Google Drive: An Innovative Way of Sharing Various Files

Getting sick of limits when you e-mail files to friends and your boss? Annoyed with the time wasted attaching a file to an e-mail? Well, I have some good news! Google finally offers an easier way, not to send files, but to let people have access to the files that you want to share. Introducing: Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

This is a file storage which has the synchronization feature. Which means that anyone can have access to your files depending on your settings. People whom you shared your files with can either edit or download your files. This is actually easier than attaching files to an e-mail which has limits.

Google Drive has 15 gigabytes of free storage which it offers to users. There are also optional plans like 100 gigabytes, 1 terabyte, 2 terabytes up until 30 terabytes for those who want more storage space.

How do we use Google Drive?

Google Drive

There are different ways to store your files in Google Drive. First, you can save your files the normal way and upload it to your drive. Second, you can make a file directly to your drive because it has Google Docs. Oh, and did I mention that they also have Google Forms, Google Sheets and Google Slides? Yes! It’s just like our dear old Microsoft Office.

So why stick to the old-fashioned way of sending files when we have something innovative to use? We know that patience is a virtue but time is also gold. Why not go for something faster and more convenient?

Google Docs enables offline editing

Google has finally enabled offline editing to Google Docs users.

Offline editing enables users to edit or continue writing, even if there is no Internet connection available.

Product Management Director at Google Clay Bavor said, “No Internet connection? No big deal. With offline editing, you can create and edit Google documents and leave comments. Any changes you make will be automatically synched when you get back online.”

Not all features are available for the offline version of Google Docs. In the offline mode, users can’t attach or insert an image or drawing, use tools such as research tools and translate, download or share, publish and prints documents.

Bavor added, “We’re also working hard to make offline editing for spreadsheets and presentations available in the future.”

Reactions for the Google update have been positive. Venture Beat writes, “Offline editing puts Google Docs in a position to take on note-taking applications such as Evernote. One major complaint about Evernote is the inability to share notes with others, which Google Docs obviously already enables.”

To enable offline editing in Google Docs, users need to click on the gear icon at the top right hand portion of the page in Google Drive, either  in Chrome or ChromeOS, and set it up.

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Google Drive and Chrome now available for iOS

Users of iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod can now use Google’s cloud storage service, Google Drive, and Google’s browser, the Google Chrome.

During the annual developer conference of Google, the company announced that both the Google Drive and Chrome are going to invade Apple devices.

Vice president of Chrome, Briand Rakowski, demoed the Chrome browser on iOS devices. This includes synching settings from a multiple devices.

Google also announced that the Google Drive, which enables individuals to store files and share documents via cloud, is now up and running for iOS devices.

Director of product for Google Apps Clay Bavor said, “We brought many of the best features of Drive to mobile.”

According to CNET, Bavor presented during his keynote address was the ability of images to be scanned and stored as PDF files in Google drive and the best thing is that they are searchable.

Google’s browser, the Chrome, is considered by many as the best browser out there in the market. Being a light on your system, it doesn’t slow your PC or laptop.

If Google can bring this to the Chrome for iOS devices, then this would be surely a hit to Apple fanatics!

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Google Docs plans to Level-up with Quickoffice

Google is the largest provider of internet services in the world. They are practically synonymous to the internet. There is virtually no one who has accessed the internet and not has heard of Google at all.

Google provides us both web and mobile services that make our smartphones smarter. They provide web search, mapping, email, videos, calendars, and a whole slew of other products that cover nearly all the bases for your internet needs.

One of the services that they provide is Google Docs. Google Docs are not as well known as the other services for a long time. That is because despite their usefulness, no one could beat the full functionality and fluidity of the Microsoft Office suite. The only advantage that Google had over the Microsoft Office suite, is the availability of the documents created in the internet. Even then, Microsoft documents could simply be uploaded into a variety of file hosting solutions all over the web if they need to share or access the files somewhere else. This is further simplified by the proliferation of personal cloud storage services, such as Dropbox.

Seeing that the file hosting service had such great pull in the growing mobile services industry, they recently upgraded the Google Docs service and integrated it to Google Drive. It still creates, stores and shares documents, but it can also store and share other types of files now, much like the services of Dropbox. Still, they had no effective solution of competing with the Microsoft Office suite.

Their losing streak may just come to a halt soon, as they recently announced their acquisition of Quickoffice. Google Docs might just be scheduled for another revamp after merging with Quickoffice’s fluid and seamless service that rivals the services provided by the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Office has been, for a long time, a purely offline PC service. They were very slow with moving towards the growing mobile space. This is where Quickoffice has dominance. They have been around since the Symbian days and have grown stronger in adaptation as Smartphones began to take center stage. Quickoffice provides both offline and online document creation by linking together with online services, such as Google Docs and Box. This makes them more attractive to Google because it already has everything that Google needs to level up their documents service, while maintaining compatibility with their cloud storage services.

Microsoft is not to be outdone; there are rumors circulating that they are planning to integrate the Microsoft Office suite to the internet. It is also rumored that they are currently making mobile versions of their application for both iOS and Android devices. Microsoft is probably feeling the threat of the growing mobile market, and keeping the Microsoft Office suite stuck on only their own Windows and Windows Mobile systems is hurting them more than it helps them. Either that, or they are simply blissfully ignorant about the possibilities of mobile convergence.

As with every battle, experience is a valuable advantage. We know that in the internet and mobile app space, the Google and Quickoffice teams have years of experience, and the partnership may just create a beautiful lovechild. Do you think Google Docs is finally in a position to win over the leader of document creation and management?

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Google+ introduces Share button

Following the footsteps of the social networking behemoth Facebook, Google’s own Google+ is launching their own version of the share button.

The company unveiled their new tools for their subscribers namely the Share button and their Cloud service Google Drive.

This new red and white button enables Web developers to help Google+ spread their content on their own social network.

According to Google+ Product Manager Rick Borovoy, “When visitors come across something interesting on your site, sometimes you want to encourage a simple endorsement (like +1). Other times, however, you want to help visitors share with their friends, right away. Today’s new Google+ Share button lets you do just that.”

If we base it on the popularity of Facebook’s popular buttons, like the share button, it would be a big boost to this up and coming social network.

As members begin piling up for the infant Google+, this Share button will help disseminate information, may it be valuable or pathetic, to other users.

Once an item is shared, the Share button’s colors will turn from red to white. It joins the Google +1 button that enables members to show approval or dissent to a post.

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Gargantuan free storage offered by Google Drive

A 5GB storage of free cloud space for each Internet user? Sounds unreal right?

Well, reports have been circulating that Google will launch its online storage and collaboration service. Called as Google Drive, the company is banking on the brand and huge online storage ability to make it successful.

Rumors have been going around since March that the company is behind this big storage blowout. It initially planned as a 1GB of cloud service but apparently each user gets up to 5GB of free space on Google Drive.

This service plus all their other services makes Google different from their rivals as this is beyond borders. Having a 5GB free of online storage that you can access anywhere is magnificent and very wise.

Dropbox only offers 2GB of free storage space while iCloud and Box each gives 5GB of free space but they don’t have Google’s encompassing services.

If Google users still need more than 5GB of storage space, they have the ability to upgrade. All they have to do is pay for this and voila, a bigger online space would be available.

 The exact launch for this service is pegged to be later this month.

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