#78 CES 2019 Day 3 Review: laundry-folding robots, Samsungs’ folding phone


What happened on Day 3 of the International Consumer Electronics Show? Well, we looked at a laundry-folding robot, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Ring Door View Cam.

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Machine that will fold your laundry debuts at CES

No more wishing your laundry would fold itself because now it can. Premiering this week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas, FoldiMate is a laundry-folding machine that has us in awe. The time-saving innovation will fold your clothing in less than 5 minutes — less than it’ll take to brew a cup of coffee.

The most exciting new product at CES 2019 was only shown behind closed doors

In 2019, Samsung is definitely going to make up for lost time. The company is set to blow us all away right out of the gate with a completely redesigned Galaxy S10 that’s packed with nifty new tech like an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, tiny bezels thanks to a hole cut out of the screen for the front-facing camera, and a completely new rear camera system. But there’s another phone set to debut a bit later that many people find even more exciting. That’s right, we’re talking about the “Galaxy F” or “Galaxy Fold” that Samsung will release later this year.

CES 2019: A high-tech spin for the old-school peephole

Ring is giving the old-school peephole a high-tech spin. The company unveiled a new internet-connected video doorbell that fits into most peepholes. The new device is aimed at apartment dwellers or college students who want a video doorbell, but may not be allowed to install one next to their doors.