The Lenovo Z5 Could Be The First All Screen Phone

Lenovo Z5

Lenovo appears to have cracked the code in eliminating the notch and an almost-zero bezel on its phone.

Lenovo Z5
An earlier teaser also posted by Cheng on his Weibo account.

Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng made quite an impact when he posted a teaser of the Z5 on his personal Weibo account.

The image was a sketch of what appears to be a completely borderless and notch-less smartphone – the first of its kind. Cheng’s teaser post explains that the Lenovo Z5 is the company’s new flagship phone. The Z5 will apparently offer the screen-to-body ratio of more than 95 per cent, the highest so far seen on a phone.

Cheng also writes that Lenovo has achieved four technological breakthroughs and 18 patented technologies through this flagship phone. Perhaps one of those is finding a way to put a front-facing camera without a notch or bezel?

It is very likely that the phone will have most of its features on the screen. This could include in-display fingerprint scanner, in-screen ear piece, and a pop-up selfie camera.

There isn’t any release date set for this breakthrough phone. However, rumours suggest that it could be announced in June 14.