Electricity Saving Sticker From EVASave


Sticker That Is Saves Electricity From EVASave

Finally, an electricity saving sticker from EVASave. Seeing your electric consumption going up each month gives you headaches.

Despite of the fact that you do your best to save electricity, your consumption seems to have a mind of its own and still go up each month. Well, you can relax now, for EVASave will help you make your electricity bill more affordable than ever.


EVASave Electricity Saving Sticker: How Does It Work

Save 25% on your next electric bills. Not just on the next month’s bill, but on the succeeding months as well. This is what the electricity saving sticker is all about.

It is easy to use the electricity saving sticker. Just attach it to your fuse box, and this clever system can help you save at least 25% on your electric bill each month. The Sticker emits a Waveform (Frequency). This creates the practical principles of Quantum Anomalous Hall effect which is the realignment of electron spin (current), to create a more efficient flow of electron. This minimizes energy loss and therefore lowers your electric bill.

Problems On Our Electricity Bills

You are not going crazy if you think your electricity bills is getting more expensive each month. This is a world wide reality, and problem, that we face. It is hard enough dealing with expensive electricity bills. But it more difficult to prepare for these unexpected spikes in your budget.

Electricity bills fluctuate. They either go up or down each month depending on your consumption. So you need to be aware of what affects your electricity consumption.

The Solution To Your Expensive Electricity Bill Problems

There is a solution for every problem. And the solution to the problem of expensive electricity bills is the EVASave electricity saving sticker. Your bill may be high because of energy loss. This may be in the form of EMI leakages which can produce irregular current flow. This may result in heat loss and energy loss.

This is when you need to use EVASave. When attached to your fuse box, this reduces energy loss, and therefore lowers your electricity bill. AVASave only needs replacing once a year to attain maximum results.

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