iPhone Battery Problems And How To Fix Them

Fixing your iPhone Battery

iPhone users may encounter several battery problems just like any other smartphone users. But as it goes, every problem has a solution.

In this case, here are some tips on how you can fix your iPhone’s battery problem:

1) Battery dies quickly. This is when your phones battery drains fast causing the phone to shutdown. To fix it, start by going to your phone’s battery settings. Under battery usage you can see what eats up your battery the most. Tap the clock icon for more details. Delete programs you do not need. On the ones you decide to keep, cut down background activity by turning off background updating. Turn it off for specific apps or for all of them. If background location is the culprit, check the location services under privacy. Choose the specific app settings or shut it off completely.

2) Sudden shutdown. The cause of this problem is hard to pinpoint. But you can try several fixes: a) you can install a software update if one is available; b) restore from a previous backup; c) you can perform a factory reset if no backup is available; d) if all else fails, go to a genius bar to see if there’s a hardware problem.

3) Battery gets hot while charging. If this problem occurs if you are charging your iPhone, check your charger. You are probably using a cheap, off-brand charger. So make sure that the charger you are using when charging your iPhone is not an imitation. If you should really use a different charger on your iPhone, make sure that it is a product certified by Apple. Use only third party accessories certified by Apple. The company also provides its product users tips on how to identify counterfeit parts.

These are the most common problems that iPhone users encounter with their phone’s battery.

Hopefully it will help them with their troubleshooting when it comes to iPhone battery problems. But if you have doubts in troubleshooting your phone’s battery problem, play safe. Have an expert deal with your problem and let them fix it.

Apple Stores were Slammed Because of $29 Battery Replacement Offer

This weekend, Apple retail stores were in chaos due to the release of their $29 battery replacement offer to consumers. For years, Apple customers wondered why their old iPhone model became mysteriously slower. They think that it’s part of the marketing strategy of Apple so that you will have to buy a newer model for faster speed performance.

A well-known developer of iPhone pointed out that the problem is not about releasing a newer model for them to gain more profit and people who will line up just to upgrade and replace their old model iPhone, but it is more likely the aging of the battery itself.

Do you experience a slowdown of performance on your Apple iPhone over the time? Here’s why:

Older batteries can’t always deliver enough power for a phone’s processor when it’s running at peak usage, a scenario that may lead to your phone to shut down. Who would want their phone to just turn off while doing something important in it? No one, right? Rather, the Apple’s solution to this is that, they have to slow down the processor’s speed when batteries get too old.

So Apple offered the consumers a very affordable and budget-friendly battery replacement for only $29 from the usual $79. Still, users are upset and some consulted to lawmakers and several law firms regarding this issue.

At some stores, waiting to see an available technician, or what the Apple calls a “Genius” can take hours. And some exited the store without any change on their phone because of the lack of batteries available.

“I feel bad for the people that actually need batteries and have to wait because people think that Apple is having a ‘sale’ on batteries,” a staff said.

Some have to wait for weeks for them to avail the batteries because Apple have to pre-order it.

This offer only stand for a once-per-iPhone deal. If you wish to replace your battery on the same iPhone, then you have to pay the original price $79.

This clearly proves that even a huge, successful gadgets company will have its downward in regards to the products they produce. Well, nobody’s perfect, right?

Apple probably hates battery replacements

What is it with Apple and their choice of batteries lately? They just love making it very hard to replace them, and make it almost as expensive, as the device itself. This goes for the iPhone, the iPad and the new Macbook Pro.

People complained a couple of years ago, when Apple launched their iPhones. It was an era when people used phones that had a replaceable battery. There were so many great uses for replaceable batteries back then. You can purchase spare ones that you can charge and bring along during long trips, such as hiking or camping. You can easily replace the battery at low costs and even use batteries from different manufacturers. One can even expand the battery by purchasing a battery of higher capacity for use with their phones.

In the advent of Apple ‘s own iPhone, and the rise of Android and other smartphones in the world, there was one problem that arose. Due to the increased energy consumption of these smartphones, the phones of today do not last nearly as long as the old phones. That increased the need for some people to either always carry chargers, or carry extra battery packs, even on just a single day. Apple fans would definitely be stuck with only the first option, because one, removing that battery is a void on their warranty, and two, the replacements often come too expensive.

That is also the case with the new slimmer Macbook Pro that Apple has touted recently. These Macbook Pro look so much like Macbook Airs that you might think that these Macbooks are the same. When  iFixit, a specialized website for creating repair guides for Macs, tried to disassemble and see just how the whole thing is built, they found very little use for the handy screwdrivers. They had to wade through more parts, which were glued together, making it nearly impossible to fix or replace parts. This especially goes for the battery, which is reportedly at least 54% more expensive than the previous Macbook Pro. You have to dish out nearly $200 for one.

The Macbook Pro is now not effectively upgradable. It would cost too much to unglue and re-glue these parts. People have been asking for thinner and lighter devices, and this is Apple’s answer. The Macbook Pro users are now wondering if it can even be called a Macbook Pro, because it now follows nearly the whole design pattern of the Macbook Air. Since these batteries are also glued in, you might just want to replace the whole thing when it dies. In fact, that is what Apple would want. A steady stream of new hardware being pushed out, just because it can no longer replace these batteries effectively both in cost and in effort.

Are you happy with this new trend of keeping the battery glued in to your device, forcing you to stick to what comes with the package? Or would you rather have the power of choice to upgrade or even simply have extra battery packs to make these devices last just a little bit longer in the unplugged world? We know Apple listens to its customers, so make sure you provide the right words!

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