Android: Most exposed to cyber threats

As reported yesterday, Androids have been the target of scammers due to the problems with their anti-virus capability and the ability of these individuals to circumvent the Bounce feature.

Today, analyst’s says that Google’s Android is most exposed to security threats compared to their rivals.

The open concept of the Android has gained them millions of followers; it is also turning out to be the bullet that seems to hurt them.

According to consumer specialist at security firm Trend Micro Cesare Barlati, “Something really worrying about the Google model, which is also the beauty of that model, is the openness of the environment.”

Individuals can create or install an app on an Android. Compared to their major rival Apple, the latter is being controlled by their App Store.

He adds, “Android’s security model basically says, it is the responsibility of the end user to judge if an application is secure. I think that is asking too much from the user. Who is able to understand if a vendor is legitimate?”

The security firm surveyed analysts about the security feature of the major operating systems namely, Apple’s iOS, RIM’s BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows and Google’s Android. They found out that BlackBerry is the safest while Android is the least

Submission of apps for Mozilla’s open-web plans starts

Attention application developers, Mozilla is now accepting app submissions to strengthen its aim to building their own operating system for the open web.

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project, these apps the will be developed will enable a cross-device and multi operating system integration. In other words, apps will now depend on the user and not on the device or platform.

According to Joe Stagner, Mozilla’s senior program manager for development technologies and community in his blog post, “using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, a developer can build an app using responsive design, and that app can offer the same look and feel as a device-native app, without having to rewrite for every desired target platform. One code base-all popular devices!”

The benefit of this is that developers will be exposed to nearly half a billion prospective customers along with Mozilla’s work on identity integration and app payments, sync, backup and recovery. Mozilla is also trying to develop new ways for their clients to discover and get new apps.

Stagner adds, “Both consumers and developers can easily get what they want from the Marketplace experience, on the front side or on the back end.”

Study: iOS apps crash more often than Android ones

The mobile platform wars is just heating up and it looks like the winner might not be proclaimed sometime soon. Two of the most popular platforms, the iOS and the Android, continue to wage war against each other. Though each of them feels that they are the most coveted platform out there in the market today, there clearly is now way to know which of the two dominates the market.

But Crittercism, a mobile app statistic service, has created a study on the number of crashes per platform. Though not the data we needed, still this deserves some recognition as they were able to find out which platform has the most number of app crashes.

It turns out that Android is not the one leading the app crash race. The iOS crashes more often than the latter. According to Forbes, apps running on the iPhone, iPod and the iPads are not as stable as those running in Android.

The Crittercism report that Apple and Google continues to develop and release updates on their Operating Systems. App developers have to upgrade and develop newer versions of their apps to keep up with the platforms. The study was done last year. They tested 23 iOS versions and 33 Android versions from December 1 to 15. The iOS 5.0.1 was fairly new then. But older versions of iOS showed a huge number of crashes as well. The study also shows that not everyone updates their devices as soon as it is available.

Looks like its one-nil for the Android.

GymPact App pays you with cash for working out!

Are you one of those individuals who always seem to break their New Year’s resolution of getting fit and going to the gym to loose some excess fat?

Well, you’re one of the many who seem to always pledge this every year yet break this due to laziness and all other reasons that seemingly doesn’t end.

If you really are serious with your pledge, but just can’t seem to to follow through with your project of going to the gym, there is an app for you. Introducing the GymPact. And guess what? This app introduces money into the equation!

Isn’t money enough to motivate you to hit the gym and start to sweat and shave off those excess fats that you are harboring? Well, this app gives you money to go to the gym. At the same time, it also takes away money from you for not going.

Users begin by creating a weekly pact that states how many times he/she intends to go to the gym. To raise the stakes, users will also key in a desired amount of money to be taken away from them if they fail to live by to this pact.

After you go to the gym and stay there for at least 30 minutes, you will be able to receive a cash reward for living up to your end of the deal. This money comes from the funds that GymPact collects from people who fail to meet their fitness goals.

Pretty cool huh? At least people can now earn and at the same time loose those unwanted pounds. Want to start now? Head on over to the App Store and download the free GymPact App.

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Angry Birds to debut on Facebook on Valentine’s Day

All we need is love. That four letter word comes in different faces, places, shapes and sizes. One such symbol comes this Valentines day in the form of one popular game.

You read it right. Because the popular game that blazed through your mobile phones and tabs is coming to Facebook this coming Feb 14. Make way, the Angry Birds is hitting the social networking scene.

A lot of individuals love this game and it’s quite fitting that Rovio is choosing the date to launch its popular game on Facebook. The company announced that the game has been downloaded more than half a billion times. Data was collated and ended last November.

The data also shows that the game is being played up to a total of 300 million minutes per day. If we convert it to playing years, that would be equal to 200,000 years.

Now, the ever so popular game is invading Facebook. Rovio is inviting Angry Birds fanatics and those who want to jump in the bandwagon in an event entitled, “Nothing says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ like competitive pig-popping among friends!” Angry Birds can be found in Facebook here.

So get your fingers ready and join the event.

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Application Trends that Will Turnup The Mobile Industry in 2012

This article was contributed by Alia Haley.

New Trends in Mobile Industry

Every year we get to see a different trend for the mobile device industry and the mobile application development. While 2010 saw the rule of the smartphone, 2011 marked the advent of tablet PC, mobile devices and related apps. There is a now greater scope for mobile advertising and location-based services. We present here our predictions of the mobile application and app marketing development trends for this year.

Demand for business applications

The recent trends indicate that the spotlight in 2012 will be on serious business applications. A majority of the business people, nowadays, are hooked onto their smartphones and high end mobile devices to save time and multitask. There has been a huge increase in the total number of business apps download which has resulted in a good deal of revenue for apps stores, developers and marketers. Application development will be pretty high this year as more and more consumers are demanding high-end utilities. The gaming apps will continue to be popular but the real focus will be on social networking and content sharing.

Applications for mobile payment

Mobile consumers now use their mobile devices to make online payments. Credit cards and debit cards have taken a back seat after the introduction of mobile wallet. Many banks have started offering mobile payment options to the customers and this trend will continue to grow this year too. Companies now prefer to use custom made enterprise business apps. Hence there are immense work opportunities for enterprise app developers and companies. There is parallel development in the mobile security industry too to cope up with the recent trend.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the latest ‘in’ thing and it seems that everyone is hooked to it. Majority of the industries have started offering cloud-based services. There is a huge demand for such services and 2012 will probably see the creation of a large number of cloud-based app providers and third party cloud sync providers. There are some concerns regarding security and it seems that developers need to be very serious about mobile security and related issues when it comes to cloud-based enterprise apps.

Location-based applications

Location-based applications and mobile content sharing are becoming more important nowadays than before. Almost every enterprise is using social network monitoring tools to build brand image, learn all about consumer behavior and sell the products and services. The latest mobile devices support GPS and therefore location-based content will be beneficial to the mobile advertiser and mobile marketer.

Unique mobile applications

The major app stores are full with millions of mobile apps of various types and categories. Any app developer will find it very difficult to make his app stand out from the hugely crowded market of every conceivable type of app market. So the developer must offer something unique but at the same time it must be easily understandable, usable and engaging. There is a sudden demand for Microsoft windows phone apps which has created a new market for the developers. The trend of new apps is steadily growing and is expected to boom in 2012.

About the author: Alia Haley is a tech freak blogger. She has a weak side for gadgets and bikes. Recently an article on Apple iMac attracted her attention. Beside this she is busy in writing an article on Free Android Applications.

Samsung to release a cheaper Galaxy handset

Good news for cash strapped individuals out there who wants to own a Samsung Android device. Reports have been circulating that the Korean brand is set to release an entry level version of their Samsung Galaxy S3.
An unnamed source said that the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Android is going to have an 8GB capacity and is more affordable than its brothers.
The report also noted that this unreleased Galaxy Android will be pitted against the iPhone 4 8GB model.
The decision to release a much cheaper smartphone is said to be because Samsung clients have voiced-out their opinion regarding the pricing of their devices which caused some individuals to choose to buy Apple’s iPhone instead of getting a Galaxy.
It is said that the cheaper version of the Galaxy will be released in the second quarter of this year. It features a micro SD card slot and an 8GB capacity. It also carries with it a quad-core technology, the Super AMOLED screen and the latest OS of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich.
Reports also indicate that it has a 12MP camera.
Not bad at all.

Kindle Fire features, still no match for iPad

The new bargain priced Kindle Fire has received good reveiws lately and it seems that it has ignited public interest on the tablet arena. Unfortuantely, with the gazillion updates Amazon and other tablet manufacturers have done to their devices, it’s a pity that it’s hard to read books on.

The Kindle Fire is suppsed-to-become 2012‘s most affordable tablet. Its $200 price tag is cheap and a better choice compared to other terrible Android brands that seem to sprout out from China.

Apple’s iPad has a legit rival in Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series. Much like their bigger brothers, the tablet arena also seems to have two dominant brands in the market in 2012.

But the Kindle Fire is no iPad. That is one fact that is clear. It feels like a brick. Just like a Soviet version of Apple’s innovation. Some even argue that you should not call it a tablet.

But there are also things that this little gizmo can brag about. One, it has tons of video, music and Amazon lets you keep formats that isn’t restricted to the Kindle alone. It’s like a big iPod that gives you the ability to surf the web and check emails.

 Unfortunately, it isn’t good for reading ebooks.

Apple names top apps for 2011

Since 2011 is coming to a close, the Cupertino-based company has released the lists of  best apps, TV shows, movies, music and podcasts.

The biggest winner of the year in terms of number of downloads and sales is Angry Birds which took the top spot for both iPhone and iPad. Its spinoffs, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons, also made it to the top    ten.

For the Game of the Year, Apple chose Tiny Tower for iPhone and Dead Space for the prestigious spot.  Apple also chose their favourite apps with Instagram being named iPhone App of the Year  and Apple’s editorial pick went to Snapspeed for iPad.

Want to know the rest of the apps who made it to Apple’s top picks? Here’s the complete list as reported by TechCrunch:

Top Paid iPhone Apps:
1. Angry Birds
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Angry Birds Seasons
4. Cut the Rope
5. Tiny Wings
6. Angry Birds Rio
7. Words With Friends
8. Camera+
9. Doodle Jump
10. Plants vs. Zombies

Top Paid iPad Apps
1. Angry Birds HD
2. Pages
3. Angry Birds Seasons
4. GarageBand
5. Angry Birds Rio HD
6. Penultimate
7. Fruit Ninja HD
8. Cut the Rope HD
9. SCRABBLE for iPad
10. Keynote

Top Free iPhone Apps:
1. Facebook
2. Pandora Radio
3. Words with Friends Free
4. Angry Birds Free
5. Skype
6. Netflix
7. Angry Birds Rio Free
8. Groupon
9. Fruit Ninja Lite
10. Twitter

Top Paid iPad Apps
1. Angry Birds HD
2. Pages
3. Angry Birds Seasons
4. GarageBand
5. Angry Birds Rio HD
6. Penultimate
7. Fruit Ninja HD
8. Cut the Rope HD
9. SCRABBLE for iPad
10. Keynote



Droid leads Xmas app downloads over other Android phones

Source: Flurry

According to a report from app market analysts Flurry, downloads from the new Droid phones on Christmas day were almost equal to the number of downloads from all other Android phones combined.

When asked whether it was just a one-off scenario, Peter Farago, Flurry’s head of marketing, told Venturebeat that the trend will probably continue.

“In our estimation, Droid numbers will continue to drive a larger share of downloads for the foreseable future until another Android handset can displace its position as the fastest-selling Android phone.  Also, we have to remember that this is the most marketed Android phone to date, and on Verizon, which has 70 million subscribers.”

But although the Droid’s numbers are high, it’s still a very long run for them to beat Apple’s iPhone app sales. According to Flurry, the Android Market downloads increased only 22 percent from November to December while Apple’s apps downloads was calculated to increase by 51 percent higher than last month.