#10 Your Fax Machine, HACKED?!

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Yes, researchers are looking into a computer that runs light years faster than our current computer systems.

Beware the fax machine: some hackers target old gadgets

As it turns out, if hackers are able to send a certain kind of fax to your fax machine, they could gain access to everything on your network! According to the research, 45 million fax machines may be at risk.

From ‘Fortnite’ To ‘Fallout 76,’ Publishers Are Sick Of Google, Apple And Steam’s Store Cuts

The CEO of Epic Games is sick and tired of being shortchanged by “digital storefronts” who really do nothing else besides list their games and take a percentage for payment processing. He’s not the only one as Fallout 76 may be going in a similar direction. Here’s what we know so far…

Niantic bringing PvP to ‘Pokémon GO’ by year’s end

Pokemon GO fans rejoice! We’re finally getting PvP mode!

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Verge Cryptocurrency Suffers Its Second Hack And Lost $1.7 Million

The cryptocurrency also suffered a similar attack last month and lost over $1 million.

This is not a good year for the Verge cryptocurrency. The privacy-oriented cryptocurrency has experienced many security issues over the last few months. An attack in April resulted to a theft of 250,000 XVGs and in March, had their Twitter account hacked.

The latest attack lasted a few hours and resulted to a loss of approximately 35 million XVGs. This is worth more than $1.7 million as per the latest Coinmarketcap price.

Verge mentioned the attack in a Twitter post, explaining:

“It appears some mining pools are under DDoS attack, and we are experiencing a delay in our blocks. We are working to resolve this.”

Reddit user ocminer first noticed the attack. He was the same user who pointed out the first attack as well. According to him, hackers have exploited the same glitch that allowed them to steal thousands of XVGs previously. They were able to mine multiple blocks one second apart using the same (scrypt) algorithm.

He previously pointed out that Verge’s system had not been properly repaired since April. Additionally, he noted that “since nothing really was done about the previous attacks (only a band-aid), the attackers now simply use two [algorithms] to fork the chain for their own use and are gaining millions.”


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PlayStation 4 Hackers Bring PS2 Games and Pirated Software to the PS4 Console

Hackers will ever find their way just to bring trouble

You might think that Nintendo Switch is the only one that’s very popular to hackers, well the PS4 is now already targeted. The Playstation 4 system has been hacked, have a lot of pirated software and an opportunity for some users to play their own PS2 games on the newer console.

Eurogamer said that the exploit in the console’s software was discovered earlier this month, but it’s limited to consoles running system software 4.05. Well most of the users update their consoles each time there is a new update and as of now, we are on 5.05. It’s somehow a relief that there are only a few who are taking advantage of this issue.

But that didn’t stopped the hackers to spread the virus. Not long after the release of the exploit, we’re seeing Linux support and the creation of a homebrew enabler called PS4HEN. Hackers can install package files on the PS4 consoles, use some tools to decrypt games and then re-package and install them on hacked consoles.

There’s this popular idea,the backwards compatibility where you may use the PlayStation 4 with games from PS2.

PlayStation 2 emulation is a feature that exists at system-level on the PlayStation 4 console. It can offer you to tap into a resolution and performance boost. Well, it’s not yet possible.

For users emulating all their PS2 games, they have to rely the very limited number of titles on the PlayStation Store. But using this hack, there are tools that allows user to put their own ISO files into a package. Where users can install and operate it on exploited consoles. But not every game will operate perfectly using this hack.

It’s not even a question why these hackers are finding their way to make their lives easy and to cause trouble, well because it’s what they do best. Now, the challenge is that companies have to tightened up the security and to protect its consumers from these troublemakers.

Hackers turn two WoW towns into killing fields

World of Warcraft players may have encountered piles and piles of skeletons as they played the other day. Though this site is uncommon to WoW players, but gamers have reported that they have indeed seen these odd sights during their game.

According to reports, hackers were able to breach and find an exploit that enabled them to kill every non-player character or every player for that matter in two towns in the game, Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

WoW developer Blizzard was able to fix the exploit after they found out that there indeed was an attack to their system.

According to community manager Nethaera in an forum post, “We apologize for the inconvenience some of you experienced as a result of this and appreciate your understanding.”

The killing spree occurred after developers weren’t able to detect an exploit that allows level one characters access to the kill commands for every player and computer controlled characters of the game in the area.

One of those who were responsible for the hack told Eurogamer, “We didn’t do any permanent damage.”

“Some people liked it for a new topic of conversation and a funny stream to watch, and some people didn’t. The people who didn’t should be blaming Blizzard for not fixing it faster,” he added.

Image Source: maclife.com

Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S hacked!

Many people still believe that due to technology the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S III are the world’s most secure phones. The two companies would love to claim that no one can compromise the two of the world’s most popular smartphones.

But in a security conference this week, hackers from Netherlands and Great Britain were able to crack the two devices.

Chief Executive Officer of Dutch Research Firm Certified Security Joost Pol and Daan Keuper were able to hijack the browsing history, videos, address book, photos from a fully patched iPhone 4S as part of mobile Pwn2Own contest in Amsterdam.

According to Pol, “We specifically chose this one because it was present in iOS 6 which means the new iPhone coming out this week will be vulnerable to this attack.”

He added that the exploit is also compatible for the iPad, iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch.

Members of a UK team on the other hand was able to beam a file via NFC to a Samsung Galaxy S III that was able to exploit an unknown vulnerability in the operating system. They were able to have access to the data via an unknown hole.

Both teams were awarded $30,000 for their exploits.

How do you feel now about your Galaxy S III or iPhone 4S?

Image Source: techhive.com

Google to award successful hackers with 2 million dollars in Pwnium 2

Google is backing words with actions, as the search engine giant is set to award cash prizes to everyone that could successfully exploit their Chrome browser.

Last Wednesday, Google announced the Pwnium 2 project. Pwnium 2 is a contest that will award $60,000 for whoever it is that can exploit their Chrome and Chromium browsers.

According to Google, this contest will be held in Malaysia this October in the Hack In The Box security conference. For those who can partially exploit the browser, Google is going to award them $50,000. While a non-Chrome exploit in Windows, apps and Adobe Flash on the other hand will fetch the hacker $40,000.

According to Google software engineer Chris Evans, “You may have noticed that we’ve compressed the reward levels closer together for Pwnium 2. This is in response to feedback, and reflects that any local account compromise is very serious. We’re happy to make the web safer by any means – even rewarding vulnerabilities outside of our immediate control.”

The company is set to award a handful of individuals the prize. Their threshold will be $2 million. If that is reached, the contest will be over.

Prepare you hacking abilities and test your mettles in the Pwnium 2!

Image Source: lakkireddymadhu.wordpress.com

Trojan turn Android devices into proxies

Webmasters and Android users beware!

A mobile security firm has discovered that a malicious software that was specifically created to download to Android phones from infected sites.

Named the NotCompatible, this hides from an updated file that automatically downloads itself. Though it does this, it still needs permission from the user before it starts installation.

Once installed in the device, the malware acts as a TCP relay that can use its host as a mask to send traffic like a proxy.

Infected sites URL’s have not been made public as of the moment as is the real number of those infected by the malware.

Symantec says that this number could easily reach thousands of sites.

Security firm lookout is suggesting that these attacks may be targeted to enable anonymous hosting for criminal activity. They say that it’s a “well-written and stable” code.

According to co-founder and CTO of Lookout Security Kevin Mahaffrey, “There are a couple of ways [the hackers] can profit from this. One is general online fraud. The other is targeted attacks against enterprises.”

He added, “This is the first time that [hackers] have used legitimate websites to serve Android malware. We see Android malware all the time, but it’s usually served using social engineering.”

Image Source: googleplay.cc

Smartphone motion sensors can betray you

Hackers may soon find a new way into getting personal and sensitive information from you without you noticing it.

A group of researchers have created a malware that is able to read passwords, your phone numbers and other sensitive data in your phone using your device’s built-in motion sensors.

According to Zhi Xu of Pennsylvania University, “The fundamental problem here is that sensing is unmanaged on existing smartphone platforms.”

He warned smartphone users that there is a risk from your phone’s integrated motion sensors. He added that this cannot be corrected unless the OS developers will do fundamental changes to it.

The “TapLogger” app brands itself as a game of Androids. What this app actually does is monitor your reading by the phone’s built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and orientation sensors to infer phone number and other digits that are entered into the device.

Xu added, “TapLogger shows that those unmanaged ‘insensitive sensors’ can really be used to infer very sensitive user information. Inspired by TapLogger, we believe that more and more sensor-based attackers will be introduced in the near future.”

The TapLogger app works by using your phone’s motion sensors to record changes of orientation as a user enters numbers to unlock your phone, when you dial a number or provide your social security information during a call.

Better watch what you install to your device.

Image Source: 2012smartphones.com

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