#241 Laptop or Chromebook, which should you get?

What’s the difference? What do you really need a laptop for that a chromebook could handle better? Does pricing and budget come into this? We will be taking a look at that and more, coming up!

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#199 10th Anniversary Celebration of League of Legends

Happy Birthday League of Legends! Excited for the upcoming reveals and the 2019 World Championship! Here’s to many more!

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#54 COD Blackout Chipping Away at PUBG

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YouTube says ‘we’re back!’ after widespread outage

YouTube was down for a time on Tuesday night and people were not happy about it. Team YouTube sent out a tweet Tuesday evening and said, “We’re working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience.” The reports started coming in of YouTube’s outage around 9:15 p.m. ET. YouTube is the world’s second most-visited website. Later Tuesday evening, some reported it was back up for them. And, at around 11 p.m. ET, Team YouTube confirmed the news, saying “We’re back!”

First look: RED Hydrogen One hopes holographic screen can lure people from Apple, Samsung

We were getting a first look at the Hydrogen One from RED, an ambitious – and pricey – new “holographic” smartphone that launches Nov. 2 in both AT&T and Verizon stores. It costs $1,295 for an aluminum model and a whopping $1,595 for the titanium model that is coming later. Known for the professional cameras developed by founder Jim Jannard, RED has built a stellar reputation around high-end cinematography, the likes of which are in wide use in Hollywood. RED’s technology is at the core of the new phone.

Apple stores are now selling a $2,000 ‘self-flying’ drone you can control from an Apple Watch

Most people don’t think of Apple stores as a good place to buy a drone, but on Wednesday, it started to sell one of the most interesting quadcopters for consumers. At select locations, Apple will now sell a high-end drone called the Skydio R1, which costs $1,999, and is designed by a company founded by former MIT students and Google employees. The difference between the Skydio and similar drones is that the Skydio basically flies itself. DJI’s quadcopters and other competitive drones still are based around manual control and require the drone’s pilot to control where the drone flies.

How to Run a Windows App on a Chromebook

Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS has morphed into an impressive computing platform now that it’s compatible with Android apps and, more recently, Linux apps. But what about Windows apps, you might wonder? What happened to all the rumors of Windows compatibility on the horizon? They’re still floating around, but you don’t have to wait for them to become true to start running Windows apps on your Chromebook. All you need is the Crossover app and a little time for experimentation.

Call of Duty’s Blackout is starting to chip away at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

It seemed like Call of Duty’s battle royale would tear people away from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when it launched last week. And that is potentially starting to happen. PUBG held strong through the weekend with no obvious effect on its peak concurrent players on Steam. But now that the week is here, fewer people are logging into play the last player-standing shooter, according to Steam’s stats. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launched October 12. On PC, it isn’t available on Steam. Instead, players must purchase it through Blizzard’s Battle.net service. And publisher Activision Blizzard does not share stats like peak concurrent players. So we can only look at data for PUBG. And those numbers reveal a sharper dip that corresponds with the release of Black Ops Blackout (BOBO).

How to view your Black Ops 4 and Blackout stats and leaderboards on PC, Xbox and PS4

Because Black Ops 4 multiplayer is now more focused on ‘EKIA’ (which includes assists) rather than straightforward kills, you can’t actually see your K/D ration in game, rather only your EKIA ratio. Website ‘COD Tracker‘ will allow to not only see your K/D, but so much more, including Total Damage, Damage per game, Heals per life, Average time alive per life, Captures and Defends, to name a few.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus Now Supports Linux apps

The Chrome OS ecosystem is finally changing. This comes after Chromebooks, and the Chrome OS, in general, are now supporting Linux apps. This means that Chromebooks could now actually run more applications. By doing so, tech-savvy users claim that Chromebooks would become eventually a major competitor to both Mac and Windows laptops.


But not so fast! You might be asking what type of Chromebooks would support Linux apps. Search giant Google has earlier announced that only the Pixelbook has the feature to support Linux apps.



To date, Google’s Pixelbook is considered to the most expensive Chromebook on the market. However, several Redditors have discovered that Samsung Chromebook Plus also supports Linus apps. The aforesaid Chromebook is cheaper when compared to Pixelbook.


How to use Linux apps?


To use the various Linux apps in your own Samsung Chromebook Plus, you should opt-in to the developer’s build of Chrome OS. If you are done, you should install the Linux apps using Terminal. You just only need to complete all the instructions.


With this, tech users claim that in the coming years, the process would also be simplified and could apply to a more stable version of Chrome OS.


Accordingly, Google is planning to make a wide roll out of the support to Linus apps. Right now, the search giant is testing the waters with Linux apps running on Chrome OS.



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HP Unveils $599 Chromebook x2 with Detachable Keyboard

HP unveils the Chromebook X2, its iPad Pro challenger.

(Credit: HP)

The Palo Alto-based company just launched their first Chromebook detachable. Dubbed the Chromebook x2, it is technically a tablet with a keyboard dock and a stylus support.

The HP Chromebook has a 12.3-inch screen and a 2400×1600 resolution IPS display. The device ships with the HP Active Pen HP Active Pen for sketching, blending, and writing capabilities. The keyboard dock includes a full-sized keyboard, a Bang and Olufsen speaker system and a trackpad.

HP latest offering runs on a Core m3 processor with 4 or 8gb RAM, and a 32GB expandable storage (up to 64GB). It comes with a 5-megapixel front camera and 13-megapixel back camera.

All these specifications, along with access to the Google Play Store, aim to attract users with a high-performing device but is also flexible for entertainment use.

For connectivity, the Chromebook x2 has two USB-C ports, a microSD card slot and a headphone jack. The device has an estimated 10.5 hours of battery life.

It seems that more and more companies are turning to the Google’s OS-run devices. Two weeks ago, Acer also unveiled their tablet running Chrome OS.

The HP Chromebook x2 has a price tag of $599 and will be available on June 10.


Acer Chromebook 11: Laptop Adds USB-C, But Doesn’t Fix The Screen

The Acer Chromebook 11 has been one of the best laptops that offers a low price for tech users who have a tight budget. In fact, the company’s Chromebook 11 is the best option for students because it consumes less power.



Acer Chromebook 11: Price, Specs, Features and Release Date


This year’s CES, Acer is planning to release two different models of its Chromebook product line-up. These are the Chromebook 11 C311-8H and C311-8HT. The Chromebook 11 C311-8H is a non-touch model while the C311-8HT is a touch version model where users could interact on the screen.



While Acer’s new Chromebooks are a welcome development, the company also announced that it added a new port to enhance user’s productivity experience. Acer has added two USB-C ports on its latest Chromebooks models.



Having two USB-C ports would eventually allow users to use USB-C displays. Aside from this, they could also use the port to charge using a standardized USB-C charger. Such feature also allows quick-charging, especially on Android smartphones.



However, not all tech users are quite amazed at Acer’s announcement. They actually expressed disappointment upon learning that the company has done so little to improve the Chromebook’s display. The latest Chromebooks are still stuck with its 1366 x 768 resolution which is lower compared to the HD standards.


A lower resolution on Acer’s Chromebooks is viewed by many as the major setback for what supposed to be a classy, innovative and excellent laptop. Regarding specs, the company’s latest Chromebook 11 C311 would be powered by Intel’s latest Celeron chip.


And as expected, it will have either a 2GB or 4GB random access memory (RAM). About the laptop’s battery, Acer said the new Chromebooks would have a 10-hour battery life. The latest Chromebooks will be sold in March this year with an entry price of $249 for a 2GB non-touch model.

What do you think of Acer’s latest Chromebooks? Leave us a comment below!

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