Two million units of “Star Wars” sold by EA


Star Wars is back in the limelight after game developer EA or Electronic Arts announced to their investors that the video game was off to a blistering start and downplayed reports that players were ditching it for new titles.

The game entitled “Star Wars: The Old Republic” has seen big investments coming from EA. In fact, the company has poured in more dough in this game that any other title in the latter’s 30-year existence. The gamble sounds good for EA as its shares increased by 6 percent at the close of the market. The company could reel in huge amounts of earnings if this trend continues.

EA said that they have sold 2 million units of the game to date. And almost 1.7 million individuals have subscribed to it.

When the game was released last December 20, those who bought the game had a difficult time connecting to the game’s servers. Eric Brown, Chief Financial Officer of EA, told Reuters that they have since improved since that inglorious day and have been able to reduce the wait times for players. He said that, “We were able to double the amount of people we could support per server and so the lines which appeared to be congested became uncongested due to great engineering. ‘Star Wars’ has been an incredibly successful launch.”

It seems OK as of now. Let’s just wait and see if EA can follow through with their improvements and if Star Wars can succeed against other online games out there.