The All New BeerBox


The All New BeerBox: The Beer Vending Machine

If you are looking for something to give as a gift the the man of your life, get to know the new Beerbox. The all new Beerbox is an ideal gift for your dad, your friends, or anybody you feel is worthy of such a present.

Beer Vending Machines

Beer vending machines are already available in the market. But they face some issues. One of them is facing the legal necessity ensuring that people are 21 years and older.

Some venues will not allow selling of closed container of alcohol because it can be used as a projectile. A vending machine may also shake the can so much which may result in a foamy mess.

The BeerBox

According to its founder Robert Gaafar, the BeerBox is a vending machine that opens your beer can for you. The company is part of the accelerator at ZX Ventures. This is the innovation arm of Anheuser-Busch InBev. Gaafar said that is all goes well, BeerBox could actually be a separate company.

beer vending

The BeerBox addresses the problem that beer lovers face, be it in concerts or festivals, ballgames, or the long wait on bars. The machine was built in partnership with Intelligent Product Solutions.

Ralph Cassara, Intelligent Product Solutions’ senior director of architecture and embedded software, explained that the BeerBox has a unique technical challenge. This is because of its can-opening functionality.

More About The BeerBox

Its developers studied the functions of the fingers in opening a beer can. They then applied it on the BeerBox. The machine can detect the can’s orientation then locate the tab on top of the can.

To solve the age problem, the machine will only be placed on places or venues where age verification is required and verified by showing IDs.

The Machine’s Capacity

The current BeerBox prototype can hold up to 150 25-ounce cans of beer. Payments is cashless, but the company is also planning to create new models that support secure, offline payments.

The machine currently only dispenses Bud Light. But the company said it will later have a touchscreen for ordering multiple types of beer.

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Correction (5-29-18): Added clarification that Ralph Cassara works for Intelligent Product Solutions.