WhatsApp for iPhone Now Lets You Download All the Data


WhatsApp for iPhone now has the ‘Request Account Info’ feature similar to Facebook.


Last month, the ‘Request Account Info’ feature debuted through a beta version for Android devices. This time, WhatsApp for iPhone is getting the update.

The feature allows you to download your data collected by WhatsApp. The update comes ahead of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law which will be enforced from Friday, May 25.

With the addition of the account information download feature, users will now be able to see what information WhatsaApp has collected through their account. This includes profile photos, group names and settings.

It is worth noting that you won’t be able to to download any of your conversations. This is because the app uses an end-to-end encryption that even WhatsApp has no access to. Your conversations are not stored in any of its servers.

For those who do want to have a copy for your conversation, you can do so by backing up your account. This is a feature that has long been available for WhatsApp users.

To request the data, you need to have the WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.18.60. Go to go to Settings> Account > Request Account Info. The report will be generated about three days after the date requested. Once it is ready, the data is available for download for a few weeks. During the request period, you are not allowed to change your number or device or delete your account. Otherwise, the report request will be cancelled.

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