HP Z 3D Camera and Camera 3D App: Best in Innovation at CES 2018


The HP Z 3D Camera with Camera 3D, the breakthrough 3D scanning software for the HP Sprout Pro G2, capable of capturing 3D images for Web VR, AR/VR, Office Powerpoint 3D, and Adobe Project Felix won the CES 2018 Innovation Award in the SOFTWARE AND MOBILE APPS category. To be “best in innovation” in this category tell a lot because of the many worthy contenders. It can easily capture 3D images but on top of that adds geometry and texture to the digitized file making it very realistic. The software allows for precise control and the image generated preserves the richness and attributes with fidelity. Just imagine how many hours of working dedicatedly on Maya, AutoCAD or any 3D software can be saved when you can work with the captured 3D images. And yes, it can scan 2D images and capture live video as well.

This scanner/camera has interesting applications for developers, computer graphic artists, and designers. Just imagine, these objects can be created in a snap – without the hassle of recreating them node by node in some complicated 3D program. It makes working with virtual reality workflows easier (especially on modeling)and faster but requires a minimum of Intel Core i7-4709S, 16 GB RAM, 1.8 GB storage, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics processor, and NVIDIA GPU running on Windows 10. Definitely not for amateurs since these specs are found on high-end professional and gaming PCs.

Reinvent creative workflows and spark spontaneous collaboration with the HP Z 3D Camera, which adds down-facing 3D object, 2D document, and live video capture to your display. — HP WEBSITE

How It Works

The HP Z 3D Camera (14.2 megapixels) is an accessory so it can be used on many computers where it can scan with “computer-graphics-friendly resolutions.

The design is minimalist and has actually no desktop footprint since it attaches to the back of the computer. The user rotates the images by hand under the camera to capture, life-like 3D digital images using SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) technology. Texture maps can be maintained separately making it the perfect tool for creating AR or VR content.

Create life-like digital images by rotating an object in your hands or positioning under the camera. Integrated 3D SLAM tracking and technology constructs the 3D model in real time. — HP Website

Since the camera can be shared among many machines, the workflow becomes more collaborative and efficient among many creators using software like Powerpoint 3D, Paint 3D, Autodesk Programs, Adobe Dimension, Z Brush, Substance Painter, and Mixed Reality Viewer. According to HP, it “maintains separate diffuse color, displacement, and normal maps that are ready for rendering and VR applications” making it an extremely important tool for creative professionals who want to bring 3D into their pipeline with ease.


Author’s notes: Video and Images from HP. Targeted for release in the U.S.A. and starts at $599. Display not included.