The Chrome OS ecosystem is finally changing. This comes after Chromebooks, and the Chrome OS, in general, are now supporting Linux apps. This means that Chromebooks could now actually run more applications. By doing so, tech-savvy users claim that Chromebooks would become eventually a major competitor to both Mac and Windows laptops.


But not so fast! You might be asking what type of Chromebooks would support Linux apps. Search giant Google has earlier announced that only the Pixelbook has the feature to support Linux apps.




To date, Google’s Pixelbook is considered to the most expensive Chromebook on the market. However, several Redditors have discovered that Samsung Chromebook Plus also supports Linus apps. The aforesaid Chromebook is cheaper when compared to Pixelbook.


How to use Linux apps?


To use the various Linux apps in your own Samsung Chromebook Plus, you should opt-in to the developer’s build of Chrome OS. If you are done, you should install the Linux apps using Terminal. You just only need to complete all the instructions.


With this, tech users claim that in the coming years, the process would also be simplified and could apply to a more stable version of Chrome OS.


Accordingly, Google is planning to make a wide roll out of the support to Linus apps. Right now, the search giant is testing the waters with Linux apps running on Chrome OS.



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