Smart Home Devices for Your Outdoor Space

Orlando,FL/USA-10/10/19: A person pressing a Ring doorbell that has a motion sensor camera and is a smart home security company owned by Amazon.

When people think of smart home devices, their minds automatically go to devices that are used inside of the home. From audio systems that flood music throughout the house to intricate lighting setups that are programmed with the home’s owners preferences, like having the lights automatically dimmed throughout the house at 8pm. Smart home devices have simplified indoor living spaces. There are plenty of outdoor smart home devices that are just as helpful. if you’re looking for smart home devices that can help your outdoor space, check out some of the info below.

Wireless Thermometer

If you spend a lot of time entertaining outside, you need to make sure that the weather is working hand-in-hand with your plans. Wireless outdoor thermometers are the perfect tools to help you ensure that you get an absolute accurate reading about what the weather is like outdoors so that your plans go off without a hitch. Many of the best thermometers have built-in humidity sensors that can help you keep track of how much moisture will be in the air in addition to measuring the temperature. You just need to make sure you place it in an area that’s covered since they are usually not waterproof. A wireless thermometer can also help you determine what kinds of materials you should use when selecting your outdoor deck and outdoor furniture material. According to Deck Remodelers, you should build your deck in a way that can withstand the elements over time.

Security Cameras

A security camera is one of the most important smart home devices any homeowner or renter can install. According to AMP Smart, the average burglary victim loses around $2400. Security cameras allow you to be able to keep eyes on your home at all times, even when you’re not on the premises. They allow you to be able to see who’s at the door before you open it, especially with options like smart doorbells. Things to consider when choosing a home security camera include figuring out whether you want it to run over Wi-Fi or cellular, whether the camera is accessible via an app, and whether you want a constant live feed that you can check on whenever you wish or if you’d prefer a camera that makes a recording whenever it detects movement.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Having a swimming pool is awesome. Having to clean it on a regular basis is not so awesome. A robotic pool cleaner operated by smart home technology is the perfect solution for busy homeowners who want to be able to swim at a moment’s notice but don’t have the time to perform constant maintenance on their pools. According to Solar-Breeze, many of these are suitable for use in both inground and above ground pools. You can control these robots via app so that you can clean the pool while you’re away from home.

Taking smart home technology outside can help you maintain the same level of control outside of your home that you have inside. Take a look at your outdoor space, and figure out what you need.

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