Ten Inventions That Will Turn You Into A Superhero


Turn Into A Superhero With These Ten Inventions

Check out these ten inventions and turn into a superhero. Most people dream of becoming superheroes when they were young. But those were the days when it was just that – a dream.

Becoming a superhero can be a reality these days. With today’s technology, almost everything is possible. You may not have real superpowers, but with the help of technology and innovation, you can be superheroes with the help of these inventions. Read on and find out how.

Turn Into Iron Man

If you like Iron Man so much and you dream if being like him, then the Flying Exosuit is for you. This is a jet engine-powered exoskeleton skeleton suit fashioned by a British oil trader, Richard Browning. The exosuit turned him into a real-life “Tony Stark” and became like Iron Man. The suit enabled him to fly. But it lacks Iron Man’s fancier features, though. superhero

Self-Heal Like Wolverine

The mutant Wolverine can heal himself of his wounds. Self-healing may seem impossible for humans. But Wolverine is a mutant (with superpowers), and self-healing is his strong point. Is it possible with average humans? Thanks to science and research, yes, it is possible.

It is called Electrical Prescriptions Program, or ElecRX. The ElecRX are tiny implants which would continually monitor a person’s physical condition. It provides electric stimulus to any systems in need. This could help humans heal themselves. The implants can cure painful chronic inflammations, but it cannot give you Wolverine’s longetivity.

Run Fast Like The Flash

You may not be able to run as fast as the Flash, but this invention will make you run faster than usual. This battery powered jetpack, worn like a backpack, will help you run faster. This was originally developed to help soldiers move faster in the battlefield. Today, they are being developed and experimented on it to use on athletes to improve their performance. This is the future of jetpacks.

Have The Power Of Invisibility

Ever heard of the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic 4? Having her superpower is not impossible. But you need to use the invisibility cloak for that. There were older attempts at developing cloaks of invisibility. Today, researchers and developers used a different approach called a metascreen. It cancels out light waves bouncing off a cloaked object.

Have Superman’s XRay Vision

Superman can see through walls with his xray vision. Well, humans can, too, almost. Thanks to scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Tehnology for developing the MIT’s RF Capture System. It uses shortwave radio signals to track movements through walls. During experiments, scientists were able to identify 15 people through walls with 90 percent accuracy, tracking their movements within less than an inch. The target of this project is in healthcare. Researchers hope to create a system that can monitor seniors who are at risk of falling.

Be As Strong As The Incredible Hulk

A new high-tech suit of armor will enable you to have a “Hulk Smash!” experience via the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS. According to the U.S. Army, the suit promises to provide superhuman strength with great ballistic protection. This robotic suit will also make humans carry extra heavy loads, making them “extra-strong”.

Teleport Like The Nightcrawler

Scientists were able to make particles teleport like the Nightcrawler via quantum teleportation. Subatomic particles are linked and can communicate instantaneously even when separated at great distances. They can beam information from one place to another.

Have Spiderman’s Wall Walking Capabilities

The Pentagon has developed handheld paddles that allow humans to climb walls, just like Spiderman. It will be used by soldiers to climb walls in urban areas.

Telekinesis Ability Like Jean Grey

Minnesota University researchers have created a brain-computer interface that could let users channel Jean Grey’s ability to move objects with her mind. This is possible through a cap with electrodes which users will wear which pick up electrical brain signals and transmitted to a computer. The computer then translates it to movements.

Breathing Underwater Like Aquaman

Creators of Triton claim their artificial gills could make humans breathe underwater for up to 45 minutes. This is possible to up to 15 feet, without the bulky equipment of diving. But the device will not be able to function unless swimmers are travelling at superhuman speed and it still requires a sizeable tank.

These are the inventions that can turn you into superheroes. Whether you use it for good or bad is your choice. Keep in mind thought that superheroes use their powers for a good cause.

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