Download a Google Maps lookalike for your iOS 6 device

ClassicMaps: A Google Maps substitue for your iOS 6 device

ClassicMaps: A Google Maps substitue for your iOS 6 device

Google Maps has been badly missed by iOS 6 users but a developer based in Tokyo has created an app that looks and feels like the former for Apple fans.

The app called ClassicMap is an application for iOS 6 based devices that works like Google Maps. It actually uses Google Maps to let you zoom out or in of the map and it also shows you your location.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the features of the original Google Maps app.

The ClassicMap doesn’t give its users directions to locations. Unlike the Google Maps, where it gives you directions when you go for a walk, ride public transits and driving directions.

It also is not very formidable when you ask him to search for an address.

As a free app, it does well in some aspects and fairs badly to some. But since Apple pulled the plug on Google maps, then it would be Apple’s loss and Google’s gain.

So how can this be a good substitute to Google Maps you may ask? Well, it is a good app that looks like the latter and you can even prank your friends that you have hacked into installing it on your new iPhone 5.

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