Photo by: Tech Crunch

Twitter is planning to add a new layer of feature in its direct messaging platform. The micro-blogging site has started to build an encrypted messages feature for Android app. This feature was discovered when APK that contains code for the app’s unlaunched features was discovered.


Twitter plans to add ‘Secret’ Encrypted Feature


The aforesaid Twitter’s Android app encrypted messages feature is similar to other social media app’s “secret conversation” option. This feature was first spotted by Jane Manchung Wong, a Computer Science student, who reportedly discovered the code.



So what this new feature would bring to Twitter’s global users? The app’s new messaging feature would allow users to send encrypted direct messages. This means that if such feature would go live soon, users could expect a more secured exchange of communication.



This is the first time that Twitter was reported to be working on encrypted direct messages feature. In fact, back in 2013, the company was working on the said feature but eventually dropped it in early 2014 without any apparent reason.



If such rumor is true, then Twitter’s new encrypted direct messages would be similar to the existing feature found in other apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal. What is certain now is that the new feature is present in the app’s unreleased code.



As to when it would go live, there’s no concrete date yet as a Twitter spokesperson declined to comment for the time being.