Apple Has Been Blocking Updates of Telegram Even Outside Russia

That is, according to Telegram’s Chief Executive and Founder Pavel Durov.

(Image Credit: CCN)

Pavel Durov, Telegram’s CEO and founder took to Twitter and Telegram (of course) to voice his complaints against Apple. According to him, the latter has prevented the app from updating globally ever since Russia banned the service.

He explains:

“Russia banned Telegram on its territory in April because we refused to provide decryption keys for all our users’ communications to Russia’s security agencies.”

“Unfortunately, Apple didn’t side with us… Apple is restricting updates for all Telegram users around the world since mid-April.”

He also adds that without the updates, the app will not be able to work properly with the latest iOS. Additionally, the company was unable to fully comply with the new European data privacy law because of this.

General counsel of non-profit digital rights group Access Now Peter Micek shares his views: “App updates are essential to bolster the security of users and their data, and to comply with privacy laws and regulation.”

“The burden falls squarely on Apple to justify blocking global updates to Telegram, a hugely popular messaging app,” he adds.


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WhatsApp for iPhone Now Lets You Download All the Data

WhatsApp for iPhone now has the ‘Request Account Info’ feature similar to Facebook.

Last month, the ‘Request Account Info’ feature debuted through a beta version for Android devices. This time, WhatsApp for iPhone is getting the update.

The feature allows you to download your data collected by WhatsApp. The update comes ahead of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law which will be enforced from Friday, May 25.

With the addition of the account information download feature, users will now be able to see what information WhatsaApp has collected through their account. This includes profile photos, group names and settings.

It is worth noting that you won’t be able to to download any of your conversations. This is because the app uses an end-to-end encryption that even WhatsApp has no access to. Your conversations are not stored in any of its servers.

For those who do want to have a copy for your conversation, you can do so by backing up your account. This is a feature that has long been available for WhatsApp users.

To request the data, you need to have the WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.18.60. Go to go to SettingsAccount Request Account Info. The report will be generated about three days after the date requested. Once it is ready, the data is available for download for a few weeks. During the request period, you are not allowed to change your number or device or delete your account. Otherwise, the report request will be cancelled.

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Oculus Adds ‘Privacy Center’ To Comply EU Data Collection Policy

Oculus is now complying the data protection rules issued by the European Union. The Facebook-owned virtual reality company  will be releasing more detailed policies and a privacy center which will be launched on May 20.


Oculus set to launch ‘Privacy Center’


Oculus said that a privacy center is a place where users can actually check all the data that Oculus has collected from them. However, Oculus pointed out that the update would take a little bit longer.


The company’s new terms of service were published on April 20, but it would take effect come May 20. Oculus is also planning to expand its terms of service that would cover augmented reality.


Reports claim that tech companies are now adapting the General Data Protection Regulation which obliges these companies to set a higher standard for collecting information from the users.


And Oculus’ privacy center is actually a response of the company to GDPR. “Our practices are not changing concerning how we use data today. We just include more transparency,” Oculus associate general counsel Jenny Hall said in a statement.


This means that Facebook-owned virtual reality company will be adding existing code of conduct to its terms of service, “to provide increased visibility of our commitment to creating a safe VR environment for all people.”


Apart from this, Oculus is also planning to revisit its privacy policy even with social media giant Facebook. The plan to move ahead was a result of the data mess controversy between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. The controversy includes the improper use of the data of 87 million individuals targeted for political ads.



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