Click Frenzy Australia – 53 Hours of Awesome Tech Deals and More

Click Frenzy has been a part of the shopaholics’ grapevine when it comes to the best deals and offers throughout the year. The 50+ hour online event gives participants a chance to fill their carts and empty their wallets on items ranging from Tech to fashion inspirations. Rather than scouring the internet for the best sales, Click Frenzy brings all these awesome deals under one roof. You can get offers from your favourite brands from high-end to budget brands including Phonebot in Australia who recorded a massive percent increase in sales during the Click Frenzy promotional sales event last year, so we expect 20 to 30 percent off this year too including iPhone, Apple or Samsung watches, Airpods and many more, when the day comes.

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Click Frenzy started in 2012 as inspired by the numerous mega sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday which were popular in the US. The founder and CEO, Grant Arnott, figured it would be great to have a similar mega shopping event in Australia and so Click Frenzy was launched. Its been over 4 mega sales per year from the first November 2012 event. Today, Click Frenzy hosts more than 500 brands and retailers spanning tech, fashion, travel, Home & Décor, electronics and entertainment systems. Participants in the mega sales are usually treated to an abundance of deals and exclusive bargains on products for 50+ hours after the sale goes live.

How to get in

To participate, shoppers have to sign up for free to become members of the Click Frenzy family. As a member, you get exclusive deals and benefits unavailable elsewhere. Members even get 30 minutes early access deals to begin their shopping frenzy 30 minutes before the rest begin shopping. Click Frenzy is known for wild, unbelievable bargains, epic promotions and unmatched discounts from local Aussie brands and international brands as well.

Click Frenzy has also been involved with other charity events and partnerships outside the retail sphere. They have partnered with organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Good 360 to help raise funds for research and support of ongoing programs. Through their charitable initiative and campaigns, the Click Frenzy community has supported those in need nationwide. Some of the events include the Click Frenzy sports and virtual canteen, Click Frenzy Places in Need to help areas affected by Australian bushfires, $1000 gift cards to small businesses affected by bushfires and COVID-19.

When and where

As a popular shopping online event, Click Frenzy is as intense as it is exciting. The next event in the lineup, Click Frenzy The Main Event, comes on the second Tuesday of November after the Melbourne cup. The Sale That Stops a Nation will be live from 7 pm AEDT and shoppers are in for a treat. 1000s of deals from national and global brands will graze the first major online event for 50+ hours. The Main Event will jumpstart holiday shopping with deals on everything from wearables and personal shavers to Laptops and lawnmowers.

Shoppers can catch a piece from the action from anywhere within or outside Australia. As Australia’s very own version of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Click Frenzy is home to irresistible deals so there’s no limit to how big you can go on spending. To join the sale, a pop up will indicate the sale is live and participants can now join. Click Frenzy will also send email notifications on deals as they go live. To ensure you get the pop up for the start of the sale, you have to turn off your adblocker and monitor emails if you’ve already signed up.

Going live

It’s easy to get caught up in the storm of deals and bargains, to ensure you make the most of your shopping spend, make a list of what you want to get. With a list, you can monitor Click Frenzy for the latest deals and check out the list of which brands will be participating. Once the product you want has been added to the list of special offers, you can add it to your cart and purchase it.

Several international brands have been part of the Click Frenzy retail bonanza for years now. Depending on the event lineup, you can get exclusive deals on tech, fitness and wearables or even the whole catalogue depending on the time of the sale expect to see deals from brands like Nike, Sketchers, Timberland, Dyson, Acer, HP and even Mac and Camilla. This year, we have had four Click Frenzy events starting with Click Frenzy Showcase Valentine’s Day that ran from 3-14 February and brought deals for valentine shopping, Click Frenzy Travel for all your travelling equipment needs, for 20th April, Click Frenzy mayhem that ran on 18th May, and now the Mega sale of the year “Click Frenzy the Main Event” that will happen on 9th November and showcase the Cyber weekend.

One thing about Click Frenzy, you can score no one or two but several bargains of a lifetime. The 50+ hour events from Click Frenzy are ways for brands to up the ante and give customers unbelievable deals. As a participant and shopper, you can’t afford to miss out on the deals.

#49 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

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Blizzard is selling a Lego Bastion model right now

With the power of Lego and Blizzard Entertainment combined, some hot new Overwatch merchandise is upon us. Blizzard is now selling the Lego Omnic Bastion set, which has 182 pieces. Lego Omnic Bastion is $25, and you can order it now through Blizzard’s online store. If you are attending the upcoming BlizzCon fan gathering, you’ll also have the option to purchase it at that time as well. BlizzCon begins November 2 and runs through November 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Sony Is Finally Allowing PSN ID Changes, But There’s A Catch

Sony is finally giving in to the PlayStation community on a long-held request by throngs of gamers who made a big mistake when they first chose their PlayStation Network IDs: Soon, gamers will be able to change their PSN IDs for the very first time. Once it’s rolled out to all PS4 users next year, gamers will be able to change their PSN ID as many times as they’d like. Here’s where the catch comes into play, however. The first time is free but after that you’ll need to pony up $9.99 for each subsequent change or $4.99 for PS+ subscribers.

PC market flat, as Surface becomes a top-5 computer brand in the US

Microsoft was the fifth-biggest PC maker in the US in the third quarter of this year, according to industry advisory firm Gartner. The top spot in the US belongs to HP, with about 4.5 million machines sold, ahead of Dell at 3.8 million, Lenovo at 2.3 million, and Apple at 2 million. The gap between fourth and fifth is pretty big—Microsoft sold only 0.6 million Surface devices last quarter—but it suggests that Microsoft’s PC division is heading in the right direction, with sales 1.9 percent higher than the same quarter last year. The company pushed down to sixth place was Acer.

Razer Built the Phone Gamers Deserve (It Has RGB Lights)

The first time you test something, you check out its design, you try all the new features, but even after an hour or more, the device still doesn’t feel as familiar as something you own and use every day. And yet, the first time I sat down and played a round of PUBG Mobile using the Razer Phone 2, I finished with a chicken dinner. Was it me or was it the phone? I’m still not sure, but here’s how Razer’s gaming phone has evolved for its second tour.

Pokémon Go nerf doesn’t look good for ol’ Blissey

Competitive Pokémon Go players are anticipating a major, upcoming upheaval in the battle scene, thanks to Niantic’s announcement that it intends to rebalance the game. The developer has already hinted at what kinds of changes it plans to make — and it sounds like they’re aimed at kicking the best gym defenders out of their top spots.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Release Date, Pre-load, Blackout, Zombies, And Everything We Know

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 continues the franchise’s history of explosive multiplayer, first-person shooter combat. Old mechanics and features return, such as the fan favorite Zombie mode, but the game implements several changes to the Black Ops formula. We’ve compiled everything we know about Black Ops 4 so far, and will continue to update this post as we discover more about the game.


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HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer: Beautifully Useful Disruptive Technology

Rewind to the year 2013 when McKinsey Global published its paper on 12 transformative technologies that will impact “business, life and the global economy”. Viewed five years later, the report is affirmed with startling accuracy since advances in mobile Internet, AI, IoT, Cloud, Robotics, Autonomous Driving, Next Generation Genomics, Renewable Energy, and 3D Printing is indeed changing life as we knew it to something digital, connected, convenient and thoroughly functional.

When HP entered the printing industry, Canon and Epson were the top performers and HP printers were considered to be less innovative than the top performers. However, that changed since 2014 with HP’s focus on 3D printing. HP now leads the pack and in fact, according to Forbes contributor, Patrick Moorhead HP’s printing division “represents 35% of HP’s revenue and 70% of its profit”.  Whether in black and white or colored, the NEW HP Jet Fusion 500/300 Series 3D Printers makes prototyping and production fast and accurate. There is a model suitable for your needs, the complexity of operations and size of the enterprise. In its infancy, consumers could only imagine applications to be in interior decor, jewelry, fashion, and tech. Currently, 3D printing is used not just to economically produce prototypes and hasten the design cycle because it allows you to “create, test, and iterate in just hours”. HP 3D printers can now produce intricate thermoplastic parts with accuracy – even for sensitive medical gadgets.

3D printing could have meaningful impact on certain consumer product categories, including toys, accessories, jewelry, footwear, ceramics, and simple apparel.” They predicted that “global sales of products in these categories could grow to $4 trillion a year (at retail prices) by 2025.”— HP report

What HP did to transform the industry and gain market leadership was take 3D printers from prototyping to mainstream 3D printing scalable to your demands. This was barely two years ago but already, the demand for production-grade parts is expected to grow logarithmically, as predicted by Mckinsey. Already, it can produce polymer parts traditionally made of metal at only 20% of the cost and has been mainstreamed into the production industry. Clearly, printing has moved from crafty consumer goods to the production of a record 3 Million Multi Fusion parts last year that included:

  • medical gadgets
  • prosthetics
  • orthopedics
  • helmets
  • cameras
  • car parts and others.

The success of the]itechnology is a fusion of design, materials, and software. It has proven so successful that HP itself re-designed the manufacturing of its products around this technology with about 50% of parts created using the 3D printer. It has also impressed end-users who comprise 50% of its market with its precision and strength. Already, HP has moved from producing the printer to manufacturing the end-user products, all on account of impressive customer satisfaction and burgeoning demands.

According to the HP site, the top-of-the-line HP Jet Fusion 3D 4210 Printing Solution can produce “engineering-grade parts at up to 65% lower cost and up to 10 times faster” for up to 1000 parts per week. The mid-range  HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 Printing Solution is good for up to 699 parts per week at half the cost and ten times the speed. The newest model,  HP Jet Fusion 500/300 Series 3D Printers is perfect for “product development teams, design teams, and universities”. The next question is whether it could be affordable for you and me; definitely crossing my fingers for that eventuality!



HP Unveils Envy, The All-In-One PC With Built-In Alexa

HP’s Envy Curved desktop will come with Amazon’s Alexa voice-command technology built in.

I think it’s time to admit that smart assistants are here to stay. Alexa, Amazon’s creation, is definitely one that would become a staple in a lot of homes. And now, HP just unveiled a desktop PC with Amazon Alexa preinstalled.

Users can use this to call up the assistant and see any information to be displayed. Updates and info like weather forecasts or the album art of any music are such examples. Do take note that there is no mute button on the HP. Which means, there is no quick way to turn the assistant on and off other than going to the app.

Part of the Envy portfolio, the Envy Curved AiO 34 is an an all-in-one computer that features with a 34-inch curved screen. It is built with the new HP Command Centre which allows users to optimise the system performance and control the fan noise. Users can also control its temperature with CoolSense technology.

Other features that make this PC premium include embedded Bang and Olufsen speakers and dark ash wood grain finish.

As to the specs, it comes with an option to add the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 discrete graphics. It comes with a built-in charger on its base an a pop up camera for added privacy.

The AiO 34 will be available later this year. No word yet as to how much this premium PC will cost but expect it to be at the high $1000 mark.

Other products included in the Envy portfolio are the Envy 13 laptop, Envy x360 13, Envy x360 15, Envy Desktop and Envy 17 Laptop.

HP Z 3D Camera and Camera 3D App: Best in Innovation at CES 2018

The HP Z 3D Camera with Camera 3D, the breakthrough 3D scanning software for the HP Sprout Pro G2, capable of capturing 3D images for Web VR, AR/VR, Office Powerpoint 3D, and Adobe Project Felix won the CES 2018 Innovation Award in the SOFTWARE AND MOBILE APPS category. To be “best in innovation” in this category tell a lot because of the many worthy contenders. It can easily capture 3D images but on top of that adds geometry and texture to the digitized file making it very realistic. The software allows for precise control and the image generated preserves the richness and attributes with fidelity. Just imagine how many hours of working dedicatedly on Maya, AutoCAD or any 3D software can be saved when you can work with the captured 3D images. And yes, it can scan 2D images and capture live video as well.

This scanner/camera has interesting applications for developers, computer graphic artists, and designers. Just imagine, these objects can be created in a snap – without the hassle of recreating them node by node in some complicated 3D program. It makes working with virtual reality workflows easier (especially on modeling)and faster but requires a minimum of Intel Core i7-4709S, 16 GB RAM, 1.8 GB storage, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics processor, and NVIDIA GPU running on Windows 10. Definitely not for amateurs since these specs are found on high-end professional and gaming PCs.

Reinvent creative workflows and spark spontaneous collaboration with the HP Z 3D Camera, which adds down-facing 3D object, 2D document, and live video capture to your display. — HP WEBSITE

How It Works

The HP Z 3D Camera (14.2 megapixels) is an accessory so it can be used on many computers where it can scan with “computer-graphics-friendly resolutions.

The design is minimalist and has actually no desktop footprint since it attaches to the back of the computer. The user rotates the images by hand under the camera to capture, life-like 3D  digital images using SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) technology. Texture maps can be maintained separately making it the perfect tool for creating AR or VR content.

Create life-like digital images by rotating an object in your hands or positioning under the camera. Integrated 3D SLAM tracking and technology constructs the 3D model in real time. — HP Website

Since the camera can be shared among many machines, the workflow becomes more collaborative and efficient among many creators using software like Powerpoint 3D, Paint 3D, Autodesk Programs, Adobe Dimension, Z Brush, Substance Painter, and Mixed Reality Viewer.  According to HP, it “maintains separate diffuse color, displacement, and normal maps that are ready for rendering and VR applications” making it an extremely important tool for creative professionals who want to bring 3D into their pipeline with ease.


Author’s notes: Video and Images from HP. Targeted for release in the U.S.A. and starts at  $599. Display not included.





HP Claims 500 Laptop Models Have Keylogger Bug

Keylogger installed in HP laptops raised a security concerned among HP users. The news comes from a report of security researcher that HP laptops contained a malicious bug. The malicious bug was identified to be a dormant keylogger.


Keylogger is a malicious program that can record or track all your activities using a computer. The deactivated keylogger in HP laptops poses a threat to thousands of its users. This means that a hacker can actually spy on them.


Aside from spying, hackers can steal their personal and confidential information. In short, keylogger is a nasty program that poses security threat to everyone.


Meanwhile, security experts claim that this dormant keylogger was found in nearly 500 HP laptop models. The presence of bug in these laptops has caused some level of inconveniences to HP users. Upon learning the situation, HP has issued a list that contains laptop models installed with deactivated the malicious bug.

In addition, HP also released a software update that fixes the bug in these HP models. The keylogger was found to be attached in the Synaptics software. What’s HP users should be thankful is that the nasty program is deactivated.  This means that a hacker must trigger the activation of the dormant malicious bug via administrative rights.


HP further said that the malicious bug can also affect almost of the Synaptics OEM partners. This means that all laptop brands that utilizes Synaptics might be affected as well.


“HP was advised of an issue that exists with Synaptics’ touchpad drivers that impacts all Synaptics OEM partners. HP uses Synaptics’ touchpads in some of its mobile PCs and has worked with Synaptics to provide fixes to their error for impacted HP systems, available in the security bulletin on HP has no access to customer data as a result of this issue,” HP said in its statement.

HP releases 4 cool and new desktop computers

We love gadgets that can be brought anywhere. Laptops, tablets and even smartphones have been selling like pancakes ever since they were introduced in the limelight a few years back.

The desktop computer has taken the backseat and has since seen a decrease in their sales. Though it is clearly still one of the most used in some areas of the society, a part of them have shied away from this gargantuan device (compared to your tablet and laptops of course).

But tech developer HP isn’t moving away from their desktop business. In fact, HP has released four new all-in-one computers that will run on Windows 8 and this includes their much anticipated SpectreOne.

The SpectreOne has a slim profile boasting only of 11.5mm and at the same time, it has NFC capabilities. The latter enables them to transfer data from a mobile device and sync them to different accounts in a breeze.

The SpectreOne will also feature the Beats Audio Technology and an HD front-facing webcam that can be controlled remotely.

The SpectreOne will run on Windows 8 and will be shipped with a touch-sensitive pad.

HP will also release their Envy 20 and Envy 23 Touchsmart Touchscreen PCs and the 20 inch Pavilion 20.

DWould you consider buying SpectreOne by HP then?

Image Source:

Windows 8 Intel Clover Trail SoC powered tablets coming to market

A number of tablet manufacturers are set to unveil their own Windows 8 tablets that will use Intel’s latest system-on-a-chip.

Both Hewlett-Packard and Acer are currently on the drawing table working on designs for their latest tablet according to CNET. The report also adds that Lenovo is also trying to develop a tablet which is going to use Intel’s Clover Trail SoC.

These tablets that will run on Windows 8 and Intel’s Clover Trail SoC are different from those that run on Windows RT tablets because the latter does not offer backward-compatibility with Windows software programs. The former has the ability to do just that.

According to Intel CEO Paul Otellini, “We are… tracking more than 20 Windows 8 tablet designs based on our low-power and low-cost Clover Trail Atom SoC in addition to a number of core-based tablets.”

If this is the case, then the tablet market looks crowded when these companies release their own versions of Windows 8 tablets that run on Intel’s new technology.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 will have a 10.1 inch screen with a 1,366 x 768 screen resolution. It also features a n HSPA+ broadband option and only weighs 1.4 pounds.

Image Source:

Google, Apple and others agree to app privacy standards

Companies are now starting to place emphasis on users’ privacy which comes as a big boost to those who frequently use apps or the Internet.

According to a press release released by the California Department of Justice, an agreement has been reached amongst industry leaders to strengthen user-privacy and transparency policies for mobile applications.

Companies that signed the agreement are Apple, Google, HP, Amazon, Microsoft and RIM. They are committing to follow “privacy principles designed to bring the industry in line with a California law requiring mobile apps that collect personal information to have a privacy policy.” The agreement extends to app developers of the companies involved.

Under the agreement, individuals will have the opportunity to review an app’s privacy policy before downloading it rather than after. Mobile platforms are also required to inform their developers about their privacy responsibility to their consumers.

This development comes after a series of privacy and security problems arise on multiple platforms. Just recently, the iOS version of the app Path was under scrutiny after the app uploaded and stored users address book information without the owner’s consent. The Android version of the app was also hit after malware breaches have been found.

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Apple reaches new milestone because of iPad

Apple Inc. has reached a new milestone as they were able to eclipse Hewlett-Packard Co. as the world’s No. 1 maker of personal computers in the fourth quarter.

The data includes iPad sales during that same period.

Canalys released the data and said that the PC market worldwide has grew by 16 percent to 120 million in the final three months of 2011.

Image source:

As the world’s leading PC company, Apple Inc. has reached another milestone. The company is known for their innovations and sleek and sexy designs.

The market actually dropped by 0.1 percent if we take out the iPad out of the equation. The research firm is the first organization that included the latter in their tally of computer sales.

They said that Apple sold 20.6 million units of iPad in the fourth quarter of 2011. This is up by 17.01 percent.

HP on the other hand sold 15.3 million units, growing by 12.7 percent.

Tim Coulling of Canalys said, “Currently, HP is pursuing a Windows strategy for it pad portfolio, producing enterprise-focused products, such as the recently launched Slate 2, until the launch of Windows 8.

However, questions remain over Microsoft’s entry into the consumer pad space. While early demonstrations of the Windows 8 operating system seem promising, Microsoft must focus its efforts on creating an intuitive user experience that is far less resource intensive.”

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