Grab Unveils New Services


New Services For Grab Unveiled

Grab unveils three new services for users. Two of these services are built on Uber’s previous offerings. The new services were revealed by Grab on Monday. This is its first update since it announced it would acquire Uber’s South-east Asian operations in March.

Two of these services are built on Uber’s previous offerings, including uberASSIST and Uber Car Seat.


Grab’s New Services

The unveiling of Grabs three new services provide its users with more options when they choose to use Grab. These services are: 1) GrabASSIST, 2) GrabCar Plus, and 3) Grab Family.

New Service Called GrabASSIST

GrabASSIST will roll out in beta on Monday. This is a service for riders with mobility needs that is similar to uberASSIST. Vehicles for GrabASSIST can accommodate foldable wheelchairs, walkers, and collapsible scooters. GrabASSIST will be provided by about 1,000 drivers.

The GrabCar Plus

GrabCar Plus will be launched by the end of May. This is a new “premium economy” service that features “newer and better” cars. These cars are more spacious and generally are less that three years old. This service will be priced between JustGrab and GrabCar Premium services, which is Grab’s luxury car service.

GrabFamily Service (1 to 3)

This service will roll out by end of June. This will cater to families with toddlers aged one to three. An IMMI Go car seat will be equipped in each vehicle. The GrabFamily vehicles will be operated by a driver who is fully trained on proper installation and use of the car seat.

This service will be priced similar to Uber Car Seat, and complements Grab’s exiitng service GrabFamily (4 to 7). GrabFamily service will be another family-friendly option that offers a mifold child booster seat for children aged four to seven.

“The new services will make shared transport more accessible for different segments of community,” said Lim Kell Jay, head of Grab Singapore.