Capcom To Release Two Classic Mega Man Games On NES, SNES Cartridges

Fans of Mega Man have something to cheer about. This comes after Capcom announced that it is partnering with iam8bit to release the game’s special edition. These limited edition games are Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X, according to Capcom.


Classic Mega Man Games On NES, SNES Cartridges

Both cartridge games are intended for NES and SNES, respectively. These games are actually collector’s items. If you are an avid fan of the game, you can pre-order these games on The expected shipment of these games are slated for September.

However, fans are advised to pre-order the games as soon as possible. This is because Capcom would only release a limited copy of these games. The developer said that only 8, 500 copies would only be shipped for each game.

Regarding the price, the cartridge game is expected to cost at $100 each. What else do you get when buying the game? Capcom said that fans would also be getting a premium instruction booklet in an embossed box. Inside the game’s instruction booklets contained a foreword written by Salvatore Pane, a self-proclaimed Mega Man enthusiast for Mega Man 2 and Jirard Khalil for Mega Man X.

Meanwhile, there’s also speculation that fans would also be getting “retro pack-in surprises” for both the cartridge games. However, iam8bit has yet to confirm this or fans should wait until the games ship-out.


Also, there would be a special “Glow-in-the-Dark Blue” colour for 1, 0000 cartridges in each run. Unluckily, you won’t be able to order this special cart directly. It is assured, however, that the distribution of this blue cart would be done randomly.

Philips’ Huge ‘Momentum’ 4K Monitor Gets The Super-bright HDR Seal

Consumers nowadays are looking for the display HDR certification, a seal of excellent standard monitory performance. To date, only Philips was able to get the HDR certification for its 43-in Momentum.


Philips’ Momentum gets HDR1000 approval


Philips’ Momentum is the first TV to have the HDR1000 approval. The company’s TV boasts its amazing 1,000 cd/m2 brightness, deep blacks, 10-bit color depth and an HDR-compliant color gamut, among others.


In short, if you will buy Philip’s Momentum, you get to experience the Quantum Dot technology. This is Quantum Dot tech is the same technology that is similar to Samsung’s QLED TVs and monitors.

What’s amazing with this TV is that it also features an Ambiglow technology. The Ambiglow technology displays a halo of light on your walls and floors. Going back to the DisplayHDR, presently there are three standards to select from— the DisplayHDR 400, 600 and 1000, respectively.


Tech users claim that DisplayHDR levels should support a 955:1 contrast ratio, 10-bits per color of image processing, as well as cinema-quality color gamuts. Obviously, all these ideal specs are good if you are watching HDR movies on Blu-ray or Netflix.


In addition to these technologies, Philips also offers its customers a capability that allows them to connect a PC and set-top box known as the MultiView. By doing so, you can switch easily between tow devices.


You can buy the Momentum 436M36 for only $1,000 as the price is almost the same as other DisplayHDR monitors on the market today.

Sony Is Selling An OLED TV With A $2800 Price Tag

Sony has sold its original OLED TV with a $5, 000 hefty price tag. To brand the company’s OLED TV as expensive is actually an understatement. And if you are a huge fan of both design and image processing, then you must opt to patronize other alternative brand like LG.


Learn more about Sony’s latest OLED TV


Now for this year,  this wouldn’t be a problem for Sony.  This comes after the company has revealed the pricing for its A8F sets this year. Sony’s  A8F starts with a price of $2, 8000 for a 55-inch model. The price is expected to soar to $3, 800 for the company’s 65-inc model.



With Sony’s current price for its latest TV variants, it is obvious that the price is more expensive than LG C8. LG is selling its C8 product for $2, 5000 only, however, it is obvious to justify Sony’s expensive price. Compared to LG, Sony’s A8F is powered by a screen-as-speaker technology.



That’s an obvious catch as rumors suggest that Dolby Vision is not yet ready. Online reports suggest that Sony’s A8F and the company’s other 4K TVs won’t support HDR format.  It would only support HDR format until an update would arrive later this year.  This means that you have to settle, for the time being, either HDR10 or the Hybrid  Log-Gamma, respectively.



Meanwhile, if you are planning to go with LED-based 4K TVs, you can select from a variety of variants. Sony’s X900F has an entry-level price of  $1,100 for a 49-inch model. Such price is expected to climb to $5,300 for an 85-inch variant. Also, you can now pre-order  Sony’s A8F via Amazon and Best Buy respectively.





Microsoft Rolls Out Party Chat For Xbox App On Android and iOS

Software giant Microsoft has released a new app for its gaming console Xbox. The app which is called as the Party Chat is an Xbox app. Microsoft released the Party Chat app after several months of testing, a report said on Thursday.

With Xbox’s Party Chat app, players could now send messages through text and voice if they are inside a party.

So how does Party Chat app works?

According to Microsoft, the new Xbox app works on both Android and iOS mobile operating system platforms. And just like any app on the gaming console running on Microsoft Windows 10, it works with parties.

This means that a party chat could be initiated if players would navigate the “Parties” section which could be found at the top of the screen. The only thing that players should do is to select the “Start a Party.”

After doing so, Xbox players could send information via voice or text chat after they have successfully joined a party. The software giant also said that the app’s feature offers players other functionality. This includes, among others, the feature to change audio device and mute other players.

Meanwhile, gamers described the Xbox app’s feature as fitting for players who want to chat with friends while playing the game. It can be recalled that this feature was not available on console because it is limited only to mobile.

Download now the app and Microsoft will soon be rolling out an update in the coming days.

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