. It didn’t pick up as much as iOS or Android did, and is mostly favored by loyalists. Still, the choice was wise at that time, as they sided with the group that still had a lot of potential to grow. It would also allow Nokia to differentiate themselves from all those who jumped Google’s way to get an Android device.

Just a little after the birth and adaptation of the Lumia 900, Nokia was faced with a painful slap. Their flagship device will soon be obsolete. Microsoft betrayed all hopes that the very new Lumia 900 will be receiving the Windows 8 treatment. We recall from a previous article that it will instead just receive an aesthetic update for Windows mobile 7.

Since then, it was obvious that the Lumia 900 was avoided like the plague. People got the idea that the life of all Windows 7 devices will end after the 7.8 update that will arrive once Windows Mobile 8 is here.

In an almost too obvious desperate move, Nokia has slashed the price of the Lumia 900 from $99 to $49 in the AT&T network. This price cut hopefully will spark some interest for consumers. Still, it will not change the fact that the device is not getting the Windows Mobile 8, and that people are now holding off until a suitable phone arrives. With a lock in period of 2 years, many would think twice about being stuck with an obsolete phone.

The Lumia 900 was just released last April this year. Nokia denies any claim of desperation, saying that this is a normal stage in the life cycle of the phone. If the message is analyzed further, you would notice that they actually did say the truth. It is a natural step in the life cycle of any phone to have a massive price cut, but that only happens when the phone is nearing the END of its life. Without even reaching a full quarter, the Lumia 900 was doomed to end. Making it cheaper might get some sales, but it will not be enough to gain popularity.

It is not to say that there won’t be anyone who will bite into this price cut. The economy is suffering, and a low price, yet capable phone like the Lumia 900 still has a place somewhere, even if that is in a cold dark corner.

If having the latest and greatest is of no concern for you, the Lumia 900 is as good as anyone can get at that price. Will you bite into the bait Nokia has laid out before you?

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Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition

European Batman aficionados may soon be getting their hands on the latest ultra-limited edition Batman-branded Nokia Lumia 900 in a few weeks from now.

This matte black Nokia Lumia 900 has a Batman logo that is etched in the polycarbonate frame. This smartphone is eyed to boost the latest The Dark Knight Rises’ popularity.

Phones 4u will be distributing the phones in UK, Germany and France. Unfortunately, no figures have been released as to how many Nokia Lumia 900 Batman editions will be released to the market.

This is Nokia’s second team up with the movie franchise as they also released a Nokia Lumia 800 that was stuck on a Batman costume last December.

Nokia only made 40 devices that feature the Nokia Lumia 800 Batman edition. Techradar reports that they are expecting a higher number of Nokia Lumia 900 that will feature this edition.

The launch of this new limited edition line from Nokia signifies the strong bond between the Finnish phone maker and the movie franchise.

Previous Dark Knight films featured Nokia handsets like the Nokia 5800 that were equipped with sonar which was used in past film. Will we see the Nokia Lumia 900 in The Dark Knight Rises? We shall soon find out.

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Lumia 900: Nokia’s great white hope

Nokia’s latest Lumia, the Lumia 900, has been making waves in the market. Not only does people consider it as one of the best smartphones out there, but even Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, calls it as such at one point.

So what does Nokia’s Lumia 900 have that others don’t?

Well, the Lumia 900, unlike the majority of smartphones in the market, is being run by Windows. This alone is a major difference as its interface is completely different from the popular choices.

The Lumia 900 features a 4.3” AMOLED screen that is made up of Gorilla Glass. The latter can protect your device’s screen from the harshest environments.

It is good to note that the Lumia 900 runs on a single core 1.4 GHz processor. The latter gives the device a smooth feel whenever you slide your finger on the screen. Seeing the tabs react to the action of your finger would surely place you in a trance.

The device doesn’t have a slot for external memory chips. What it has is a 16GB internal memory. What’s also good is that it has SkyDrive. The latter is their own cloud service that you can use to access your files remotely from images, videos and others.

Nokia hopes that this smartphone can change the market and let them relive the good old days. The Nokia Lumia 900 surely can.

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Rendered photo of Nokia Lumia 900 leaked?

Could this be the rumoured latest Windows phone from the Finnish giant phone maker?

This juicy tidbit was sent anonymously to’s mailbox adding fuel to the rumour that Nokia is gearing up to release its top-end Windows phone. These rumors first circulated in October when the company first released the 710 and 800 in October.

At first glace, the image looks very similar to the Lumia 800. However, subtle differences point out that this could be a different device, with its capacitive buttons lower-set and wider apart as compared to its brother. It can be noted that the body kind-of looks like the the N8’s anodized body, not polycarbonate as what the 800 sports.


The Lumia 900 is said to carry a 4.3” ClearBlack AMOLED touchscreen, an 8MP rear camera and 16 GB or 32 GB of storage. It is also rumoured to have HSPA+ data speeds, and a 1.4 GHz single-core processor.

This latest instalment from the Finnish phone maker (if it there is indeed) is said to be available in the market in the first quarter of next year on AT&T.

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