VIDEO: #21 Blue Unveils The Yeti Nano


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Is The 2019 BMW Z4 Super Sexy Or A Giant Misfire?

The 2019 BMW Z4 had the unfortunate luck of images leaking at least three times, which means most people had already formed their opinion of its new design direction before the car was even revealed. But now it’s here, so does it look good or did BMW overdo it?

Blue’s Yeti Nano is built for simple, high-quality desktop recording

When it comes to podcasting and livestreaming, USB microphones are a great option due to their plug-and-play design. And perhaps no name is more synonymous with these recording devices than Blue Microphones. The company that’s best known for it’s popular Yeti and Snowball modes (in addition to a line of pro-level studio mics) is introducing its first new product since it was purchased by Logitech for $117 million last month. Meet the Yeti Nano.


At the end of Overwatch’s new “Shooting Star” cinematic, we briefly see a new D. Va skin. Now, you can unlock the skin yourself with D. Va’s Nano Cola Challenge. Starting today until Sept.10, you will unlock special in-game rewards for playing Quick Play, Competitive or Arena. For winning three games, you’ll get two new sprays, for six you’ll get a new icon and for nine you’ll unlock the Nano Cola D. Va skin. Click the image below for a larger version.

Bad North, a Real-Time Tactics Roguelite, is Available Now on Xbox One

Bad North is a minimalistic, real-time tactics roguelite where you defend a series of small islands from hordes of Viking invaders. That genre description is a bit of a mouthful, so let’s break it down and explain what this game really is. The core gameplay is real-time tactics which (in Bad North) is a mashup of real-time strategy, turn-based tactics, and tower defense. You defend small, charming islands (and the houses on them) against wave after wave of Vikings using just a handful of adorable soldiers.

Overwatch Pulls Loot Boxes in Belgium After They Were Declared Gambling

From Blizzard…

In April 2018, the Belgian Gaming Commission published a report that was endorsed by the Belgian Ministry of Justice in which they concluded that paid loot boxes in Overwatch are considered gambling under local law. While we at Blizzard were surprised by this conclusion and do not share the same opinion, we have decided to comply with their interpretation of Belgian law. As a result, we have no choice but to implement measures that will prevent Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm players located in Belgium from purchasing in-game loot boxes and loot chests with real money and gems.

No matter what, we want to make sure that our players around the world have the best entertainment experience possible. While players in Belgium will no longer be able to purchase paid loot boxes in Overwatch and loot chests in Heroes of the Storm, they’ll still be able to earn them by playing the games, and they’ll still have access to all in-game content.

These measures will be implemented shortly. We also remain open to further discussions with the Belgian Gaming Commission and Ministry of Justice on this topic.

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