Surface tablet pricing still unknown: PC vendors on a lookout

Microsoft isn’t planning to back out in their plans to release their Surface tablet products. This was revealed by Acer chairman JT Wang last Thursday.

But Microsoft in their part is planning to create a price gap between their Surface tablet and devices that their vendors make, in order for the companies supplying the latter to still have business with them.

According to Digitimes, “Microsoft is currently looking for solutions such as creating a price gap to minimize the negative impact on other vendor’s product lineup.”

The pricing for the Surface tablet hasn’t been made public yet. But a low tiered $199 Surface tablet could spell doom for other companies that carry the Windows OS.

Wang said that a Surface tablet that would fetch consumers $499 to $599 could create some leeway for other companies and could have a smaller impact to them.

Microsoft has publicly stated that, “Suggested retail pricing will be announced closer to availability and is expected to be competitive with a comparable ARM tablet or Intel Ultrabook-class PC.”

A lot of individuals are looking forward to the Microsoft Surface tablet. But a lot of companies have been very weary as to the impact this tablet would have to the industry.

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Amazon to cut the price of Kindle Fire by 25%

Wanting to own a Kindle Fire? Well, hold your horses as Amazon might be slashing the price of the Kindle Fire by 25% later on this year after they release they latest ebook reader.

Amazon Kindle Fire made waves last holiday season, as the tablet became a huge alternative to Apple’s iPad. However, after the great rush and sales push during the holiday season, sales began to plummet and slow down and might even take a steep nose dive when Google releases their Nexus 7 inch tablet.

And according to DigiTimes, Amazon may likely cut the price of their Kindle Fire when they release a newer version of their tablets later on this year. The Kindle Fire is retailed at $199, if the price cut is true then it would only be sold at $149.

DigiTimes said that Amazon is going to release a new 7 inch tablet and a 10.1 inch device. The former will be priced at $199, just like what Kindle Fire priced when it was released. Figures weren’t available for the latter.

Apple did this previously when they released newer version of their iPad and iPhone and it worked great for the company. Boosting sales of this old products while at the same time gaining popularity for the newer models.

If given the chance, will you buy the Kindle fire for $149 or would you rather shell out $199 for the newer model?

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Cheap Ultrabooks may soon flock the market

Reports have been circulating that laptop makers are no longer waiting for Ultrabook prices to stoop down their prices. Instead they have decided to create affordable models of these Ultrabooks that are quite similar to the later but are in the notebook form.

Ultrabooks are great gadgets to carry around. Unfortunately for the average Joe, the prices of these said devices start from $1000. It is a bit heavy on the pocket.

But according to Digitimes, laptop makers have finally decided to recreate them in a much smaller model. The good news is that it would retail at a low cost as compared to these pricey Ultrabooks.

Developers will try to recreate the latter by making adjustments like using cheaper parts and updated designs. An example of which is using AMD processors as opposed to using Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

Manufacturers look at the Ultrabook market as an appealing way to generate sales as the masses want to purchase one.

This looks like bad news for Intel since these new models would certainly not carry their processors and the loss that it will incur to the company will accumulate for years to come. Unless they do something with the price of their processors, laptop makers would surely shy away from Intel since they want to save money for profit.

Bad news for them, good news for us.

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Apple to release a more Expensive iPad?

Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes reaffirmed their assessment that the rumored release of the third installation of the iPad could bring the prices of tablets even higher.

The website was firm in their belief that Apple will be releasing newer versions of their iPad aimed at “high-end segment” and “the midrange” while still offering their iPad 2.

They said that, “with the existing iPad 2, the Apple tablet series may cover all price-segments-from entry-level to high-end. Apple’s pricing strategy for its iPad series is crucial to the tablet market. It remains to be seen at what price level Apple will set its entry-level iPad. For Wi-Fi-only models, U.S. $299, U.S. $349 or U.S. $399 may all be possible.”

There used to be a $299 iPad before. It was Apple’s first generation tablet and only sold at fire sale prices through other carriers after they released their latest version which is the iPad 2.

After the subsequent rise of Apple’s tablets, rivals have come upfront and challenged them. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which debuted last year, sold at $199. Though not as great as the latest iPad, it sold at half of the latter’s price. And reports have been circulating that the Fire sold over a million tablets a week last December.

Apple didn’t budge and it seems like they are not much affected by the rise of the Android tablets. Apple still sells the iPad at the same rate as they did before. Their 16GB model with Wi-Fi is pegged at $499.

Though Apple makes price cuts in their products, it is but a rare instance when they do. This includes the time when they gave a $200 discount on their original iPhone two months after its release. Then there was the $500 price off the first-gen MacBook Air.

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