The Acer Chromebook 11 has been one of the best laptops that offers a low price for tech users who have a tight budget. In fact, the company’s Chromebook 11 is the best option for students because it consumes less power.



Acer Chromebook 11: Price, Specs, Features and Release Date


This year’s CES, Acer is planning to release two different models of its Chromebook product line-up. These are the Chromebook 11 C311-8H and C311-8HT. The Chromebook 11 C311-8H is a non-touch model while the C311-8HT is a touch version model where users could interact on the screen.



While Acer’s new Chromebooks are a welcome development, the company also announced that it added a new port to enhance user’s productivity experience. Acer has added two USB-C ports on its latest Chromebooks models.



Having two USB-C ports would eventually allow users to use USB-C displays. Aside from this, they could also use the port to charge using a standardized USB-C charger. Such feature also allows quick-charging, especially on Android smartphones.



However, not all tech users are quite amazed at Acer’s announcement. They actually expressed disappointment upon learning that the company has done so little to improve the Chromebook’s display. The latest Chromebooks are still stuck with its 1366 x 768 resolution which is lower compared to the HD standards.


A lower resolution on Acer’s Chromebooks is viewed by many as the major setback for what supposed to be a classy, innovative and excellent laptop. Regarding specs, the company’s latest Chromebook 11 C311 would be powered by Intel’s latest Celeron chip.


And as expected, it will have either a 2GB or 4GB random access memory (RAM). About the laptop’s battery, Acer said the new Chromebooks would have a 10-hour battery life. The latest Chromebooks will be sold in March this year with an entry price of $249 for a 2GB non-touch model.

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