Twitter cuts off access to Tumblr members

Twitter cuts of Tumblr accessTwitter is once again trying to change the way people use social media, as the micro-blogging site has decided to yet again distance themselves from other social networking rivals.

Tumblr members used to import their friends and contacts from their Twitter account and thus making Tumblr increase in membership quickly.

But last Wednesday, Twitter has decided to pull out Tumblr access and support to its service.

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According to Tumblr, “While we’re delighted by the response to our integrations with Facebook and Gmail, we are truly disappointed by Twitter’s decision.”

Last June, Twitter cut off access and posting tweets directly from their site to LinkedIn. The micro-blogging tycoon also disabled access to Instagram users.

Twitter has voiced out their desire to be a Twitter-centered site. They have noted that the company wants to create a more “core Twitter consumption experience” for its members.

Buzzfeed has reported that Twitter will be cutting access to Tumblr days prior the site did. They have also reported that Twitter is set to cut access to Flipboard after Tumblr. So expect a few more shake ups in the coming days.

Will Twitter cut access to Facebook users? And if they do, where will you linger more? Will it be on Twitter or on Facebook?

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Flipboard now available for Android

Flipboard, which was launched in July 2010 exclusively for Apple’s iPad, now comes to Android, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Nobles’ Nook tablets. After years of exclusively giving their services to Apple, Flipboard, a social-network aggregation, magazine format app, spreads its wings to other operating systems.

Flipboard is hoping that this would expand their reach internationally, since Android users in the regions of China and Southeast Asia are abundant. This would hopefully increase the users of Flipboard abroad, which currently stands at 40% of all Flipboard.

Evan Doll, who used to work for Apple and worked for the iOS told The New York Times, “They would love for us to be iOS exclusive from now until the end of time. But we’re trying to reach as big an audience as we can.”

Flipboard has vastly improved their services since 2010. It used to focus mainly on print and photo content by user’s social networks. Now, it has added more genres and content directly coming from media sources.

One of the latest additions to Flipboard is Google+ and YouTube. These two are now integrated better in the app.

Will Flipboard be embraced by Android users worldwide? We’ll soon see if the gamble paid off.

Android users, what do you think?

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Flipboard app hits millionth download

A million downloads within the week after its release?

This was what Flipboard’s iPhone app has achieved in that short amount of time.

According to paidContent, individuals not only downloads the app and sets it aside. Flipboard has been getting 650 million flips per month with its iPad app. But with the release of its iPhone app, numbers soared to 2 billion flips.

Jill Duffy of PCMag tried the new app comparing it to the original app that was designed mainly for use with the iPad. She noted that, “one might worry that the comparatively cramped screen space might bog down the experience, but our first impressions are that design still reigns even on the smaller device. The usability and ‘flipping’ motion of paging through the app are just as graceful and pretty as they are on the iPad version.”

Social reading apps have also increased in number since last week.

Zite launched its latest iPhone app last Friday that lets individuals access their iPad content on the iPhone at the same time.

Google also launched its mobile reader app. Named Google Currents, it is available for iOS and Adroid.

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