Fans of BioWare’s popular game Anthem should not expect that the game would be released in 2019. The game developer said that the Destiny-alike online shooter is expected to be released at the end of 2018.


EA confirms delayed release of Anthem



A quick check of Anthem’s YouTube channel revealed that the game’s release is still at “fall 2018.” However, a report from Kotaku noted that Anthem’s fall release date was unlikely to happen. Based on the said report the game’s release date was unrealistic.


The Kotaku report also pointed out that Anthem won’t actually be available until early 2019. On Wednesday, Electronic Arts have confirmed the game’s delay, but it pointed out that it is not a delay, saying it is an issue of scheduling.



EA said that the issue of the game’s release date was not apparently the result of BioWare’s development issue. The company said that there’s a new Battlefield game that would be released in October. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has expressed confidence that the Anthem would “get more attention if it came out in a quieter quarter.”



Meanwhile, game enthusiasts said that Kotaku’s report had caused trouble to BioWare’s current situation. But a closer look at Jorgensen’s statement actually fits well with EA’s experience. For instance, the company has released Titanfall 2 in 2016.



Titanfall 2 has been described to have an outstanding FPS. But the game failed badly at launch despite being multiplatform. Thus, there’s an uncertainty that BioWare needs Anthem to gain popularity. And it is clear that it is a classic case of what we called as “lesson learned.”



Regardless of whatever details, what is official as of the moment is that players won’t be able to play Anthem until 2019. For some, the game’s rescheduling has caused a low-key confirmation that a new game is coming later this year.