Apple Stores were Slammed Because of $29 Battery Replacement Offer


This weekend, Apple retail stores were in chaos due to the release of their $29 battery replacement offer to consumers. For years, Apple customers wondered why their old iPhone model became mysteriously slower. They think that it’s part of the marketing strategy of Apple so that you will have to buy a newer model for faster speed performance.

A well-known developer of iPhone pointed out that the problem is not about releasing a newer model for them to gain more profit and people who will line up just to upgrade and replace their old model iPhone, but it is more likely the aging of the battery itself.

Do you experience a slowdown of performance on your Apple iPhone over the time? Here’s why:

Older batteries can’t always deliver enough power for a phone’s processor when it’s running at peak usage, a scenario that may lead to your phone to shut down. Who would want their phone to just turn off while doing something important in it? No one, right? Rather, the Apple’s solution to this is that, they have to slow down the processor’s speed when batteries get too old.

So Apple offered the consumers a very affordable and budget-friendly battery replacement for only $29 from the usual $79. Still, users are upset and some consulted to lawmakers and several law firms regarding this issue.

At some stores, waiting to see an available technician, or what the Apple calls a “Genius” can take hours. And some exited the store without any change on their phone because of the lack of batteries available.

“I feel bad for the people that actually need batteries and have to wait because people think that Apple is having a ‘sale’ on batteries,” a staff said.

Some have to wait for weeks for them to avail the batteries because Apple have to pre-order it.

This offer only stand for a once-per-iPhone deal. If you wish to replace your battery on the same iPhone, then you have to pay the original price $79.

This clearly proves that even a huge, successful gadgets company will have its downward in regards to the products they produce. Well, nobody’s perfect, right?