#97 Fortnite Update Drops In Reboot Vans

Well will you look at that, with the respawn system so popular in Apex Legends it looks like Fortnite is taking a stab at it as well because why not? Does this feel like a stolen feature or a helpful addition to the battle royale genre?

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Apple iPad and 2018 iPad Pro: Here’s The Rumored Specs, Price, Release date

Cupertino-based Apple Inc. will be holding a party next week. To be exact, the tech giant’s spring event is slated on March 27.  News about Apple’s event has been circulated to the media since last week.



“Join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students,” Apple said, suggesting that its focus now is on education. But there’s more to that, Apple may seem to disclose details of its new product,  a new iPads, for instance.



Apple to release new iPad product lines?



Although Apple has yet to issue a comment on the rumored new iPads. The iPad lineup obviously got a major makeover since last year. For instance, in 2017 Apple’s iPad Air 2 was replaced  with the current 9.7 inch iPad. In case you don’t know, the company has also discontinued the production of iPad Mini 2.




The recent of which is Apple’s 10.5 inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros. This leaves the iPad Mini 4 isolated as it received only a minor upgrade. Fast forward this year, a rumor has circulated that Apple’s new iPad would feature Face ID.



Also, we might expect as well that Apple would announced a new version of  $329 iPad or the Mini. But all these remain speculations, unless Apple would confirm that a new iPad product launch is likely.



Meanwhile, Apple’s event would be held at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago on March 27. The company’s invitation is devoid of any hint that it would launch new iPads or any Apple products.



If Apple won’t reveal anything on March 27 then the perfect venue would be this year’s WWDC which is slated to commence on June 4 at San Jose.

iPad mini leaked photos show black and white tablets


Are we getting closer to seeing a new Apple iPad being unleashed by Apple?

Images of a supposed new Apple iPad mini surfaced last Tuesday showing a 7-inch tablet and a few of its components.

Leaked by UkrainianiPhone, the photo was reportedly taken inside a factory in China by someone who has access inside it.

The images showed two iPad mini variants, a white tablet and a black one. The report also added that it features WiFi connectivity and supports 3G technology. It also has a nano SIM tray and a dock for Apple’s latest Lighting drive.

Some sources have also said that a Foxconn factory in South America is also producing this new iPad mini.

According to Macotakara, a factory in Brazil will be or is producing Apple’s latest tablet.

If these speculations are true, then these two production sites could be due to the overwhelming orders that Apple got for their latest iPhone. The iPhone 5 has been flying off the shelves even as pre-order deliveries have not yet started.

With another site producing the new iPad mini, this could ease the congestion that iPhone 5 orders have made.

For the time being, it is ruoured that Apple is presenting iPad mini in 2 weeks. Let’s wait and see!

Image Source: gizmodo.com.au


Apple set to unveil iPad Mini this October?

According to reports, Apple will finally release their latest iPad iteration not on September 12, but in October.

AllThingsD said that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on September 12 and will be announcing the iPad Mini in October.

The website has an excellent track record when it comes to these types of rumors and has been dead on with their speculations.

According to the AllThingsD article, “Only after the next generation iPhone is out the door and on sale will Apple announce the smaller iPad it’s been working on.”

“That device, which is expected to have a display of less than eight inches, will be uncrated at a second special event, which sources said is currently scheduled for October,” they added.

The smaller iPad Mini and the upcoming iPhone 5 have been the subject of rumors in recent weeks.

The deceased founder of Apple Steve Jobswanted a smaller iteration for their tablet to be directly rival their competitors tablets, namely the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7.

The decision to announce iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on different dates shall allow Apple the control of news and tech headlines at during the final months of the year leading to the Holidays.

Are you anticipating for iPad Mini?

Image Source: intomobile.com

iPad Mini to be released before 2012 ends?

The rumor that an iPad Mini is coming soon has been spreading like wildfire in cyberspace may have a little truth after all.

The speculated iPad Mini, which individuals say is a game changer, could be coming out before the year ends.

According to reports coming from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, the much anticipated iPad device is coming this year.

Bloomberg says that a source, which remains unnamed, that the next iPad device sports a ‘7 to 8 inch screen diagonally and will be released before the clock 2012 closes.

Analysts have said that the impending release of the iPad Mini could be Apple’s answer to the influx of tablets coming out from other platforms this year. Namely: the Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface and the ever popular Amazon Kindle Fire.

Wall Street Journal on the other hand says that an Asian supplier of Apple is prepping up to produce the smaller version of the iPad.

Wall Street Journal says that a trusted source have said that production will start this September.

This tablet could be pegged cheaper than the previous iteration’s of the device. This could be Apple’s venture to the mass market and not the mid-high class segment.

You ready for the iPad Mini revolution?

Image Source: trustedreviews.com

iPad Mini set to battle the 7-inch space?

 A short while after the official birth of the Google Nexus 7, people on Apple’s side have increased the rumors spreading around that Apple is going to take on the Android 7-inch Tablets, by releasing its own iPad Mini. The iPad Mini will apparently be released sometime this year with a 7-inch or 8-inch screen, designed to combat the increasing popularity of smaller e-books that are contesting the might of Apple in the tablet space.

We’ve heard about the iPad Mini for a while now. The rumors started ever since the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle Fire became apparent. It would seem very foolish at the time, but many people insist that it is true, and that it will come soon. It looks as though the recent rumors will prove them right, as insiders from Apple’s manufacturers are confirming the production of what we know as the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is speculated to have been developed in case the 7-inch market would explode into its own niche. That is happening right now, seeing that Amazon and Google are at each other’s necks with the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. There are other tablets with the same 7-inch form factor, and it is very apparent that people are into it. People are buying these smaller and cheaper tablets.

Some would speculate that the iPad Mini would eventually be carved into a $199 price point, but we all know how much Apple likes to maintain a 30% or more margins on their products. It is more likely that we will see a $299 iPad Mini, and Apple will likely market it as a “Premium” 7-inch tablet. It will directly combat the Kindle Fire and the new Nexus 7. What the specs will be is anyone’s guess. It could take a very similar approach to the iPad 2’s tech or they can push iPad 3 specs into a smaller device.  We all know that Apple is likely to keep mum about it until the actual release date.

If all of these rumors and speculations are true, then Apple must be feeling the burn that Android is making in their pockets. In this battle, it is all about market share. Apple cannot afford to lose its dominance in the Tablet market and they certainly won’t want to miss out on the chance to dominate a different size niche. Apple products sell. That is a proven fact. People anticipate that this will be another Apple success.

What about you? Will you get a 7-inch iPad if given the chance?

Image sources: gotgame.com, androidauthority.com, cnet.com, google.com

iPad 3 updates and iPad Mini

Since a lot are dying to know more about what the next big thing for Apple, and in this case, the iPad 3, PCWorld has compiled all rumours and speculations so far on this illusive tablet.

One of the most interesting features that the iPad 3 is said to be boasting about is the “Retina Display” which will improve the current resolution to 2024-by-1536. Richard Shim, a DisplaySearch analyst informs CNet that production for this has begun.

As to under its hood, speculations say that this latest tablet from the Cupertino-based company will be sporting a new chip, and will probably be dubbed as the A6. Rumors on whether this new processor will be dual-core or a quad-core are still  inconclusive.

Rumors on the iPad 3’s appearance are leaning towards a thicker body said to accommodate the Retina display. Reports also say that the new tablet will have a smaller dock connector.

With the Kindle Fire’s unbelievable rise to popularity, talks on Apple releasing an “iPad mini” are also circulating the web. DisplaySearch’s Shim has said that the company has an eye on entering the 7-inch display arena, specifically the 7.85-inch screen, to compete with more affordable tablets like the Kindle. Release on this smaller version of the popular iPad is scheduled in the later part of 2012, reports say.

Can’t wait for iPad 3? Predictions on the market release of Apple’s newest eye candy vary. Richard Garner of Citi says it is slated to be launched in February while DigiTimes sets the date a month later. Linley Gwennap meanwhile says that the release will probably be on the 2nd half of 2012 due to the new processor.

Image Credit: ipad3now.com

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