What Does the Future of the Road Look Like?


The needs of the road are changing. We spoke before about how crowded streets inspired a German company to make the EO Smart Car. Being able to fit and adjust to narrow roads is just one way the streets are slowly evolving. Here are some others

Driverless Cars

Odds are you have heard something about driverless cars in the news and for good reason. It is one of the most quickly evolving technologies. We are currently just starting to enter level 3 automation, and the technology shows no signs of slowing down. As the technology advances and becomes smarter, expect to see fewer accidents on the road, as well as more coordinated evacuations as cars can know what dangers are on the road, as well as local emergencies.

This technology could pose a threat to public transportation employees as the automation becomes safer and more affordable. This means that freight and supplies will be carried by an AI across the country, making goods arrive faster and more securely. It could also cause a slow diminishing of rest areas and stops in the next hundred years or so.

How The Roads Are Changing

As cars evolve, so too are the roads. For example, in Sweden, they have developed roads that charge electric vehicles as they drive over them. This eliminates one of the major issues with electric cars, in that they can not hold a particularly large charge. There are also solar panel roads that can charge the street lights, as well as new materials that are becoming more eco-friendly.

Lights are also changing on the roads. Street lights are becoming motion activated to conserve energy, and lights are being charged by wind turbines to lower their carbon footprint. Another exciting development is glow in the dark paint that can glow for up to 10 hours after fully charged. This helps prevent car accidents after dark and provide guidelines for drivers late at night.

In addition to paint, roads are also being covered in temperature sensitive materials to show how cold the streets are and if there is a danger of ice. Additionally, roads are becoming more resistant to cold. SafeLane provides reactive anti-icing and corrosion resistant materials to roads to help prevent iced over road accidents.

You should not expect the roads to change overnight suddenly, but over the next few decades, the roads will slowly change bit by bit. The cars will become smarter, more compact for crowded roads, and the roads will evolve to prevent common accidents and to work hand in hand with electric and hybrid vehicles.