#239 What’s Next, LED Dice?

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#193 Apple Maps vs Google Maps

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#95 And The Internet Gets Fooled

It’s April 1st and all the Fools are out and about today. To what level of crazy did some companies take it today? Let’s find out along with some of the latest tech news!

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#51 Fortnite with Allenownz

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Epic Games Is Going After Fortnite Console Cheaters

Epic Games has always done a great job when it comes to keeping cheaters away from Fortnite Battle Royale. The game developer has no mercy when it comes to cheating and ruining fun for other players. While Epic mostly bans players from the game, there are some cases where the company filed a lawsuit against cheaters. The Fortnite developer is not changing its stance on cheating. This is why some console players have been banned from Fortnite matches recently. They have been banned because they found a way to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents, which is something the game creator does not like.

This Man Was Just Looking for Directions When He Found His Wife With Another Man on Google Street View

According to Techspot, a man in Peru discovered that his wife was with another man when he was simply trying to find directions to a bridge in Lima using Google Maps. As he searched through the street view, he happened upon a screenshot of a woman who looked remarkably like his wife sitting on a bench on a lovely, flower-lined street, with a man resting his head on her lap.

Special Guest: Allenownz

Today our special guest was Allenownz! Listen in as Allen shares some tips on how he became a king at Fortnite and what streaming means for him. During the show we covered the best settings for console players to have, which we’ve included below.

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#28 The Google Maps Feature We’ve Been Waiting For

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The Google Maps feature we’ve all been dying for is finally almost here

The feature, currently in testing, is called “Current Trip,” Android Police explains. What it does is to allow Google Maps users to return to the navigation route they’ve just set up in Google Maps without losing it. 
What happens in Google Maps now is that you can’t use the app to perform other searches without interrupting the trip you’re on if you’re already using navigation. But, Google is testing a way to return to your previous driving directions even after you’ve used Google Maps for something else, like searching for a nearby restaurant.

Snap launches new styles of Spectacles that look more like traditional sunglasses

If the main hangup that’s kept you from purchasing Snap’s Spectacles has been their design, two new models that the company is introducing today might eliminate those hesitations. Snap has just announced the new Veronica and Nico styles of Spectacles 2. They contain all the same features and recording quality improvements as the model first introduced in April, but this time inside a more traditional look. It maybe won’t be quite so obvious that you’re wearing Spectacles anymore.

Audi kills its manual-transmission cars: How America lost its love for the stick shift

The luxury automotive brand, part of Volkswagen Group, confirmed that it will no longer offer any manual-transmission vehicles in the U.S. beginning with the 2019 model year. The final Audi models offered with a stick-shift variant were the 2018 A4 sedan and A5 coupe, Audi spokeswoman Amanda Koons said.

Fortnite Mobile Players Have Figured Out a Way to Predict the Path and Final Location of the Cube

It has been theorized that the cube will eventually end up in, or near, Loot Lake, and mobile players using the lowest graphics settings may have now confirmed it. According to a Reddit post that has gained a huge amount of traction, playing on these low settings allows players to see patches of grass that indicate where the cube has been and where it will be in the future. See the below image to track where the cube might wind up next!


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Download a Google Maps lookalike for your iOS 6 device

Google Maps has been badly missed by iOS 6 users but a developer based in Tokyo has created an app that looks and feels like the former for Apple fans.

The app called ClassicMap is an application for iOS 6 based devices that works like Google Maps. It actually uses Google Maps to let you zoom out or in of the map and it also shows you your location.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the features of the original Google Maps app.

The ClassicMap doesn’t give its users directions to locations. Unlike the Google Maps, where it gives you directions when you go for a walk, ride public transits and driving directions.

It also is not very formidable when you ask him to search for an address.

As a free app, it does well in some aspects and fairs badly to some. But since Apple pulled the plug on Google maps, then it would be Apple’s loss and Google’s gain.

So how can this be a good substitute to Google Maps you may ask? Well, it is a good app that looks like the latter and you can even prank your friends that you have hacked into installing it on your new iPhone 5.

Image Source: macgasm.net

Maps Tip: Google Street View is back on iOS 6… in a way

It is no secret that certain aspects of Google Maps have been missed in the new Maps in iOS 6. The most notably missed feature is the Google Street View, and of course, the accuracy and sheer functionality of Google Maps.

Sure, the new Maps app in iOS 6 had some great features as well. One of the most notably useful features not found in the previous Google Maps based solution was the turn by turn navigation found in the new Maps app. Apple tried to replace the Google Street View with the Fly Over effect.

While the Fly Over is certainly an eyeful for areas supported, its usefulness is nowhere near Google Street View. After all, the average Joe will need to view the location on the street level where they will be when they visit the location in question. They can’t really tell street level landmarks so high up in the sky. Fly Over is basically just eye candy.

Apple apologized about the lack of pure functionality in their Maps app. It still lacks a lot of data, misplaces a lot of locations, and labels landmarks incorrectly. Their navigation system is still a hit and miss, but at least it is there. For basic mapping solutions, in case you need to look up an address correctly, Apple’s Tim cook directs you to 3rd party solutions, even mentioning Google Maps.

Google Maps is not yet available as an app in the App store. It can only be accessed via Safari by going to maps.google.com. The mobile site works mostly like the desktop version of Google Maps, but it was missing one of the key features that navigators were looking for: Google Street View capabilities.

Thankfully, Google remedied that fairly quickly by launching an update to the mobile Google maps application by introducing Google Street View to the mobile code. Users can now look up many locations and view it on the street level.

The problem is, porting Street View to the mobile site is a monumental task. What Google has placed on the mobile version is what you can call a “lite version” of Google Street View. There were still many locations that were not included in the mobile version but available in the desktop version. It can also run a bit slow and does not have the same zoom level as the desktop version. Apple’s safari browser can only access this much, but it is still a very welcome improvement and a sigh of relief that Google is doing something about it.

Meanwhile, Apple is steadily working to try and figure out all the things wrong with their maps application. Word is that Apple is tasking their staff to locate and report inaccurate map data or map anomalies to the maps division. Since people are avoiding using the Apple maps application, they have to turn to their own resources to be able to gather mapping and location data for the improvement of their maps offering. If all goes well, Apple maps may yet take center stage.

Image sources: cnn.com, apple.com, digitaltrends.com

Apple iOS 6 Maps app isn’t that bad, according to Steve Wozniak

If we ask Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak what his experience with the new Apple Maps app was, his answer would be is that it isn’t that big.

According to ZDnet Australia, Wozniak was quoted as saying, “I have been reading about the problems, and I don’t know if they are that severe.”

Though he admitted that there really is a problem with the current Maps app in the iOS 6 but he doesn’t think it is a cause for concern.

According to Wozniak, “I tried to navigate somewhere, and I couldn’t get to where I wanted to by voice (…) I don’t know yet about Maps – I’m a little worried about the navigation, but I’ve still got it covered with a bunch of other navigation apps.”

Well, if that’s the case, having additional maps really isn’t a problem. But I guess Woz does have a spare device, a Samsung Galaxy S III maybe?

The clamor behind Apple’s own Maps app have spread through the Web like wildfire. Even celebrities blamed the Maps app for getting them to work late.

Adult film actress Brooke Banner tweeted, “Dear iPhone, your new maps fu**ing suck! Once again you’ve made me late and sent me the wrong way. Get it the f**k together. Sincerely, BB.”

Image Source: lifestylesdefined.com

Apple won’t allow Google Maps on iOS 6, despite Google’s willingness

As they say, there is a reason why they broke up in the first place. The only problem here is it is because of Apple’s own ego. After all, their visionary leader wanted Google out, and despite how many would claim Steve Jobs won’t go this far, you may have forgotten how outrageous his whims were.

Apple maps are atrocious, and have no place being a main feature in a phone that was meant to “just work”. Sure, there are plenty of alternatives in the App Store, but most of them cost money, and the free ones are not as complete as the previous mapping application.

There are those who have taken their browsers to the Google Maps mobile page to be able to make use of Google’s mapping solution until their expected release of a Google Maps app in the App Store, much like how Google released a YouTube app when YouTube was removed from iOS 6. If you were hoping Google is close to releasing something like that right now, we may have to dampen your spirits.

According to Eric Schmidt himself, they are not even working on a Google Maps solution for the new iOS 6. Apple just won’t let them. Apparently, they are on constant talks, trying to negotiate terms on how to move about with adding their mapping solution to the 3rd party list of mapping software available in the Apple App Store.

Eric was so bold as to even suggest that they thought Apple should have just stuck to Google Maps. This was in light of the recent release of the Nexus 7 in Japan, where Schmidt himself spoke on stage to demonstrate the Google Maps 3D view, which can be manipulated by sensors within the device. He was so bold to say “Take that Apple”, but then follows up with a “That was a joke by the way.”

As they say, jokes are half meant, and with the bad blood going around between Google and Apple, I wouldn’t be surprised if he more than just jokingly meant the little quip during the Google Maps presentation.

If Apple wanted to, they can get Google Maps back; Google is more than willing to offer their services. The problem is, Apple doesn’t want them back, and they probably won’t approve of a Google Maps app either. Looks like those of us in iOS 6 will just have to look elsewhere, or make use of the website.

Image sources: technewsgadget.net, theamazingios6maps.tumblr.com, play.google.com

Hacker successfully installs Google Maps on iOS 6

If you’ve downloaded the iOS 6 update for your iPad and your iPhone, you’re certainly outraged with the decision of Apple to ditch Google Maps for their own iOS maps app.

The majority of the feedback that we have been getting are neither good nor bad. It is outright awful.

But one jailbreaker was able to find out a way to bypass the iOS maps and install the ever loved Google Maps app from iOS 5.1 to the updated iOS 6 iPhone 3GS.

According to Ryan Petrich the hack is “still crashy and cannot be distributed to the public yet, but it mostly works.” He posted a video of his achievement in YouTube which you can find here.

But Apple for their part has been saying to their clients to be more patient with their iOS maps app. They said that the company is trying their very best to improve the experience of its users.

The iOS maps app that currently comes preinstalled in the iOS 6 suffers from inaccurate location data. Compared to Google Maps, the current iOS maps app that Apple iOS 6 device carries as of the moment looks like 5 years behind.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Mr. Petrich finds a way to perfect his hack so that Apple users may once again enjoy Google Maps.

Image Source: westpenjournal.com

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