PlayStation 4 Hackers Bring PS2 Games and Pirated Software to the PS4 Console


Hackers will ever find their way just to bring trouble

You might think that Nintendo Switch is the only one that’s very popular to hackers, well the PS4 is now already targeted. The Playstation 4 system has been hacked, have a lot of pirated software and an opportunity for some users to play their own PS2 games on the newer console.

Eurogamer said that the exploit in the console’s software was discovered earlier this month, but it’s limited to consoles running system software 4.05. Well most of the users update their consoles each time there is a new update and as of now, we are on 5.05. It’s somehow a relief that there are only a few who are taking advantage of this issue.

But that didn’t stopped the hackers to spread the virus. Not long after the release of the exploit, we’re seeing Linux support and the creation of a homebrew enabler called PS4HEN. Hackers can install package files on the PS4 consoles, use some tools to decrypt games and then re-package and install them on hacked consoles.

There’s this popular idea,the backwards compatibility where you may use the PlayStation 4 with games from PS2.

PlayStation 2 emulation is a feature that exists at system-level on the PlayStation 4 console. It can offer you to tap into a resolution and performance boost. Well, it’s not yet possible.

For users emulating all their PS2 games, they have to rely the very limited number of titles on the PlayStation Store. But using this hack, there are tools that allows user to put their own ISO files into a package. Where users can install and operate it on exploited consoles. But not every game will operate perfectly using this hack.

It’s not even a question why these hackers are finding their way to make their lives easy and to cause trouble, well because it’s what they do best. Now, the challenge is that companies have to tightened up the security and to protect its consumers from these troublemakers.