Tinder Officially Announces Location-Sharing Feature Called Places

Tinder Places

Tinder Places feature is currently available for public beta testing in Australia and Chile.

Tinder Places

Popular dating app Tinder is testing a new location-sharing feature called Places. This latest offering aims to help match with other users who hangout in the same places as them. This includes restaurants, bars, cafes, malls, and other public places.

The company announced the new feature on their blog:

“Introducing Places—Tinder’s latest feature designed to help you discover new people who hang where you hang. Now, you not only have something in common, you also have a genuine icebreaker and your first-date spot.”

Places is powered by Foursquare which has already mapped out venues and identified public spaces. According to the company, this prevents private places from being posted.

If you’re worried that this new feature would encourage stalkers and worry for your safety, Tinder has an assurance. Places can be turned on and off at any given time.

“If you don’t want anyone to know that you were at the library, we’ll keep your secret. Just know that if you ever need a study buddy, you can count on Places to be there,” Tinder explains.

You will not be added to a specific place the moment you’re there. Tinder will show you on the new place only after 30 minutes after you have left. Your name on that place will also expire after 28 days unless you have visited it again.

No word yet as to when this feature will roll out worldwide.


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