Tinder Tries To Be Ahead Of Facebook’s Dating App


Tinder Is Trying To Be Ahead Of Facebook’s App

Tinder is testing location-tracking features ahead of the launching of Facebook’s dating app launch. This feature that is being tested is presumed to help users meet up in person. The location tracking feature is among some of the features that Tinder is working on this year.

The company’s director of product revenue, Jeff Morris, Jr., tweeted some of the features Tinder is working on and among them are looping videos, and women being able to message first.

Tinder’s Location Trackernew feature

The company already uses location to match people within a certain mile radius. But going off a small screenshot, this location tracking feature could be more precise. It would probably have something to do with tracking people. Tracking them down to the bar or restaurant they are at and letting people meet even closer to they are at present.

The app will encourage people to meet up in events they have set engagements or date with on Facebook. This is crucial in building successful relationships. If the company can match people who happen to be in the same place at the same time, that could drastically change how people date virtually.

The feature will highlight places users have visited, although not in real time. The company said it will wait a while before populating a user’s map with their visited destinations. The company also says it is able to filter out places that do not qualify as “social” spots.

Promoting The Location Tracker Feature

Tinder has actually gone to the trouble of paying actual users to meet up. Their meeting up in person came after their exchanges went viral. The company flew the matched couple to Maui for their first date.

This was good PR for Tinder. But it addresses a real problem for the platform which is successfully getting users to coordinate first dates.