VIDEO: #4 Smash Bros Ultimate Roster: Wild Theory Predicts 14 New Characters



Tech News Topic:

5G is Coming, What to Expect and Why

Looking at some much needed speed and functionality upgrades that smart phones and other connected devices will be able to take advantage of, including autonomous cars and VR!

Gadget Topic:

Alexa’s oddball ‘Away Mode’ skill aims to keep burglars at bay

This new skill available to Alexa devices, created by Hippo, let’s you play different conversations through those devices. In the event someone does want to raid your house, it will sound for all practical purposes that someone is home.

Video Game Topic:

Reddit Uses a Wild Theory to Predict 14 New ‘Smash Bros.’ Characters

Some crazy theories are floating around, some of which may be hopeful thinking and some of which may just happen. Listen in to hear what those 14 new characters might me!

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