#103 The God Of War Scene That Almost Got Cut

The team only had a year to implement this weapon and with all the bugs, flaws and everything else may have cut the scene out entirely! I’m so glad they didn’t, that is what made the game “worth it” for me.

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#87 Ninja Was Paid HOW MUCH To Stream Apex Legends?!?!

A big chunk of change was divvied out to Ninja and many other top streamers and content creators on YouTube and Twitch when Apex Legends was released. Is this the strategy that game companies should look at moving forward?

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EA Confirms Anthem Delay But Announces A Battlefield Game Is Coming This October

Fans of BioWare’s popular game Anthem should not expect that the game would be released in 2019. The game developer said that the Destiny-alike online shooter is expected to be released at the end of 2018.


EA confirms delayed release of Anthem



A quick check of Anthem’s YouTube channel revealed that the game’s release is still at “fall 2018.” However, a report from Kotaku noted that Anthem’s fall release date was unlikely to happen. Based on the said report the game’s release date was unrealistic.


The Kotaku report also pointed out that Anthem won’t actually be available until early 2019. On Wednesday, Electronic Arts have confirmed the game’s delay, but it pointed out that it is not a delay, saying it is an issue of scheduling.



EA said that the issue of the game’s release date was not apparently the result of BioWare’s development issue. The company said that there’s a new Battlefield game that would be released in October. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has expressed confidence that the Anthem would “get more attention if it came out in a quieter quarter.”



Meanwhile, game enthusiasts said that Kotaku’s report had caused trouble to BioWare’s current situation. But a closer look at Jorgensen’s statement actually fits well with EA’s experience. For instance, the company has released Titanfall 2 in 2016.



Titanfall 2 has been described to have an outstanding FPS. But the game failed badly at launch despite being multiplatform. Thus, there’s an uncertainty that BioWare needs Anthem to gain popularity. And it is clear that it is a classic case of what we called as “lesson learned.”



Regardless of whatever details, what is official as of the moment is that players won’t be able to play Anthem until 2019. For some, the game’s rescheduling has caused a low-key confirmation that a new game is coming later this year.

Madden NFL 13 breaks previous editions previous mark

American Football junkies would surely love to place their hands on the latest iteration of EA’s Madden game.

Madden NFL 13 became an instant hit when Electronic Arts announced that their latest edition of the popular Football franchise has sold about 900,000 copies during its first 24 hours of being available in the market for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Madden NFL 13 game has seen vast improvements over its predecessor, the Madden NFL 12.

EA improved the left-analog stick passing controls and they were able to integrate new trajectories for passes and improved ball speeds.

Quarterbacks on the other hand have new moves to avoid blitzes and pass rush.

EA also included more than 430 new catch formations some of which are directed towards the improvement to the left-analog stick.

In addition, Madden NFL 13 also features 82 hours of commentary from Nantz and Simms with over 9,000 unique lines.

The game has received positive reviews from different sources. IGN reviewed the game and gave it a 9 out of 10 rating. They said the game’s overall play and Connected Careers were all great.

But IGN also said that the Kinect voice support of Madden NFL 13 is something that developers should work on.

The 900,000 game sales for the game is a 7% increase from last year’s Madden NFL 12.

Image Source: mashable.com

Two million units of “Star Wars” sold by EA

Star Wars is back in the limelight after game developer EA or Electronic Arts announced to their investors that the video game was off to a blistering start and downplayed reports that players were ditching it for new titles.

The game entitled “Star Wars: The Old Republic” has seen big investments coming from EA. In fact, the company has poured in more dough in this game that any other title in the latter’s 30-year existence. The gamble sounds good for EA as its shares increased by 6 percent at the close of the market. The company could reel in huge amounts of earnings if this trend continues.

            EA said that they have sold 2 million units of the game to date. And almost 1.7 million individuals have subscribed to it.

            When the game was released last December 20, those who bought the game had a difficult time connecting to the game’s servers. Eric Brown, Chief Financial Officer of EA, told Reuters that they have since improved since that inglorious day and have been able to reduce the wait times for players. He said that, “We were able to double the amount of people we could support per server and so the lines which appeared to be congested became uncongested due to great engineering. ‘Star Wars’ has been an incredibly successful launch.”

It seems OK as of now. Let’s just wait and see if EA can follow through with their improvements and if Star Wars can succeed against other online games out there.

Crysis 2: 2011 Most Pirated Game

Filesharing blog Torrent Freak has just released data on the most illegally downloaded by PC users. And the number one on the list is Crysis 2.

According to Torrent Freak, CRYSIS 2 was downloaded illegally 3.9 million times beating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) as the most pirated game in 2011.

Modern Warfare 3 sold more than $1 billion dollars on its first 16 days in the market. Its was downloaded illegally by 3.6 million individuals. It was closely followed by Battlefield 3 which was downloaded 3.51 million times.

Football based game FIFA 2012 had its share of pirates as it was illegally downloaded 3.39 million times. Lagging behind the latter is Portal 2 which came in fifth with 3.24 million.

Torrent Freak got the data from BitTorrent over the past year across Wii, Xbox 360 and PC. The very fortunate PS3 was not included in the survey as it only receives a few downloads.

PC games are downloaded three times more than its counterparts Wii and Xbox 360.

The site also noted that there are fewer illegal downloads last year compared to the previous year.

Image source: Feedyourconsole.com

The Sims 3: World Adventures soon on iPhones

Source: MacWorld

Fans of these little people have something to celebrate about.

EA announced on Thursday that The Sims 3: World Adventures will be invading to your iPhones soon. The company didn’t mention the exact release date nor the price for this expansion pack but don’t worry, it will definitely come to the App Store.

So what’s new in this release? Like in the full Mac version, your Sims won’t be stuck in the everyday, domesticated environment. Now they’ll be able to go to exotic places like Champs Les Sims in France, Shang SimLa in China and Al Simhara in Egypt with lots of new sights and adventures. It consists of fifty-two new goals and four new mini-games. There will also be new clothing styles, furniture and even new face types for your Sims.

Those who already have the original iPhone release can transfer their favorite characters and even content from in-app purchases from the old game to the new one.

Will you purchasing this expansion pack?



Need For Speed SHIFT parks in your iPhones

Electronic Arts released its latest iPhone game off from the full-blow Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game Need for Speed SHIFT today!

You can get the Need for Speed SHIFT app in iTunes for $9.99.

With 20 licensed cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo and Pagani Zonda, and 18 different tracks to race on, its not that hard to become addicted to this game. Gamers beat the clock and race across three different locations; Chicago, Tokyo and London.

Like its console counterpart, the Need for Speed SHIFT game for iPhones shows a simulated cockpit view, unlike other similar racing titles like Gameloft’s Asphalt and Ferrari. Also, the iPhone version retains the reliance on stat tracking for aggression and precision during races.

Players can steer the cars using the Accelerometer while breaking can be done by touching anywhere on the screen. The game also accelerates automatically so that’s one less to worry about. Drifting can be done by jerking the device in the direction of the bend. 🙂

Source: http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/213307/need-for-speed-shift-now-available-for-iphone/

EA acquires Playfish Inc. for $275mil

Credit: Playfish

Video game maker Electronic Arts Inc. is indeed serious in their move to online gaming. Just last week, the company released a version of their game “Spore” on Facebook. Now, it announced the acquiring of Playfish Inc. for $275 million – in cash.

That’s not all too. According to EA, besides the $275mil upfront cash, it will also pay an additioncal cash sum up to $100 million contingent on Playfish hitting certain financial targets up to December 2011 AND additional $25 million in equity-based retention agreements with employees.

Playfish Inc., creator of social networking games like “Pet Society” and “Who Has the Biggest Brain”, distributes its games for free. They earn by selling virtual items for the games instead. For instance, in Pet Society, as much as 21 million monthly players on FacebookMySpace, the iPhone and other platforms purchase stuff for their virtual pets.

Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/ap/20091109/ap_on_hi_te/us_electronic_arts_playfish

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