Nokia releases limited edition Hot Pink Lumia


Smartphone manufacturers have gone to extreme depths just to look for that missing ingredient that would make their device the “IT” thing.

Nokia has tried it with their Nokia PureView smartphone that boasts of a whopping 41MP camera.

Now, the Finnish company is yet again set to shake up their smartphone industry with their current Nokia Lumia Pink device.

The Nokia Lumia Pink device was designed by Duality Cosmetics and will only be available on three occasions.

The Nokia Lumia Pink device is a Lumia 900 smartphone which features a hot pink color. The company claims that this latest Lumia phone has a specialized paint scheme due to the fact that the paint doesn’t only lay on top of the case. Instead, the color comes within the polycarbonate case as well.

Sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 were strong the first few weeks it was released. But the hype ebbed after the strong performance after Nokia announced that the device won’t be receiving the Windows 8 upgrade.

But Nokia is still hopeful that this latest Lumia would sell like pancakes offering exclusivity to its users.

According to Nokia’s marketing director in NNorth America Valerie Buckingham, this new device marks “the next generation of mobility” because smartphones go wherever the user goes and represents the owners style.

Care to own a Nokia Lumia 900 hot pink?

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