Twitter cuts off access to Tumblr members


Twitter cuts of Tumblr access Twitter is once again trying to change the way people use social media, as the micro-blogging site has decided to yet again distance themselves from other social networking rivals.

Tumblr members used to import their friends and contacts from their Twitter account and thus making Tumblr increase in membership quickly.

But last Wednesday, Twitter has decided to pull out Tumblr access and support to its service.

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According to Tumblr, “While we’re delighted by the response to our integrations with Facebook and Gmail, we are truly disappointed by Twitter’s decision.”

Last June, Twitter cut off access and posting tweets directly from their site to LinkedIn. The micro-blogging tycoon also disabled access to Instagram users.

Twitter has voiced out their desire to be a Twitter-centered site. They have noted that the company wants to create a more “core Twitter consumption experience” for its members.

Buzzfeed has reported that Twitter will be cutting access to Tumblr days prior the site did. They have also reported that Twitter is set to cut access to Flipboard after Tumblr. So expect a few more shake ups in the coming days.

Will Twitter cut access to Facebook users? And if they do, where will you linger more? Will it be on Twitter or on Facebook?

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  1. What a very controversial post! I just can’t understand why twitter has to do that with tumblr. If the time comes that twitter will also do that to facebook, I will pay much more attention with my facebook. But I wish that twitter wont do that.

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