DIY Smart Mirror Is Full Of Amazing Features


Amazing Features Of The DIY Smart Mirror

The DIY smart mirror is full of amazing features. There is a new version of the smart mirror several years ago. Google X engineer Max Braun published a medium post on a smart mirror he made. Now he is back with a smaller, and smarter version of it.

What Is A Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors are a little more than Android tablets placed behind a two-way mirror. Some people think that smart mirrors are straight from science fiction. They are part of a future optimistic vision. Retail models are expensive, but some say it is not wise to buy one since one’s phone or voice assistant can provide the same information as a smart mirror.

DIY smart mirror

Your Own DIY Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors cost much if you buy them. If you are really do want to have a smart mirror, you can make one. There is this thing called a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) smart mirror. Building your own smart mirror is not just science fiction.

This may not be a project for just anybody, but with proper instructions, you might just be able to make your own smart mirror. You can check on the internet for instructions and you can choose the kind of smart mirror you might want.

Features Of The Smart Mirror

The smart mirror is basically just a two-way mirror. But it has an electronic display at the back of the glass. It can function almost just like a tablet, or any other devices. The display can show different finds of information through widgets.

It can show you the time, date, weather updates, and news updates, too. This is a very useful device for individuals who do multitasking, as the mirror can show you different informations at the same time. The smart mirror is also convenient for those who are always on the go.

This product has a potential in luxury markets because it is expensive. But as stated, you make your own smart mirror. It just depends on how simple or complex you want it to be, depending on your need for it.

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